Saturday, November 08, 2014

I flew away.......

Hello, my friends - I have not vanished again. Actually, the trip to the poppies was kind of an experiment. To see if I could survive travel. A long story. So, I survived a trip to London. A brief trip. 

Things have been happening around here......

On that basis, on Wednesday of the same week, I decided to go to Switzerland, and booked a ticket for the next day. Thursday. And was ably assisted onto the plane and flew away. My sister had a few hours warning of my imminent arrival. 


She remembered who I was. 


There was snow on the ground when I got there. 


It had vanished by the time I left. Last Sunday.

I had 10 days of glorious weather. Well, there was one day of rain and fog, but that was not a problem, because I was exhausted and consequently we will ignore it. The first Saturday I was there. After that, just blue skies and sun. Fantastic. There are many photos, but there is time for that. Tomorrow. 

Last Sunday, I was homebound. An important date on the calendar, you see. 

On Monday and Tuesday, I looked after my friends' dog across the village, and on Wednesday, we all packed ourselves into the car and headed south to the coast on our Adventure. 

We arrived in Bournemouth just in time for sunset. It was spectacular. The sea could not have been more still. A millpond. Just glorious. 

The next day, however, was TOTALLY different. So different that we had to head for Asda. A great emergency, because 3 out of the 4 of us had forgotten our coats. And it was freezing, windy and eventually wet as well. To my daughter's complete horror, we now have matching coats. Different colours, but a bargain. And they have the best and hugest hoods in the galaxy. (Asda = Walmart, by the way.)(Emergency = cheap = bargain = absolutelyperfectthankyou)



The reason for our Adventure is this young man. It was his graduation ceremony at the university and he now officially has his MSc in Forensic Osteology. We are so very proud. 


How did my toddler grow into a man so rapidly?


There is another holder of a Masters Degree in this house. Granny has a Masters in English Literature. She was so delighted and so excited and actually looks stunning with David's mortar board perched on her curls. I just wish we could have found her appropriate robes to wear as well. But what a day it was. 

And then there was a nap. 

And we came home yesterday. 

Now the washing machine is beeping, and the fridge needs sorting. I will recap on Switzerland and Bournemouth and fill in the interesting bits later. 

My absence was excusable, you see. Oh - the reason I couldn't post in Switzerland, and I did try, believe me, is that somehow my daughter is still logged into Marge's google, and no matter what we did, we could not "un-log" her. Every time I tried to log into the blog, it popped up with Diana's Google account and would not let me select another option. So I decided life was too short to freak out and walked away. Out the door, with the sticks and camera, to soak up the scenery. A much better idea. 

I will be back.......