Friday, January 13, 2017

And 2017 is underway............

2017 - can you believe we are now into the late teens of the new millennium? It seems only yesterday that we were worrying about entering the new century. And nearly 2 decades are past. How did the happen? A question I seem to be asking every day.

Christmas and New Year were quiet times around here, but lovely nonetheless. And, as I said last time, technology played a major roll in linking the far-flung members of my little family together neatly. Diana, in a moment of genius, ordered personalised Christmas Santa hats for us all, and then, once we had had suitable Christmas Day photos taken, made a collage of us all. As a friend said - an excellent idea for this year's Christmas card!  If we have to spend Christmas in three countries, making a family photos impossible, this was the perfect way to overcome that little problem.

We made sure we wore those hats on all possible occasions.

Looking like an elf is just fine.


And yes, most people call me Linds. 

We had our first snow this morning. Not very much, and it didn't last long, but it is definitely colder at the moment. Winter has been very mild so far. I have seed crackers in the oven, and a candle burning, and it all looks very cosy. And, as it happens, I am even wearing the jumper in the photo! 

The family are back from the Alps, and Diana has plans to head home for a few weeks in May, so there is lots to look forward to with delight.

So, here we are. 2017. 
I usually choose a word to be my focus for the year. Some years I can manage to remember what I am doing easily. Not so much in others. This year is enormously challenging  in terms of the way my world is heading, so I am choosing one word defining courage. 


I want to be stepping out of the ordinary and daring to follow some dreams, ideals. To be crossing more off the lists. To try new, different, strange options. To be out there in the world, despite everything which says don't. To dare. Be brave. Do it anyway. 

That takes courage, and sometimes, it seems mine is in short supply. This is an uncomfortable new aspect of my life  I am talking of here. I don't do wimp. I never have. But time and events......

It happens. That is now on the not an option list. I refuse to hide away from the world. 

So in 2017, I am going to DARE to do stuff. 

Watch this space. 

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