Monday, September 15, 2014

Much hammering.....

Today is the day. The new carpets are begin fitted as I speak. Well, the nail stuff is being done. But we are nearly there! And it is so exciting, I can't begin to tell you.


And it is raining. For the first time in weeks, it decides to rain today. Just when I have two sofas' worth of covers to wash and dry and new carpets which may just GET WET. AND I have to switch on the heating so that the carpets can be soft or whatever that means. So I upped the numbers on the thermostat with great authority. Anyone would think I knew what I was doing. Hah. Well, the radiators are warming up. I may be cooking soon, so I must have done something right.

The new radiator was replaced last Thursday. And this morning, I realised that I hadn't painted the skirting board in the window area. Groan, so I gave that one coat of very quick drying paint.


Diana has been in London for a few days and she got back yesterday, so she and David did most of the moving of stuff. Did I mention that the piano had to be dismantled? That happened yesterday too. I did most of the unscrewing of it - it was like a jigsaw puzzle. The hardest part was undoing the first screw. I really struggled to do that, because that piano is full of memories.


  My great-grandparents gave it to my grandparents nearly 100 years ago as a wedding gift. My mother played on it all her growing up years. I played on it. Diana and David played on it. And Ann has been the only one playing it in recent years, even though it has been out of tune. She still made it sound beautiful, because she is a really accomplished pianist. My neighbours used to ask me to make sure all doors and windows were open when she played so that they could sit back and enjoy the music too.


A rosewood piano. But I can't justify the expense of keeping it, because it needed repairs and we need the space. I tried to give it away. And no-one wanted it. It is not easy to dispose of either. That would be because of the iron body. It weighs a ton, even stripped of anything that can be removed. Once I had unscrewed the first screw, the rest was not a problem. And I have a few videos and photos too.


Anyway, it is now sitting outside behind the bins, waiting for either the rag and bone man or the skip I may have to hire. Soon. 

I am being distracted by the transformation of my house. 
This carpet laying is a very interesting procedure. 

I didn't know there were rules about stapling down underlay to stairs and Health and Safety Rules for laying carpets. Fascinating. It is very different to the way the last ones were laid. And the best bit is that the colour is just PERFECT. Just as well. 

Diana has just made bacon rolls for us all. I need to go and look at my new carpet. There will be photos later. And please remind me that I want to chat about blessing, forgiveness, autumn, gratitude, freezers, Ikea and politics. 

Among other things, of course.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

IRL fun, bovine antics, bathrooms and....what was it..... Oh yes, the potential dissolution of the United Kingdom. Imminent.

Good grief. Time flies.

The suit saga was solved, and David duly attended the wedding clad in the beautiful new garb and a great time was had by all.  Diana returned home from her travels and then trundled off immediately to Falmouth to deliver a young friend back to uni. She and David both got home at about the same time last Sunday. The plumber has departed for Turkey to attend a wedding, and Jean departs soon for the very same reason. Her son is getting married!

I tell you, life is fast paced around here.

And I started hacking back the jungle garden. 

I have a sneaking suspicion that the collection of the garden waste is soon going to stop. I get caught out every year. Believe me, the garden is most certainly a jungle.

The bathroom is 99% finished - we are awaiting the new side bath panel and the windowsill, but I just love it. It is AMAZING. And, ironically, it seems twice the size, even though the bath is wider, longer, deeper etc, etc.


I have not done the finishing touches or the "putting out of the stuff", or the "using the cupboard" thing yet. I will wait until the plumber has finished. But I love it. That bath is worth the wait. Definitely. 


Diana is proud of the giant Mongolian sun flower she has grown. And the others. The plant IS STILL GROWING. 


You really need to see how pretty the English countryside is around here. Cows grazing..... Mind you, we have had some evil cows around these parts recently. Not the ones in the photo. Forget the gently grazing in the field thing. They have charged and trampled some people in the next village. Hospitalisation was required. And the cows needed moving. We have public rights of way here, so the public has a right to walk across fields demarcated as Public Rights of Way. Dogs need to be on leads, but one does not expect close encounters of the bovine kind. 

Years ago, Diana and the little son of a friend were walking across a field when the cows started massing their numbers and approaching at speed. She managed to hurl herself and her charge over the hedge to safety, but was totally traumatised. 

Swiss cows are well behaved. I don't recall being wary of Swiss cows. Mind you, at least they wear bells, so if they gathered speed, they could well deafen themselves. 

But at least we would be warned. 


I digress.


I have really pretty dahlias this year. 

And giant ones. 


It rained a while back so this one keeled over and face-planted itself into the adjacent jungle, so I had to pick it. 

And then, in the midst of this crazy upside down house time, my blogging friend from way back when, Mary, arrived in the UK with her friend, Alison, and Alison's son and partner, for a Northern Hemisphere Adventure, which included visiting ME. 

Of course. 

So, yesterday, I waved a duster around the place for roughly 10 seconds, vacuumed up the very present dust, unrolled a rug from the standing selection of rugs leaning against a bench in my porch, patted a cushion or two and zapped off to meet the train. 

It really seemed as if I had known them both for decades, you know. Within seconds. 

The beautify of the blogging world is the way you actually get to interact with special people, and forge unique friendships across oceans, deserts, jungles and mountains. And the sense of humour, the valiant spirit, the attitude to life which linked all those dots years ago, proved spot on. As it has with all my really special IRL encounters. Barry and Becky from the top left of the USA will attest to that very special bond. They enrich my life, as have others too over the years. 

And now we have an Australian link as well. 

The day flew by as we did the In Depth Tour of Linds's Life. This tour included Tesco, took us past old schools, friends' homes, into the village sweet shop, the beauty salon, hairdresser, chemist........

You have no idea. It also included lunch at my favourite place, the local church, driving into the village all three ways and a visit to the allotment, all accompanied by Peppa Pig (Granny has to do the Peppa Tours the World thing for the small granddaughter, after all. It is only natural.)


Please note Peppa on Mary's lap. 

This was taken moments after Diana checked the time of the train and when we had to depart for the station etc. We needed photos. 

I just wish they could have stayed longer. We may well have managed to include the local beauty spots, like the Grand Union Canal, a stately home or two and assorted other worthy places. At least they saw the tower which is over 1000 years old.

So yesterday was a wonderful day. And I dozed off very quickly in my chair in the evening. 

On a totally different note, I am at home today, awaiting the delivery of the new tall radiator. The Heating Plumber called to tell me it was being delivered today. And that he would be here this week to install it. On that basis, I have called the carpet company and they will be here on Monday morning at dawn, to lay the carpets. Eureka. Hallelujah. 

It would, of course, have been perfect had the carpets been on the floor and not in a distant warehouse when my guests arrived, but I think they got the minimalist look. As in nothing in the room bar the couches, a stool or two and the tv and kist. 

The pictures were on the wall, though. There was that. 

The country is now gripped by the potential dissolution of the Union. This is a MAJOR issue, people. Did you realise that next week, the people of Scotland are voting a yes/no vote for or against independence? That would mean the United Kingdom would cease to exist. The Union Jack would have to be stripped of the Saltire. And we would no longer be one nation. The ramifications are huge on every front. And right now, the Yes vote is winning. Oy. We will know next week. 

It is unthinkable. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Suits and shoes and Saturday chatter.............

When you get carried away painting doors with oil based paint, it is always wise to check that there is nothing BEHIND those doors, hanging neatly out of the way. Things like your son's navy pin striped suit jacket, for example. 

It can prove very costly if you don't. 

I, of course, have no little experience of this. 


The thing is, you see, David's friends are getting married. Well, he is 25, so this is to be expected, and I am quite sure the trickle of invitations may well turn into a flood, and he needs the suit for weddings. In fact, he could do with a couple. Thank heavens he doesn't wear a suit every day. Smart clothes do just fine under lab coats. 

I remember my Dad and his suits. He always ordered two pairs of trousers to every jacket, because he never wore the jacket, unless he had to go out to a meeting, and then it came off once in any office. He did of course, also need it for high days and holidays. 

Like weddings. 

So, after collecting an additional box of floor tiles, because genius plumber man is here as I speak, working on a SATURDAY, David and I ventured forth to find a suit. I am the grovelling mother here. I did try to fix the other one, but, as he told the extremely helpful man in the wonderful Big Man Shop, it looks as if a bird pooped on his shoulder. 

Yes. Well. 

This shop specialises in clothing for men who are rugby player size. You need to be tall to enter. David is 6ft 4" and so it was like Christmas. Everything was wonderful. Instead of hunting for the larger sizes and longer lengths, the manager, sized him on the spot and then produced the suits to choose from. And so he has a new one, which fits beautifully. Tailored suits, well fitted to the individual, make SUCH a difference. 

He looks great. 

Geoff wore uniform all his working life. Well, his life at sea. And when I met him, he was in the RFA, (Royal Fleet Auxiliary) and he was wearing evening dress - you know the one - white monkey jacket, pleated shirt, cummerbund, bow tie etc. He looked fantastic. No wonder I was immediately smitten. 

There is something about evening dress on a man. I do not know of any man who does not look fabulous in evening gear. Black tie. Dress suits. Men seem to walk taller, gain confidence, even a look of authority, and women just love it. Mind you, put a woman in evening gear, and the men also step up a notch, because evening dress is special. Glam is good on occasion. 

And then it is back to the paint and the tiles and the dusty lounge and ordinary life. 

It is grey right now and not tropical. I have my coffee and an Ouma's rusk. (I popped in to the South African Shop on the way to Ikea on Thursday.) Time to go and do a few rows on the blanket.

But before then, take a look at my bargain wellys. Not boots, but shoes. I will have something waterproof to wear when winter comes. Down on the allotment, at least!


Flowers are always good. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer will soon be over......

Good morning, people.

Can you believe that summer will soon be over? My tomatoes are just starting to ripen. They are very late this year. 

 I have no idea where this week has gone - all I do know is that there was a great deal of painting and deadlines and more painting. But the bathroom is getting there. Yesterday, the basin unit arrived. And I think it will all look lovely when it is done. One day. 


Jean and I went to aquazumba at dawn and then to Ikea in search of a bathroom mirror. I ended up with a flat wall one, because, really, that is all we need. It will look great. 

And then Costco. And then I needed a darkened room and a long nap. 

As far as the rest of the house goes, I have yet to hear when the replacement radiator will be here. So I can't schedule the carpets. I do not know where I am putting the furniture. I do not know what I am doing with all the other STUFF. And I want to organise the insulation for the loft. 

So, instead I hauled out my V blanket and did a few more rows. It is such an easy and soothing pattern to do - it works up very fast. 


I am loving the simplicity of it all. I can just manage simple right now. Complicated can wait. The colours? They happened to be within reach at the time. I have no idea where it will go or to whom I may give it. And that photo is sideways, by the way. I forgot to change it. 

So. What else can I tell you......

My head is stuffed with the boring bits like insulation and where and how and what to do with things and light fittings and warm rooms, vacuum cleaners - there is an EU directive coming into force next week - no vacuum cleaners over 1600 watts. We are all about eco awareness here in Europe. Where was I - the head. Yes. And toilet roll holders and storage options and can you believe, I had to go out and buy some needles to fix David's blanket Granny made him. It is so well used it was coming apart. And my mountain of needles is safely tucked in my sewing room, behind the entire contents of the lounge. Awaiting carpets. After the painting. 

It has been a while since I had ventured to the nearby town and it was strange - I popped into one shop, and then remembered the school holidays still on and nearly lost the will to live and so I came home. But I was clutching the needles, so all was not lost. 

Last weekend was a Bank Holiday weekend, so Monday was a public holiday. I spent The Saturday and Sunday doing 4 coats of paint in the bathroom, and picking apples with Jean after church, and by Sunday afternoon, I had stopped moving. I popped up to my friends for tea and a bath, and the stairs proved to be a mega challenge. Actually movement was a mega challenge. Any movement. I cannot tell you how blissful it was to roll into that bath like a beached whale and soak. Magic. 

On the Monday, reinforcements arrived. Derek and David cut the old carpet into metre wide strips. Jean rolled the strips into bales and David popped them in her car. Peter arrived to do the final bathroom coat of paint. Jean took the carpet to the allotment and then the underlay to the tip. And I baked an apple cake. 

That did not require any movement. And then, I sat on the floor and painted the skirting boards. So the painting is almost done. And another friend arrived to fix the lights and suss out what else needed doing. He had intended doing the rail in the garden as well, but that one is done. So, I am really fortunate to have great friends around me. 

Drilling has started above my head, so I may pop out to get away from it all. Farm stall. Vegetables. Yes.......

Friday, August 22, 2014

House renovations never go smoothly.........

Now, if life would just work in a simple fashion.......

The interesting house renovation developments around here now revolve around disasters. Yesterday was an ordinary day, until the plumber announced that the new bathroom basin unit had arrived broken and that it would be late next week before it arrived. 

Then he discovered that one of my new tall radiators had a small rust hole and needed to be replaced immediately, so I had to track down the other plumber (a long story) and he finally called back to tell me that it would take a week or 10 days for that to arrive, and not to worry, it could be installed when it suited me. 

Well, no, because I do not want radiators full of water to be removed on top of my new carpets. Which will now have to be delayed. 

And then a lovely friend arrived to put up a couple of new lights. Well, one was new. The other was begin moved. And suddenly all the lights in the lounge and nook ceased functioning. That required a call to his brother-in-law, who arrived at 7pm and the two of them worked on it all until after 10 last night.

And as they were leaving, victorious, I tried to switch on the outside or entry light so they could see where they were going and neither worked. Cue corporate nervous breakdown. They are returning to continue work in the near future. 

And my lounge looks like this. I have 4/5ths of a bathroom in it. 


In daylight, the front door looks rather pretty, with the hanging basket in full bloom. The rest of the garden is definitely showing many signs of autumn. Apart from the dahlias, of course. I am tempted to start emptying baskets. Diana's sunflowers are still climbing towards the sky - they will be stunning when out. There will be photos, of course. Photos are good. 


Here you can see the Great Electrical Team Pondering the Mysteries of the Lights. These things have to be documented, don't they - the story of my life.......


I was keeping well out of the way, believe me. David was manning the power switch. "Power Off" "Power On" repeated by all to ensure no-one was accidentally fried. 

And now for a little light relief. Those balloons I got up at dawn to chase across the valley. Here are a few photos. I am so glad I did go out when I did, because that was the last time over the festival weekend, that they were actually able to fly. They look so beautiful floating in the sky. I remember my flight 10 years ago perfectly, and the silence was what astonished me. I absolutely loved begin up there above the world. How many of you have flown in a balloon? Just fabulous!



This red and black one landed in the field just beyond that hedge on the left. 



Right time and right place. 


So, I am sitting here, waiting for the bathroom plumber to arrive. The bathroom is empty of the old suite, (see above- that is the old bathroom in the skip) and has been plastered. The plaster is almost dry and then I will need to paint it a zillion times so that it is all sorted before the bath etc goes in. 

He has done the marine ply on the floor, for the tiles, and the radiator is in place. And this is a bank holiday weekend. Things are going too slowly for me. I need it all to be done. The carpets are waiting. The lounge carpets need to be taken up too. Cut up. A weekend job, perhaps. 

Well, Mr Bathroom Plumber Man has arrived and is hard at work in the bathroom above my head again. I am on kettle duty. Tea. Coffee. 

I will be back.

Monday, August 18, 2014

It sounds as if the sky is falling in..........

Morning all - we need sound effects here. As I speak, the plumber is ripping out my bathroom directly over my head. There is much thunderous crashing. And tiles are hitting the floor with remarkable ease.

In short, it seems as if the entire bathroom was a pack of cards. Take one thing out, and the rest will all gently fall off. Or so says the plumber. There is a small skip at the front door, and I will endeavour to fill it up as well, once the bathroom is all out. I am taking photos. We need to document Stuff, after all, don't we.....

The past couple of weeks have been marked by paint. A great deal of paint, and marking and also of reading. I have a friend who has written a book, and I am getting to read it first. I am not skimming. I am delighting in it all. Sigh. And the paint is embedded in my pores. The nails are past help, and the skin of the hands is now a deathly white. Did I mention that I was painting the whole place white? White. Easy to clean and redo. And it will look nice and fresh when it is all done, but right now we are halfway to nowhere. A friend came and did three coats on the ceiling last week which was amazing. I hate doing ceilings. And the furniture is mostly out of the lounge and into everywhere else in the house, to make painting easier, and also in preparation for the new carpets. They are bought and paid for and are loitering in a warehouse until the bathroom is done.


When the painting is finished.

The carpet will be gone - cut up and down to the allotment this week, and the rugs have been cleaned. A friend from church mentioned on Facebook on Saturday, that she had done her house with the hired carpet cleaner available everywhere - and I commented that it was on my list. Don't worry, she said, I have time and plenty of shampoo, and she arrived at my house and proceeded to do 4 large rugs for me. How wonderful is that? I am SO thankful!

Drying them is taking some time, but they will be ready soon.

So, with painting, physio, being back in the pool for classes a bit, painting, sorting stuff, reading, painting, the days have flown by too rapidly. Oh, and the freezing of beans, harvesting of squash, courgettes, baking of courgettes, and visitors - many visitors, watering, and general stuff like laundry. Ironing. Need I say more.....well, I have not been lying back on a chaise being fanned by slaves and fed grapes. Even though I should apparently be doing the lying back, begin mindful and doing precisely nothing more. Apparently. Maybe if they threw in the slave fanning and grapes it may become easier.

But that is not going to happen.

Right. Let me go and find some photos. I will be back.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fun times with friends......


The workmen are back again. I do believe that there is enough stuff needing fixing around here to keep them busy for another 6 months, but the main things are nearly done. They are finishing up work on the stairs today. They no longer creak and groan quite as much, and the railing has been brought into the 21st Century, thanks to a genius idea by moi and genius workmanship by them. And much measuring, re-measuring and did I mention re-re-measuring? It paid off. My stair rail now looks stunning and the newel post no longer leans.

The house is still upside down, and still needs painting and still needs sorting, but baby steps are good.


As I mentioned, life is chaotic. Finding place to sit and rest ice and elevate has been a challenge, but as soon as one sits, one has an immediate nap. At times that nap lasts for hours. HOURS, I tell you. 

Our American visitors are back in Philadelphia, and a good time was had by all while they were here.  Last Thursday was my UN day. Diana had a friend from New Zealand visiting for a few days, and I had a friend visit from South Africa for the afternoon - she and I last saw each other 45 years ago in school. We both remembered so clearly that I sat in front of her in class, and we had so much to talk about. Like the 45 years, a husband each, 6 children between us, and siblings, travels, homes.......

It was a delight.

And, true to form, it felt as if we had been chatting just the other day. I absolutely loved seeing Gwyneth - and I look forward to many more meetings. Getting to know her lovely husband was also great.


And into the midst of this, my American visitors arrived. Sandy and I grew up a road apart in Cape Town, but only really became friends at UCT, when we were both on the Rag Committee for years. I had never met his lovely wife, Joy, so that was very exciting. They were here for a few days, and we managed to show them our little corner of England, and there was much eating involved.


 Eating I did not have to cook, thankfully. The weather even behaved and they had some incredibly hot sunny days to enjoy the gardens of Castle Ashby and other vital essentials like Waitrose.


And then workmen returned. They were banished last Tuesday because the house had to return to something resembling a home while guests were in and out. And hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel. I swear if the stairs looked more presentable, I would just paint them and let them be. They, like the rest of this house, seem to have been built without due care and attention, sadly. And once you put one thing right, the rest looks worse than ever.


White paint will make it all work. I like white paint. The decorator I called is booked till next year, so that was a non-starter. 

We will make a plan.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A not so clever move.......


So the mess continues. There are men in the cupboard under my stairs as I speak. 


They are fixing the stair case, which creaks. The stairs have no carpet. That is piled up in the lounge too. 
And therein lies the tale of the past few days. 

Last Thursday, the plumber returned with the last two giant radiators. One was not quite what I thought it would be, but I have become attached to it, and it is now fine. It was just a bit of a surprise at the time. I was calm, people. Be impressed. Anyway, I decided to leave and go back to my friends' home, where I was keeping their dog company, to escape the drilling and vibration. There were people boxing in pipes, lying on the floor attaching radiator pipes and all the rest. So I walked across the lounge....

tripped over that cardboard...


and executed a move worthy of Olympic Gold. I crashed onto the floor, hitting the coffee table and tool boxes on the way down with the bad leg. The very bad leg. Oy. Breathing became optional. The workmen were lovely, and Diana was a real star  - she came running, and managed to stop them from touching me or my leg and, thinking fast, gathered up the patches which anaesthetise. And that was when I realised that weight bearing was not an option, so we managed to get me into the car and off to hospital, where they showed little to zero knowledge of CRPS, and only x-rayed on the demand of both my present children. David joined us there. Me? I sat in the wheelchair and sobbed. The pain was off the charts.


Both feet were swollen, and so was my knee, but nothing was broken. Or, as the unhelpful Dr K said, the knee is fine. The foot is fine. Hmmm. Fine? If you mean not broken, I get that. But fine? So, with a little urging, he supplied crutches, but told me to go to my GP and ask to be referred to the pain clinic. Not good, given the nature of CRPS,with the need for immediate pain relief, but hey, we are alive and fine. Ish. He did say to go to bed for 5 days. 

So that was clever of me, wasn't it? 

And crutches? They are medieval instruments of torture. 

Monday, July 07, 2014

The house is upside down.......

My house is in chaos. The heating has been (almost) replaced, but the holes in the wall remain, and the carpenters are hammering and plastering and rebuilding cupboards open to the attic as I speak. The large radiators will be delivered and installed (I hope) today, and the last heat testing will be done. Again, I hope. The plumber doing the bathroom is calling later to discuss details. The first windows, and doors and fascia boards are done, and the front of the house will be sorted tomorrow, as in bay windows, door etc. 

And access to this computer has been impossible. There will be photos too, people. I like to share the chaos. The hair remains on end, the house needs to be ENTIRELY redecorated, and my daughter has been dangling from the rafters all weekend, painting the kitchen. Brilliantly.  

We will get there. 

Breathe, Linds.

I am the eternal optimist.

However, the body is creaking mightily. I cannot stand the nest begin disturbed. So I have totally overdone everything. And then today marks the 8th anniversary of the death in this family which changed absolutely everything. Eight years, my friends. Eight. 

And that means that it is over 8 years since I started blogging. 

I have been reading a couple of things recently, referring to those days and how much they are missed by some of us. Yes. Me too. They were good times. In a sense, it is like looking back at the 50s, in terms of the Internet. The innocent times, where we only wanted to connect, communicate, be among people we could learn from, exchange ideas, help, get involved with on our blogs.  Before the days of monetisation, stats and book deals. 

And youth. 

The young ones once grinned benignly at the thought of blogging, especially Mums blogging. And then those young ones suddenly woke up and the rest is history. They took over the internet. Youth generally does this, as it is the way the world works. Old out, new in. Just look at the ages of politicians. After the last European thingy, I googled them all. 30 something. Mainly 47. Hmmm.


The young ones arrived and suddenly it all changed. It was impossible to actually communicate with them, because their focus was on different things, in a sense. Comments were never acknowledged. There was no way to communicate privately and all of a sudden, it was like fan mail. I remember writing to pop stars in my youth. They never answered themselves either, but got secretaries to do it all. 

To be honest, when you have comments in the thousands, there is no way on God's green earth that you can answer them all, now can you??

But what I am trying to say is that the ESSENCE of blogging - that personal connection disappeared. 

And we are responsible for that, you know. 

We took our eyes off the people we had become close to, and eyed the new ones with a little awe and a whole lot of suspicion, and then we rolled over and died. Those of us who were here 8 years ago know what I am talking about. The saddest thing is that some of those lovely women blogging back then just sort of faded away from the blogging world. And this is what I actually wanted to say at the start before I got side-tracked, as I always do........ There is and always has been room for everyone. I think the worst possible development was when those who had been around a while started comparing themselves and their blogs to the new ones, and we ALL KNOW that comparisons are odious, now don't we??? We do indeed. 

There was no need. 

Everyone has a voice. And everyone has the space to use it here on this great big wonderful on-line world. And after a year or so of fumbling blindly along the path of life, I am reclaiming my spot. I am going nowhere. This is my corner, and I just want to be among friends - if I could ever work out why the Blogger reading list is refusing to list recent posts that would help. Or maybe I need to export my list to somewhere more helpful. Girls? Help? 

I may talk about things more later. 

Progress, people. I don't always love it. And the carpenters need tea and coffee. 

PS: I think about some of the absent bloggers a great deal, you know. I wonder if they are okay, how their children are doing, where they are. I care about them. Facebook is not the answer to everything. You can't tell stories on Facebook, can you......

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Where is Ty when you need him.........

In what is going to be the flavour of the summer, here we go with The House Renovation - Day 1, minus the great army of people and the cruise as in the TV programme, of course! 

Well, you see, yesterday evening, as in after 6pm, I had a call to say that the new doors and windows were arriving today and that they would be starting work at 8am. This is a few days earlier than expected. And what you don't know is that after I hit "publish", I packed 7 boxes of the contents of the linen cupboard (not all linen, I hasten to add - my quilt collection, season change stuff etc) and sat back feeling very clever.

They were all piled neatly in front of every door and window which is being replaced today.

Not every door or window is being changed, I hasten to say. Just those needing replacement. Or panes of double glazing which have popped.  To me, the extension of our house is still the new part. I think of it as new. It is now 17 years old and I am told it is OLD. Hmmm. Things lasted back in the old days. Why do I sound like my grandmother? Ah. That could be because I am indeed a grandmother.

So, last night, David was moving water butts and compost bins and garden furniture, and we had to find space for the mountain of now totally in the way boxes. And I have been up since dawn. They are wrestling mother's bedroom window out as I speak. I must go and take more photos.

Window out. Rest of house still standing. You never can tell, you know. (Are you enjoying the blow-by-blow report here?)


I am in need of more coffee.

And a steam mop.

The new window is going in now. I have made more tea and coffee. The sun has vanished. Dinner prep has begun. I am a little distracted by the footsteps up and down the stairs and the voices, and finding something interesting to relate has escaped me for the moment. 

I will be back.