Monday, May 30, 2011


Just a quick warning, people. Even though I am super vigilant and never open strange attachments, have a very powerful antivirus and all the rest, my computer has been invaded by a mega virus which has eaten its hard drive and everything I did not have backed up is history. I have run multiple iprogrammes in the past 48 hours and it is gone, but now I am restoring it to factory settings and waving goodbye to the parts I didn't save. Including all the birthday photos.  I don't trust it at all.

So stop what you are doing right now and BACK UP EVERYTHING AT ONCE. I am on Jean's computer right now. I am tempted to take an axe to mine. What possesses these people who create such destruction?

Oh. And on the let's get the bad news out of the way front, some wretched disease is killing all my potatoes in the garden. Things are not working out well this weekend.

That is all.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A little older......

Just a note to make here for some of my blogging friends - I am having a problem commenting. Blogger says I am not signed in and then I have to choose a profile and it is driving me crackers. So please know, Anne, Crystal and others, that I am here and reading! Some days comments work. Some days they don't. Sigh.

And today is my birthday. I have a great card from a friend which says "We are not old - we are retro". Perfect. I will be retro. It sounds rather quirky and fun, and not grey and crone-like, and that suits me just fine. Retro also implies plenty of memories and oh yes, there are decades of those too.

I have to admit, that for the first time EVER, I didn't realise my birthday was this week. I must be older than I thought! I knew it was at the end of May, of course, but that seemed a while off, until Glynis asked what I was doing for it. Hmmm. So I decided that, if the weather behaved, I wanted to just potter about in the garden here at home. I love, love, love being out there. However, the weather is a little iffy and one minute it is freezing and the next tropical, so maybe I will save the garden pottering for the rest of the weekend instead. (I use the word tropical loosely, believe me - just in comparison to the freezing bit.)

So I am pottering about inside instead. And between skyping with assorted family members, answering the phone and having coffee here with Glynis, it has turned out to be a lovely day.

Well, it is now night time, and I have been out to dinner with friends - a lovely end to a lovely gentle day. Thank you so much for all your wonderful messages, people - this growing older lark has some decidedly good parts to it too!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rain. Water. Too much water......

There is a down side to having a water butt which had never been filled by the rain before today. What could that be?? Hah. The overflow pipe which diverts water back to the drainpipe when the water butt is full is malfunctioning. So, here I sit, clad in rain gear, because the rains have finally come to my part of the world with ABUNDANCE, and Heaven knows we need that rain, but every 5 minutes, I am out there, emptying the buckets of water I drain from the butt over my already sodden garden.

If I don't, the patio gets flooded, and that is not a good idea. Then the sun comes out for 5 minutes, the plants visibly grow, and down comes the rain again. Up goes the water level in the butt, and out I go to drain more water. The neighbours must think I have lost the plot. I have been watering in the rain all afternoon. I now need a very large tank, I feel. The water butt needs to multiply.

My hair has been wet, dry, wet, dry, and now I look as though I have had an encounter with an electrical socket. My shoes are wet.

However, I am pleased to announce that I should live and so should my garden. I may have drowned it, of course, but at least it is definitely wet. Wet gardens are good. The word "wet" seems to be appearing rather frequently today. Well, I am wet. Damp. Whatever.

 I am having a real problem trying to arrange the photos - obviously I am missing the photo-moving-gene today. I can make all the writing tremble and shudder though. Skill, I tell you. But I thought you may like to see some of the roses. I cut a few before the winds came and they have been a delight in the house. I love roses.

Supper is cooking right now, and I am sure there was something I meant to say, but that can wait until tomorrow. My brain seems to have been locked into water mode. I will be back.

Monday, May 23, 2011

It rained!!!

It rained here this afternoon. For all of 10 minutes. That was great, except that I finished watering the garden 5 minutes before the rain came. I think my plants are suffering from water excesses. But, oh, the wind today has been horrendous. I know we don't have things like the tornado which destroyed parts of Joplin to contend with, and I am deeply thankful for that, but it is hard to watch the garden being torn to shreds. Roses disintegrating.

But then, lives are what are important, not plants. And my heart aches for everyone who is suffering from nature's extremities - for those who have survived earthquakes, tsunamis and floods, tornadoes, hurricanes.... And for those who have lost friends and family. Plants pale into insignificance in the face of Nature's fury.

Skyping with my daughter this morning was a delight - to see her and catch up on all her doings, and see her work - just lovely. I miss her. But there is skype, at least. So, while waiting for her to come on line, the morning was largely occupied with tying down more plants in the garden. Cutting roses before they disappeared. The plus side of that is that I have 2 lovely bowls of roses in the house. Beautiful. And their scent is glorious.

Then I went to help Jean chose a dishwasher, which was great fun. I played with an iPad, and we checked out everything, and then went to see about joining the gym. Over 55 rates. Hmmm. But much cheaper than we thought. However, I will need a letter from the doctor, which, I was told, may take 28 days. Oh well. They have aquarobics and pilates classes which will be good, and a whole host of other ones too, like Zumba, which I will be giving a miss, although my heart would love to do them, of course. And the hydro pool, relaxation centre...... oh I will be in there, believe me.

When the doctor signs the form, of course.

And so the day whizzed by.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well.... let me see if I can still remember how to write here. It has been longer than I thought, though if you could see the state of my house you may well understand.

I decided, in a total moment of madness, that despite the fact that I still have a piano sitting in the middle of what is destined to become my study, I would start shifting things. Given that the new study is approximately 2 metres by 2 metres (just think 6ft x 6ft and yes, that was the size of my kitchen when we moved into this house) and there is a piano parked in the centre, you may see the problem. Pianos are not known for their smallness.

Is smallness a word? It is now. It will do.

So, after the trip to Ikea on Monday and the acquisition of 2 new Billy bookcases, and the repositioning of 2 Benno bookcases as well, I now have a wall of shelves. And I needed to cull the book collection which occupied 2 walls of the old study area which is going to have a breakfast nook thingy in it instead, to get the huge table out of the centre of my kitchen, and ....

It is like dominoes.

All the books which are not craft books move out of the sewing room. All the books move out of the study into the new one. So I have heaps of books which will go to the charity shop, and heaps waiting to be sorted, and heaps I have no idea what to do with. I may just stack them in the centre of the lounge and drape a cloth over them.

So, when I get tired of shifting and sorting, and there are no plants to water or transplant to distract me, I sink onto the couch and into a stupor.

And we will not mention the 3 cupboards of papers and photos and STUFF which I have to find a home for either. The 2 tables which will be my new desk are on top of each other behind the piano. And right now, I have declared today to be a "do nothing" day. I have been to church and made lunch and That Is IT.

But finally, the sewing room has shelves which are were empty, which means I can get in there (in 10 years time) and sort things into logical and accessible places. Order. And stop laughing, those of you who know me - I am on a mission. Or I will be when I can muster the energy to continue with the quest. Maybe. And the books are on the new shelves. Oops. I just remembered that I have not anchored them to the walls yet.

So that has taken a great deal of time. And the sun has shone, so I have been in the garden. And friends dropped by so we had a BBQ , and Jean is staying while the honeymoon couple honeymoon in her house. Life is never simple round these parts. Not to mention the fact that these things I have to wear in my shoes (6 hours today) are fine when in but diabolical when out, and are creating more problems with my little toes, which hitherto have been JUST FINE thankyouverymuch. Groan.

Today, there is a howling gale, which is stripping my baby teeny tiny apples off my tree which is not making me happy at all. And my greenhouse is threatening to take off for Latvia or some such foreign part. The wind is drying things out incredibly too.

So here I sit in the middle of total chaos. The recycling bin is full. The charity shop pile is resembling the leaning tower of Pisa, and I am clean out of energy. Or the inclination to do anything, to be truthful. Coffee, and couch time, I do believe. There must be chocolate somewhere aroudn here....

I will be back with photos once I can find the camera under the STUFF.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The foot man.....

This morning, I went to my podiatry appointment. At long last. After months and months of waiting, and many episodes of soaring blood pressure along the way. Such a nice man. He really does exist. And he apologised profusely for the chaos in his department. I was magnanimous once I made sure he was actually alive and I was sitting on his fancy chair thingy.

We discussed the state of the NHS, waiting lists, his department, and the nation. Among other things. Oh yes, and my foot. Leg. And thank the Good Lord, he knew about CRPS and the associated problems. You would have shrieked with laughter, people - he opened the door, and told me to walk across his crowded waiting room and turn round and come back. Twice. So I announced to the waiting room at large, full of elderly patients not exactly grinning, that they were now witnessing a model sauntering down the catwalk dressed in something slinky. It was hilarious. The comments. Me, with jeans rolled up round my legs, barefoot. Looking absolutely stunning. And he crouched there and watched the legs and feet, and then made some inserts for my shoes which make me walk like Popeye - bandy - to get the muscles and ligaments in my feet working properly. One hour today, 2 tomorrow, 3 the next day etc etc. And then I had to repeat my catwalk experience for an even fuller room.

I live to provide amusement for the general populace.

He could also tell from my feet that I spent most of my childhood barefoot. I still do actually, and told him so. This is an advantage now. The muscles and ligaments are much more flexible than British feet. I told him my husband used to say I had prehensile feet because I could pick things up with my toes. And also, strangely enough, crouching down on my haunches a lot as a child is excellent news. British children don't do that much, I gather. But it strengthens some ligaments while stretching them. Fascinating stuff. He has a Plan B and a Plan C apparently, for my toes. And I see him again in 5 weeks.

I have also got new exercises which have nothing to do with my knee. In fact, I will ease off on those for now and do the balancing ones he wants me to do to strengthen the feet. Anything to avoid my toes curling into claws. Sigh. What next, I wonder. The hour is over now, and I can't tell you how achy I am from having to use muscles differently. Just one hour. Hmmm. The next few weeks may prove to be a little challenging.

It is grey and windy but warm today. Still no real rain round these parts. But the garden can wait. I have more things to pot on but the couch calls so tomorrow will be soon enough. Have a good day, wherever you may be!

Monday, May 16, 2011


I talk more frequently, as the years whizz by, of the fact that the years are whizzing by. (I know what I mean...) So for a little light entertainment, I looked through the archives here for this day over the past 5+ years. Why? Because my firstborn is celebrating his birthday today. It is actually quite hilarious - in most of the posts the words "how can it be possible that I am the mother of a 29, 30, 31 etc etc year old" appear. So here I am to say "HOW CAN IT BE POSSIBLE THAT MY SON IS 34?" Especially when the clearest memories of my entire life are from my 30's?? And HE is in his mid 30s now?? My BABY is in his mid 30s???

I need a glass of something.

A large glass.

Nothing demonstrates the speed of passing years more vividly than the age of one's kids. Believe me, you younger ones out there. Watching Missy help blow out his candles on Skype a little while ago was another reminder. When I was 34, I had a son of 12 and a daughter of 8, and little did I know, but I was about to get used to the fact that our family was going to expand. I was young. Invincible. (Insert smiley face.) And it seems as if it was just yesterday.

Missy helped her Mummy make chocolate muffins for her Daddy this morning. She even iced them and sprinkled fancy bits on top AND then she went and washed up in the garden. She is growing up. She is also old enough to know that she prefers the icing and sprinkles to the actual cake. Of course she does.


Andrew is 34.

I remember gazing at him the day he was born, and wondering what kind of man he would grow up to be. All I can say is that he is more than my wildest dreams for him could have foreseen. Unique. Special. My son. The wheel keeps turning, doesn't it - he in turn is a father and he too loves his daughter to bits. And I am quite sure that before he knows it, he will be having similar thought re the passing years too.

I love all my children. They are all so different, and yet all mine. And it is the differences which fascinate me, as their Mum. Being their Mum is probably my greatest accomplishment. And that is fine. More than fine.

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The wedding.....

Thankfully, only some of the orange blossom expired. I was there at an early hour this morning, and took out the worst bits, and popped in some healthy live looking stuff instead, and cut off other offending bits, and then sat on the stage and made many pink loopy things, which I wired and then stuffed in the gaps. Hopefully, if they turned off the fluorescent lights and lit the candles instead, it would not be too noticeable that the arrangements were not quite perfect. Sigh. I did my best. What can I say. I hope the bride and groom are happy with it, although I suspect they are still on cloud nine and won't notice anything! That is the way things are supposed to be after all.

The wedding was just amazing. Standing room only. Our entire church was invited to the ceremony, and to cakes and coffee immediately afterwards, and then 70 guests went on to the reception. The bride arrived to a guard of honour - flag waving children she works with - and she made it down the aisle, looking lovely in a silky cream trouser suit. Holly has callipers on both legs, and walks with 2 sticks, you see, and her new husband, Paul,  took one look at his bride walking slowly towards him, and started crying. So did the rest of us. I cannot begin to tell you how broad his grin was or how much joy filled our church today. And when they were pronounced man and wife, the cheer nearly lifted the roof from the church. They came down the aisle to "Oh Happy Day" with bells pealing and the entire church clapping and cheering. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

And then I dashed back to the hall to make sure there were no more dead bits (yes, I am obsessive to the extreme when I do things for other people) and came home. Via the local supermarket for something I can nuke for supper, because I am not cooking tonight. Maybe not tomorrow either. Or the next day. Tonight I am going to watch the Eurovision Song Contest and wait for the key changes in every song, and see if the UK gets any points at all. That is about all I can cope with at the moment.

I am not even going to begin to consider where I am going to put all the wedding stuff when it returns to the fold tomorrow. Maybe I will leave it in the car for a month or so.

Right. I am going to go and nuke that dinner and get my nest ready for the evening. I hope your Saturday is as filled with joy as our has been!

Friday, May 13, 2011

A slight hiccup or two......

Wordpress is beginning to look good. Blogger down for 24 hours is not good. I am unimpressed.

And to crown my day, which has been spent at the hall sorting tables, flowers etc etc etc, that orange blossom is looking as if it will be dead by dawn. I foresee redoing all 10 arrangements in my future. Screech. I have done everything the florist told me to do and yet.......

 It all looked stunning here at home. But after 5 hours at the hall....hmmmm. I am not happy.
So this was the at home view.

And in addition, the tables had not all arrived, and neither had all the cloths, so in half an hour, Jean, Julia and I are heading back to sort the last tables, and cast a baleful eye over the flowers. I won't be doing anything about them until tomorrow morning, though. And then it will all be working at the speed of light.

I can do without this, let me tell you.

And since when does blogger decide my words must be centred when I keep photos in the centre? And while we are on the blogger subject, is anyone else finding that they have to sign in every time you move away from the dashboard? This makes commenting a nightmare on other blogs, and is driving me crackers. Before, as in until a few weeks ago, as long as you signed in, and did not close IE, you stayed signed in. Now? Hah. It is unbelievably annoying.

As I said, Wordpress is starting to look very attractive indeed........

PS........... the last post was written yesterday. It has been waiting, and waiting, and waiting

Shooting stars and orange blossom......

A few nights ago, I went out into the garden late to close the greenhouse and I happened to look up at the skies, and for the first time ever, I saw a shooting star. It was beautiful - travelling at immense speed, and it shot across the heavens and disappeared. (I have watched space stations and sputnik type things before. Asteroids. This was not one of them.)

Well, it could have been an alien spacecraft of course. You never know. But I am pretty sure it was a shooting star, and I laughed out loud with joy. If it was an alien spacecraft, I am happy to report that it showed no signs of stopping. I am sure you are all very relieved to hear this.

There is something magical about strange events in the skies. It reminds me how small I am, and how insignificant. My analytical brain started wondering how far away it was, how big and when it would explode, but my romantic soul reigned supreme and just enjoyed seeing it.

Do you wish upon a star? Does anyone? I decided that I would make a wish. It was that sort of event. One which reminded me of the unexpected beauty which surprises us now and then. Such a small event in the cosmos, but such a big thing for me in that moment.

Wishes, dreams........ they are part of the fabric of our lives. The prosaic and mundane tend to dominate my days, and at times I forget the dreams. It is nice to be reminded now and then.

My kitchen is now full of orange blossom, and the whole house smells wonderful. I have buckets of it all over the place, The florist in the village told me that any greenery I pick must be soaked in water for at least 24 hours before I use it in arrangements. I didn't know that. So we are well into the 24 hours of soaking right now. I just hope it doesn't expire on Saturday morning. The oasis is soaking too, so it should all be ready for the assembly line in the morning. Everything is sorted into areas, so I just have to grab what I need and walk round the table doing the 10 arrangements. The tall vases will be done at the hall.

Last night I made 47 bows. I have no idea why 47, except that I decided to stop at 11.30pm, and that was the total. There is not going to be any shortage of bows, that is for sure!And I am babbling here, so it is time to retire to the couch and snooze again. This growing older lark is not for the faint-hearted......

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hands, eyes, flowers and grime.....

You know how hands which spend a great deal of time in soil get to the point when it is impossible to get rid of said soil from the skin??? Yes. Those hands. They are mine. Rough and permanently (it seems) grimed. We will not mention the nails either. History, I tell you. Of course I have gloves, but there is something great about feeling the soil with fingers, isn't there??

However, 99% of the garden is now planted. The fact that I still have a full greenhouse is beside the point. I am quite sure there will be gaps somewhere which will need to be filled. Failing that, I can always get more pots. Lots more. The hanging baskets are full and thriving, and every receptacle I can find is overflowing with small green things. You see, I always look at the seedling and think, ok, I will need 8 for that pot. Ignoring the fact that one would be enough once fully grown. I go for the over the top look, I think. Anyway, at least somethings will bloom. My first 2 roses are open and so beautiful, and oh, the scent!! Because it is going to rain - or so they say - I cut the big open ones and they are on my coffee table. Lovely. And the lettuce and spinach is ready to be eaten already. I can't remember ever having so much at this stage at this time of the year. The weather has been so unusually warm. Long may it last!

This morning, Jean and I went to retrieve the last 2 lots from the auctioneer after I withdrew them from the auction, and that was an excuse to wander round the little market town north of here, and have lunch out too, at a really nice place we have discovered. Well, Jean knew all about it before, but I have just discovered it! We have also been on a futile quest to find 5 pink artificial gerbera for the wedding arrangements. With silvery stems. And dark centres. I found a couple which had green stems and yellow centres, and they look All Wrong. I am verrrrry fussy at times, believe me, and this is one of those times.

I still have tomorrow to look. Did I mention that I went to have my eyes tested yesterday? I had 3 letters from different places offering me a free eye test in the post on the same day, so thought that maybe there was a reason and that I had better do something about it, so off I went. The optician informed me that the deterioration in my eyes is commensurate with my age. (He did not use that word, though. He was about 30. ) So I need stronger glasses. For reading and computer and TV - the vital essentials. He also told me that Kindles are excellent for older people. He is lucky I was in a magnanimous mood. Until I found out that I would need a mortgage to buy new glasses, because can you believe this, it is MORE expensive to have new lenses put into 6 month old perfectly good frames than buying new ones. New ones - new lenses, new frames - are cheaper than using old frames. Why?? No-one could actually answer that. And when I just managed to find one frame I liked and that was not in the budget range but in the designer one, I decided that I would make do with these for now. I can still see.

I am now considering using one of the other vouchers to have my eyes tested at another place to see if the prescription is the same. Now that would be interesting. When one gets a little older, it is amazing how much fun one can have arranging serial eye tests.

And that just about wraps up my day. The woodwork is nearly finished - my valiant friend is plowing on with the job, and it looks wonderful. Why did I every think white was boring? I love it .

Tomorrow I will go and hack down some greenery from other people's gardens for the arrangements, and then Friday is the day it all gets put together, and taken to the hall. Hopefully it will be sorted and look lovely. There will be photos.

Enjoy your evening!

PS....David's finals start tomorrow, so a few prayers would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all!

Monday, May 09, 2011


Along with some other blogging stalwarts, I also sort of hit a wall this past week/end, and life sort of ground to a halt while I contemplated the fact that Nothing In Life Actually Works Out The Way I Want It To, and a few other assorted sundry thoughts of the deeper variety.

It was inconvenient.

However, with Monday here, and the fact that there is much rejoicing in the Casa de la Rocking Chair because Hallelujah!!! I remembered the pin number!!!!! can return to normal. I think. Sort of.

Then I discovered that, in this computer age of instant everything, my bank has decided that it will take SIX DAYS to clear a cheque, which did not thrill me. I think they need it to circumnavigate the globe a few times before they accept it.

One step forward, then one back. But I was still in a happy bubble after my fingers remembered the code (not the brain) so I ignored that, and bought some snail and slug dispatcher stuff and came home to contemplate my garden instead. You have no idea how I obsessed about the inability to remember that number all weekend. Focus and concentration out of the window, and we all know that focus and concentration are not my strong points at the best of times.

Isn't this shadow of Missy just the cutest thing? Just look at those pigtails! She does love pushing her little dolly's pushchair round the garden. I skyped with her this lunch time, and she runs about bringing me all her toys to see. So sweet.

And right now, I have a friend painting the woodwork in the newly painted soon-to-be-my-study, and the wedding stuff is piling up. Just the assembling to do now, but that has to wait till Friday. The sun is shining, and a friend popped in earlier for tea and a natter in the garden, which is looking lovely, I have to say. So a complete contrast to the grey world I was inhabiting yesterday.

My garden makes me smile. Time to go and water, I think............

Saturday, May 07, 2011

That was the week that was......

Another week has whizzed by. This is becoming the norm. The whizzing bit. David is back at uni for his final exams, and Missy and I got to play for a few hours too. She has now started taking photos. Her parents gave her their very old digital camera, and that I suspect was fine for a day. However, as soon as she saw MY camera, that was the one she wanted to use, so I have some rather random photos on it at the moment. Feet and rear ends feature prominently. Heads....not so much. But she had a good time. I will have to clean the lens, because all photos seem to have a finger in them. A little cute finger.

And last night it finally rained. One nearly had to consult the history books to see what that wet stuff was, falling from the sky in droplets. I can't remember when last it rained, and today is showery and very humid, and I have just planted out most of the gigantic things which have been growing on my window sills. They have been out in the garden for a couple of days to get used to weather. When one's courgette plants in small pots are developing flowers, it is time for them to head for the garden. If they die, I will plant more seeds. But they need to vacate my house. I need to be able to see out of my windows.

Yesterday was the day for my long awaited podiatry appointment at the hospital. Well. I have been on the waiting list for over 6 months, which has not amused me at all. So Jean and I whizzed off to town, and when we got there, the clinic had been cancelled. Acerbic. I was very acerbic. there may have been mention made of the fact that it was a beautiful Friday afternoon, and how nice for the clinician to be sunning him- or herself in the garden. And they had to have known for a good while, because there was a physiotherapy clinic running in the place which the podiatry clinic should have been.

So that was useless. Next appointment available is in 11 days. At a different hospital. Because my leg hurts, I clench my toes, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to straighten them. This is why I need to see someone who can make something to stop them curling, because will power no longer works. Oh well. I wonder if this one will be cancelled too. Never mind the petrol costs, inconvenience etc etc etc.......

We also had some local govt elections this week. Choice was minimal, and I was tempted to scrawl "none of the above" on the ballot sheet. We also had a referendum on whether to change the voting system. I gather it is staying the same - first past the post.

So I think one can sum up the week as one where the Grumpy Old Woman reigned supreme around here. To crown it all, I went to the local supermarket, and completely forgot the pin number for my card. Totally. I still can't remember it. I am losing the plot. I will have to go into the bank where they will be able to retrieve my card should the machine swallow it, and try again. This is most inconvenient. I don't want a new number. I want to remember the old one. See? I am all sweetness and light.

And the house is full of wedding things. Did I tell you that a lady from our church is getting married next weekend? Well, the church is doing her wedding for her, and I am making the table decorations. Centrepieces. I have things from Andrew's wedding, and I have used them for other events, including weddings, and with some additions to take care of colour choices, they are filling the house. I found some broken small branches and painted them white, and then wired pink beads to them, and then there are all the wired ribbon loops, and more wired beads, which will be wound through the flowers. So we are in wedding mode. Thankfully, it is stuff I can do while flopping on the couch, or chatting to friends. Actually, anyone crossing the threshold gets to wire beads too. A community effort. The painting doesn't get done while flopping of course, but that was done over a couple of days. I must take some photos.

So that was the week that was. I need some coffee. I will be back. Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 02, 2011


One of the most profound things I have heard today : "This is a time for reflection, not celebration."

Lighting candles instead of waving flags and cheering.


There are always consequences, and the hornet's nest may well have been kicked. God alone knows what lies ahead.

Sobering times.

And here are more wise words: "The reaction to the death of someone made in God's image, however corrupted by evil they were, should, I think, be one of humility and grace."  (Rich Johnson, Vicar)

I cannot rejoice. Or celebrate. Remember Saul? He was the biblical equivalent ot a terrorist, until he stumbled on the road to Damascus. He encountered God, and ended up writing half my Bible. Of course I feel a certain amount of relief - don't we all - that Osama Bin Laden is not around any more.

But then there this: "Remember, friends, that even God does not take pleasure in the death of the wicked." Ezekiel 18:23. Even God.

Are we safer today? Of course not. Maybe less safe than yesterday. And where he came from, many more are waiting. We live in a fallen world, don't we?

I am just a little very uncomfortable with all the jubilation. Twitter and Facebook exploded at 4am our time. I was awake, so I got to see it all. I just don't understand it.

Time for reflection, and many, many prayers.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sunny Sunday.....

We are in the middle of our extended holiday weekend - tomorrow is May Day, so it is another holiday, and the sun continues to shine, and the garden beckons. The Royal couple have flown away for the weekend, and I have the newspapers and magazine full of photos for Mum to keep.

Yesterday was a quiet day round here - I was out in the garden early and pottering about. The greenhouse is full of seedlings, and some are getting rather large now, and I keep wanting to plant more things. I have no more space.Believe me, I use every inch here. I was sitting out there this morning thinking about how I have come to love growing things, and really, it is something which I can do and which brings great joy right now. So many things I can't do. But this I can. But I have spoken of this before.

Some things are taken away, but then, something else always comes in their place. For me, it is my garden. I can be out there, taking my time, and I never stop finding something to be thankful for , something to make me smile. And what is more, because I grow way to many things, it is a way I can give to my friends too. They get plants. Many plants.

My friends told me this daisy was a weed. I disagreed. It did look a little weed-like at first, but I noticed that there were 5 pots with the same "weed" in, all with a little stick saying "margherita" so I watered them, and refrained from yanking them out. Now I have 5 daisy plants, all about 4 ft tall. I planted the seeds last year. That is no weed. Hah!

David goes back to uni this coming week for his final exams. It seems only yesterday that he left school and set off to Canterbury, you know, and now we are coming up to graduation time. In July. And now he has to make some decisions about what he wants to do next, and where. Studying for a further degree, either a Masters or a PhD or any post grad qualification seems to be the sensible thing to do, given that the economy is not bouncing along in a healthy manner. If he does that, hopefully by the time he finishes, there will be more opportunities available. The scientific world does not have many openings right now. Not here. There are opportunities in foreign countries, though, so we shall see.

And me...... well, I think I need a change of scenery for a while. I am weary, you know. Actually, I would love an adventure or 2. Something new. Different. A magic wand would also be good. But maybe I just need a nap instead. That I can arrange. Let's stick to what can be done for today. And I did say the sun was shining, didn't I.......