Friday, September 09, 2005

Well, here goes..................

Good morning world! My daughter introduced me to blogs and after reading some, I am inspired to start one of my own. What a year this is turning out to be, with tsunamis, floods and fires. It seems distant until your family are in the midst of it. My sister and her husband live in Switzerland and their home was flooded. How is it possible for a mountain valley high up 1000m above sea level, with a deep gorge to the valley below to flood? It never occurred to me it was possible. I thought the water would just go downhill like out of a bath through the plug. But no. They are safe though and that is the most important thing.

That is one of my big things at the moment. People not possessions. People are what matter. Their safety, health and happiness. Maybe I am at the age where a lot of thought is going into what I have achieved in my life, and how it can be measured. I have not written the great novel of our time. I have not been the CEO of a fortune 500 company. I have not saved the world or discovered the cure for anything. I have not made pots of money nor have I graced the runways of the world in haute couture. Sigh. I have raised a family of three great children to adulthood (almost) and I have made a difference to a lot of people. I have taken care of aging parents, and along the way, I have acquired a wonderful circle of friends all round the world. I have a dream list of things to do before I die which grows daily, and I am excited to be alive.

My daughter is off to work in New Zealand (see diana's blog) for a few years. She is following her dreams, and as a mum, I am so proud to watch her fly.

Well, this was not quite as difficult as i anticipated. I have lots to talk about. Maybe tomorrow!