Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Exploring ..................

This morning, Jean and I made another trip to Market Harborough, to the auctioneers, to pick up the 2 things which did not meet their reserve in the sale last week, and that took all of 5 minutes. So we went back into the town, and parked in a totally different place to where we normally go, and explored another part of the town. I can't tell you how delightful it is to go into little "one-off" shops, instead of the larger chain stores. They are all there, the larger stores, but they seem to co-exist happily with the small ones, and that is what gives the town its wow factor. I could live there. So much to see and do. And a little river running through it all as well. People look happy there.

Have you noticed the facial expressions of people in the street? Or in the stores? There are so many frowns, and so much focus on speed - hellbent determination, attached to them. I wonder, sometimes, if it would be worth touching an arm now and then, and saying, it is OK, you can slow down a little. But then, I would probably be locked up somewhere. In a padded call.

I have though, started stopping ladies in the street and complimenting them on their hair, top, dress etc, and I tell you, it makes such a difference. All I get then, is a real smile. And gratitude. It takes a second or so, but oh, people, is it ever worth it. Try it. Go on. Hand out compliments and smiles today. You will see what I mean.

And so I get to walk away with a grin too.

Anyway. We discovered a new to us coffee shop at the back of the small Cook Shop, for those who know the town. Fabulous, bright, happy place, with a courtyard too, and home made cakes. And scones. And tea cakes. We shared a cake and a scone, and the coffee was delicious too. The kitchen gadgets are amazing. We OOOOHed and AAAAhed our way around the shops and I left, having acquired one egg cup. This is because I couldn't find one for Mum last week. I know I have some. I also know that no-one ever uses them. Until now. Mum wanted one. I now have one. It is IN THE MUG CUPBOARD. That is to remind me when I have lost it again. 

And then we came home the pretty way, through the countryside.

It is supposed to rain today and tonight. But it is not raining, so I went to the allotment and gave it some water. The courgettes are growing beautifully. I do believe there are at least 10 growing right now. And the broad beans are through the soil and the butternut are waiting for the sun. Here at home, Diana has already commented on the growth in just 6 days. I know. It is quite amazing. She has a frightful head cold and is prostrate on the couch as I speak, poor thing.

I made a chicken dish in the slow cooker yesterday, and, because it tasted a little bland, I poured in the remains of Nando's hot peri-peri marinade to give it a little oomph.


It is hot enough to make flames shoot from the ears. Happily, I think it helped to clear Diana's sinuses for about 5 minutes. She declared it lovely, then said she couldn't taste a thing. Maybe another large helping will help get rid of the plague, because I do not want to get it. Absolutely not.

Returning to the weather topic for a moment, I have just watered the garden while I have any energy. The rain should start falling any second now. The skies are black and the lights inside are on. Sigh. I am so good at this sort of thing.

Right. I think I may go and do a little more of the giant ripple now. It is a cosy type of day here. A blanket on the lap is a good idea. 

I will be back.............


Chris said...

I so missed your writing last week, so I am extremely happy you are back. Not, of course, for the gloomy weather.

I got a butternut squash along with two spaghetti squash in my Bountiful Baskets load last week, and they've all been sitting on the counter, waiting for me to come up with some way to cook them so that my family will actually eat them.


How long is Diana home for this time?

Vee said...

Your weather sounds as absurd as ours. What a foul June it has been thus far. Pah! No wonder people have colds...hope people know about taking echinacea. You've got such a garden going! Delightful.

Linda said...

I have been trying to make eye contact with people and then smiling, Linds. It is like magic! Of course folks in Texas tend to be friendly, but still - a smile changes things.
The town sounds lovely. We have a couple of small towns nearby with lots of little shops. It is such fun to just browse.
We have been getting such nice rain. I am so thankful.
Tell Diana I hope she feels better very soon.

Sandra said...

I do exactly the same thing Linds, always smile, say hello, strike up a conversation and it's amazing how they love that.

BTW, I love that coffee mug :)

Pam said...

Trust the plague has passed you by.