Monday, March 10, 2014

Out in the garden..........


Yesterday was the most glorious sunny day this year. So far. It was all I love about Spring - sun, warmth, daffodils, buds on everything, starting to prepare the garden. Seeds, bulbs. Love, love, LOVE it. 

It was my turn to take everyone to church, which only starts at 11am, so I popped out early, after loading the washing machine, because sun also means washing outdoors, to get petrol. (I got there in the end, so stop sighing over my convoluted sentences!) After I left the petrol station, I came to a circle in the road - one way meant home, and the other went towards our favourite country park. 

The country park won. It was filling rapidly with cars, even though it was very early - people walking dogs, hiring bikes, families out for a stroll and playing at the amazing playground. Just perfect. So I walked slowly around the lake. I had no phone or camera with me, and that made it even better, because I could just immerse myself in the peace of the place. It was a wonderful way to start my day.

So, I still had time to get home, hang out the washing and attempt, for the third time, to reheat and drink my coffee. Sadly, that did not happen because church called. 

We don't bother much about Sunday lunch around here - we tend to eat an early evening meal which is a mixture of lunch and supper, so once I got home, I decided that the call of the garden was too loud to ignore. For the first time this year, I was out there, tidying up the winter stuff, and yanking out some weeds, dismantling the wrecked plastic tomato greenhouse. This is a great time, because you can see the weeds. By summer, I give up, because they are entwined with pretty flowers. I transplanted two big lavender plants out of pots and into the bed, and in went some dahlia bulbs as well for good measure. I want to focus on doing less this year. Growing stuff which grows and sorts itself. 

Less is more.

Stop rolling around with laughter, people. 
I know I say something like this every year and then go and compulsively plant a zillion seeds.
What can I say.

I went down to the allotment earlier this morning to pay for the manure which will be delivered this week. A lorryload. That will be fun. Then this weekend, I get to watch the men distributing it all over the place. My beds need refilling. Remind me not to plant more than one or maybe two courgettes this year. I still have half a freezer full of the stuff. More beans though. I need many beans. And butternuts. And gem squash. 

Enough of gardens.

I will just add that, after an hour outside yesterday, I was doing an Oscar-worthy portrayal of the Hunchback Of Notre Dame. David did the last of the sweeping and tidying. And far away, Missy discovered the delights of swingball, according to her Mum's photos. 

I remember swingball. Such fun!

Now, to end today's missive, I have added a photo which I saw on Facebook - taken by the friend of a friend, Bronwyn Hendricks.(I think!) 

You need to know that South Africa is in the middle of Load Shedding Season. That means that there is not enough electricity generated to meet the needs of the country, so they have a schedule of when it is switched off in which areas on which days. To just about everyone. 
Well, there seems to be enough to supply Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe etc, but not enough for domestic consumption. Yes. This is beyond the comprehension of most people. However, there have been some hysterically funny photos on Facebook. The South African sense of humour is prevailing. For example, there is a sketch of a CD, entitled "Esk*om Unplugged" with a list of songs like Candle in the Wind, Dancing in the Dark etc. Esk*om being the electricity giant supplying electricity to the nation. 

And then there is this........


This is the main morning daily newspaper in the Cape, Brilliant. Just brilliant. 

Load Shedding. Hmmm. It may yet come this way, I suppose. 

And now I am off to Oxford with my daughter on an adventure..........


Vee said...

It is wonderful to have you sounding like yourself...full of plans for the garden and off on an adventure. I hope that the electricity situation in South Africa is remedied sooner rather than later.

Needled Mom said... time once more!!! I'll bet that warm sunshine was a welcomed visitor. I find that we are doing more of the self gardening around here too. There is just not enough time to spend hours in the garden and then many more hours putting it all up for the winter.

Edith said...

We are just now getting the snow melting off - and more predicted for tomorrow. Will be interesting to see what we get.

Love the picture...and the tales. Thanks for sharing.

Linda said...

It all sounds so nice Linds (except the back thing - I absolutely understand). We've got tiny wild flowers scattered all over the property and the Mountain Laurels are blooming. It really does lift the spirit.

I want to let you know I have a new blog address (again). All part of this book business. Here it is:
Hopefully that will be the final one!