Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday morning..............

Well, good morning to you all. I am hoping those of you in Arkansas are good - that tornado seemed horrendous. While it is a grey day in Middle England, we do not have to cope with a tornado, and I am very thankful for that, believe me.


I have been typing away here for the past half hour. You will be so happy to hear that I have so far deleted:

A discussion about stains and their removal from garments
The nappy dilemma gripping the nation this morning. Apparently some children are wearing nappies at school. Some even into the mid teens. Nappies= diapers.
A discussion re putting babies into over-crowded nurseries at 5-6 months.
Mention of the need to clean carpets. 

It must be Monday.


I had a lovely expedition to the garden centre on Saturday, and I did indeed buy some small plants for my hanging baskets. Not many, but I do love the million bells and if I wait another few weeks, I would have to pay 3x the price for larger plants. I like the teeny ones I can grow on in the green houses. 

Actually, it was the shortest Garden Centre trip in living memory. I was in the door, popping the 6 plants in the basket and out within 10 minutes. I did not mooch. I  did not browse. I did not even glance at the other 99.9% of the huge place. I must have been coming down with some mystery illness. 


It is apple blossom time here, and the scalped tree is starting to look better with some signs of greenery and pretty flowers. It always looks so odd when it has been pruned back hard, as it has been this year.


Rather like I do when I have had my hair cut. I always look odd then too. I am now writing about identifying with trees. Maybe I should step away for a moment, and research What Topics To Write About On The Blog instead. 


Needled Mom said...

Those other subjects sound interesting too. Nappies at school??? Wow.

It is so nice to see the arrival of spring in your area.

Vee said...

Nappies? Is it related to the increase in autism perchance? Just wondering.

Apple blossoms look mighty fine to me. I'll be happy to see some in July perhaps.

Linda said...

I just love to visit - whatever you write about! i'm so happy to see you back.

Isabelle said...

I like when you write slightly random posts. Happy Spring!