Monday, September 15, 2014

Much hammering.....

Today is the day. The new carpets are begin fitted as I speak. Well, the nail stuff is being done. But we are nearly there! And it is so exciting, I can't begin to tell you.


And it is raining. For the first time in weeks, it decides to rain today. Just when I have two sofas' worth of covers to wash and dry and new carpets which may just GET WET. AND I have to switch on the heating so that the carpets can be soft or whatever that means. So I upped the numbers on the thermostat with great authority. Anyone would think I knew what I was doing. Hah. Well, the radiators are warming up. I may be cooking soon, so I must have done something right.

The new radiator was replaced last Thursday. And this morning, I realised that I hadn't painted the skirting board in the window area. Groan, so I gave that one coat of very quick drying paint.


Diana has been in London for a few days and she got back yesterday, so she and David did most of the moving of stuff. Did I mention that the piano had to be dismantled? That happened yesterday too. I did most of the unscrewing of it - it was like a jigsaw puzzle. The hardest part was undoing the first screw. I really struggled to do that, because that piano is full of memories.


  My great-grandparents gave it to my grandparents nearly 100 years ago as a wedding gift. My mother played on it all her growing up years. I played on it. Diana and David played on it. And Ann has been the only one playing it in recent years, even though it has been out of tune. She still made it sound beautiful, because she is a really accomplished pianist. My neighbours used to ask me to make sure all doors and windows were open when she played so that they could sit back and enjoy the music too.


A rosewood piano. But I can't justify the expense of keeping it, because it needed repairs and we need the space. I tried to give it away. And no-one wanted it. It is not easy to dispose of either. That would be because of the iron body. It weighs a ton, even stripped of anything that can be removed. Once I had unscrewed the first screw, the rest was not a problem. And I have a few videos and photos too.


Anyway, it is now sitting outside behind the bins, waiting for either the rag and bone man or the skip I may have to hire. Soon. 

I am being distracted by the transformation of my house. 
This carpet laying is a very interesting procedure. 

I didn't know there were rules about stapling down underlay to stairs and Health and Safety Rules for laying carpets. Fascinating. It is very different to the way the last ones were laid. And the best bit is that the colour is just PERFECT. Just as well. 

Diana has just made bacon rolls for us all. I need to go and look at my new carpet. There will be photos later. And please remind me that I want to chat about blessing, forgiveness, autumn, gratitude, freezers, Ikea and politics. 

Among other things, of course.



Debbie said...

It's so nice to see the progress that has been made on your house. I know you'll be ecstatic when it's all finished!!

Your piano looks so much like mine! I don't know what kind of wood mine is made of, but it has a beautiful woodgrain pattern with each side mirroring the pattern on the other. My husband and I restored the original finish on it about 35 years ago, removing layers and layers of built up grime, varnish, etc., and we had a professional restore the keys and inner workings. The front support legs on it are identical to those on your piano. Where yours is curved in front, mine is squared off. My piano is shoulder height to me, 56.25 inches or almost 1.5 meters. I rarely play any more. Never have been a very accomplished player but I enjoyed it when I did. And it does weigh a ton...or two. At least!! :-)

Vee said...

Such a lot of good things going on! I am such a keeper that the piano would be very difficult for me to let go, too. I think I'd have to retrieve something architectural about it and hang it on a wall. Are the keys ivory? Surely, that is worth something even with the new laws about such things. You are so going to love having everything back to rights. What a process!

Needled Mom said...

It is going to be so nice when everyone is gone and you can just sit and enjoy the beauty of it all.

Lu said...

Your house is going to look great.
All the work your having done gives me a strong sense of de ja vu. My only problem mine is beginning to look as if it now needs repeating.
Houses like gardens need constant work

Anonymous said...

WOW ...that piano is beautiful (taken apart, that is). Would make a lovely coffee table if you could remove the legs, pedals. The inside workings are beautiful. Really loving your renovations and you have a lovely home.

Mary, A Reader/Friend in Georgia USA

Stripeyspots said...

Hello there...