Thursday, February 12, 2015

A little hectic around here......

Thursday - somehow, today has turned out to be over-packed with things to do, so I have called a halt to those things and am taking a break. 

Diana is still in the Alps, having a wonderful time in stunning weather - you know the kind - white snow on mountains, blue skies and plenty of sun. Yes. That. It is lovely that the weather is behaving. And also lovely that she can have time with her aunt and uncle. 

For those of you who don't know, Diana has been appointed to a national post in the Anglican Church in New Zealand. Her responsibility is for families and children, and her role will be to guide, teach, encourage, and resource them up and down the country. A big job. Lots of travel. Lots of challenges. And I am so proud of her. So, around here, the packing has been in progress, because she starts work at the beginning of March. On the other side of the globe. 

While she has been away, I have been finishing off the bits of sewing she asked me to do, pacing, and generally trying to anticipate any flaw in any plan. 

Completely useless, of course, but exactly what mothers tend to do. 

The brain doesn't rest, even when the body goes on strike. 

Anyway. Today started with ferrying my son to the bus for work at an early hour, followed by laundry, collection of medical note, collection of Glynis and Jean, and an aquazumba class. 

Then came all the rest of the stuff, which included collecting Mum and heading off to do the grocery shopping. My favourite. (I am kidding. I loathe it.) And I am supposed to be at the first new house group meeting this afternoon, and I admit that I just gave up and apologised for my absence. Can't move any more. 

Missy is 6 next week. My older son starts a new job next week. Diana is home next week. She goes to London next week. 

So yesterday, I went and had a Linds Special at the beauty salon. That is the hand in wax thing. I dip my hands in wax 3 times, they are encased in mittens, and I get to lie in a darkened room for half an hour, listening to mood music by candlelight. The absolute best. I HAVE to relax. Nothing else is possible. This is one of the therapies we had when I was an inpatient at the CRPS unit in Bath, and bless their cotton socks, Gem and the girls at our local Pink Rose, decided they could do it for me too. Now and then. Yesterday. It was exactly what I needed. 


And, on a lighter note, I have acquired one of those noodle makers, which you use to turn courgettes and carrots into noodly thingys. Courgettes (zucchini) have never tasted so good. I may graduate to a larger more complicated thingy one of these days, but this little one was a revelation. Such fun! 

I am off to make a chicken pie, I think. Then I can sink into a stupor in the chair......


Needled Mom said...

Here I was admiring how anyone loved grocery shopping! I loathe it too.

Your scheduled days sound so hectic, but the waxing does sound heavenly.

I suppose you could do potatoes in that little thingy too. No? Sounds like fun.

Happy birthday to Missy.

Chris said...

Oh, the hands in the wax thing sounds like pure heaven!

Due mostly to the weather, the pain levels are up at La Casa de Chris here lately. I wish I could just take a full body dip in the wax...or dip in the pool of it seven times and be healed, a la biblical times. :)

So hard to believe Missy is SIX! That means we've been friends for how many years now?

Vee said...

As is always the case, much is going on here! Well now, it is going to be a challenge to have Diana be way over there in New Zealand again. Thankfully, the world is smaller. Perhaps you will make the journey to visit her, too. A very happy birthday to her...what fun that she can spend time in both hemispheres and enjoy the days in varied ways. I'm thinking that I would enjoy spendiing my birthday in a tropical paradise and I think spending her birthday in Switzerland must be great fun for her.

Debbie said...

Hand waxing at the beauty salon sounds marvelous! I would probably be asleep pretty quickly.

How fast the little ones grow. It's hard to believe Missy is 6 already!

Josie said...

My hands are dreadful, I'll have to look into that treatment x