Wednesday, July 29, 2015

And then I took a flight....

To the Alps. 

I didn't actually tell anyone there that I was arriving, so I had a "quiet", "relaxed" trip across Europe , which included flight delays, via car, train, bus, wheelchair, plane, wheelchair, train, train and then arrived, rang the doorbell and listened to the surprised laughter, before I reminded my sister that actually entering the house would be good. 

Surprises are fun. 


Marge's garden was just bursting into life and the lupins were stunning. So many! And so many shades. I need to diversify. Or move to Switzerland and sit in my sister's garden instead. 
That might work. 


The first few days were damp. Actually, they were sodden. However, my sticks, camera and I took off to "play" along old familiar and very dear paths, and the wildflowers were everywhere. I am intrepid and water will not stop me....!

The Swiss know how to manage paths. They also know how many seats to put everywhere, and now I see that they have made all the paths I walked on wheelchair friendly too. In fact, remind me to tell you how wheelchairs work in the mountains. Just amazing. 


The grey skies can also bring with them wonderful opportunities to capture different kinds of views of the same thing. De Hanen looked great in grey and white. 


The rivers were full, and the sound of rushing water was ever present. And it was all so incredibly green. 


Up in "my" forest, I still moan about my missing bench. I cannot believe they removed it. What were they thinking ??  I am in mourning. I stood on the spot. Actually, I need to have one of those camping chairs on my back. I could go and plant it in the gap and sit there. Hmmm. Good plan. My sister will think I have lost my mind. 

One of those benches on the Klostermatt. I sat on every one, I think. I also carried a freezer blanket waterproof thing with me, so it never mattered if the seat was wet. I was dry. And an umbrella. I am so prepared.....


Sometimes, you just cannot quite record the green as it really is - vibrant and bright. I need to work out how to do that, without having to attempt filters. So peaceful. So quiet. And yet there were people around. 

You know, I just love the fact that I can do all these things alone, without much falling, or being isolated, with places to sit, places to get to without being dependant on others. It is all so freeing, and you don't need cars all the time. Mind you, time is one thing I have there - no crazy timetable to stick to, of course. The free bus through the village is great too. 

And so are local friends. we went to the Wasserfal for tea one afternoon with our friend, Anita - lovely to do something different. And there was plenty of water flowing that day. In fact every day I was there. 


That little tree growing on the rock in front of the water always makes me grin. Surviving in the most unexpected places. 

I was there for 2 weeks, and the sun did shine after the first week - and I also spent time relaxing with my spiraliser  - I introduced my family to courgette (zucchini)  spaghetti and they are all huge fans now - doing 1000 piece puzzles, being out in the garden, being a little creative and even managing to finish off WsIP which have been languishing there for years. More about that later. 

I will show you All. 

You have no idea how many photos there are waiting...............


Needled Mom said...

It looks and sounds like it was incredible. I can see why you would want to move there! The scenery is so pretty.

Vee said...

Good. And I want to see each and every one. You have an open invitation to Switzerland? Pretty cool. If my sister showed up at my door, I'd think that she had run away from home. She has done that at least once. They moved your bench?! How disappointing! No, maddening!

Chris said...

Oh, what I would give to be in front of that waterfall right now!

The humidity here is such that we're swimming through the air each day. We have had more rain that I can ever remember, which means the garden is doing very well. At least what is left of it after the rabbits and squirrels have had their fill!

Pam said...

Clearly your Marge doesn't have my extensive slug and snail problem. I love lupins and so do they. Sob.

I wish I had a sister.

That all looks so lovely!