Friday, August 07, 2015

Snippets, and banishing CoCo.........


The sun is making an as yet feeble attempt to shine today, but I live in hope. Apparently summer is on its way back after going AWOL for a long while, and this weekend could be bright. Warm. 

How lovely that would be. 

This is England, however, and the weather does what it feels like doing, with scant regard for things like SUMMER. 


The beans are so late this year - the courgettes are not. My glut continues, but, at the farm stall this morning, I heard that for many people, this has been a disastrous year for courgettes. (Zucchini). Black fly. Thankfully, I have not had that, and there is a lot of courgette rice already frozen and piles waiting to spiralise too. I absolutely love spiralising vegetables and stir frying them in a little coconut oil! Do any of you spiralise? 


And my garden grows on. 

The days here are slower at the moment, but things always need to be sorted, and we have now ordered Mum new glasses - after 2.5hrs of testing at the opticians. I cannot fault the level of care they displayed. We were, however, expiring by the time we had paid and been given a collection appointment. Coffee was almost needed intravenously. And, while waiting for Mum, I found it necessary to invest in a little new make up too. 

As in, I had run out of blusher, and so help me, I do not do glitter and the lack of creme cheaper blushers was a disaster. Older skin is better with creme blush instead of powder, apparently, and heaven knows we do not need to look any older than we already do. So I ventured into new territory, aka the Clinique department. I have used other brands - especially Lancome, Estee Lauder and Christian Dior for most of my adult life, (Mary Quant was the VERY FIRST make up range I tried. Does anyone remember Mary Quant?) until I got older and then Oil of Olay and its 7 magical effects to delay aging and Max Factor took over. My best. Nothing wrong with them either, but they do powdery glittery blusher, and so help me I will not buy that. Sparkles in one's 60s? Hmmm. 

The crunch came after aqua yesterday. When one is hot and sweaty after exercise and a shower - yes, one is - and one attempts to brush on the cheap powdery blush we resorted to, and then one looks in the car mirror and discovers that one closely resembles CoCo the clown, urgent steps are necessary. 

So, we now have very classy creme blusher. 

And highlighter.

And brow pencil. 

I never was very good at waiting. Patience and I are not close friends. 

The slight hitch with the application of the brow pen revolves around the fact that I need to be wearing my specs to see what I am doing. This rather impedes my progress because my eye brows are behind the glasses. 

Much practice may be necessary. Natalie made it all look so simple in the shop. 


Growing older is not for wimps. 

I do realise that this is not a mentally stimulating post. However, these things are important. One cannot look like CoCo the clown. CoCo Chanel, yes. Clown, no. 

We can think about brain fodder next time. 


Or maybe we can just be outrageous instead. 


Needled Mom said...

Ha....I can so relate to all of this - especially the application of makeup without the glasses in place. I use a 10x magnification vanity mirror. It really helps. The contortions I can get myself into when we travel IF I forget to bring it along are amazing! Vanity!!!! Sigh!

Your flowers are just gorgeous. I love the happy colors in your garden at this time of the year.

Chris said...

I go for the expensive stuff - Cover Girl. :) However, I have dramatically cut down on the amount of makeup I wear nowadays, some days wearing none at all. I know, it's appalling, but there are days when I just don't care. Age does that to me. :)

Kathryn said...

I remember Mary Quant make up :). I usually go for No.7, helped along by Boots money off vouchers!

Debbie said...

I don't wear much makeup these days, but when I do, a magnifying mirror is a must in order to see clearly without my glasses. There's no telling what I'd look like without it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I inspiralize with my veggies!

Stripeyspots said...

Linds, you need to get lasik! No more glasses...