Friday, October 02, 2009

And Friday pops up again.....

The forms are filled in. At last. And they have been posted, so now we sit and wait. What an ordeal. Glynis and I finished them this morning. She has been unbelievably supportive, and her help has been invaluable. Heaven only knows how people less mentally agile manage to fill them in. If 2 very bright and highly trained minds battle to make sense of the forms, I don't know how some manage at all. But enough of that. They are on their way now and I can't do any more.

To celebrate the end of the form saga, I have bought myself 2 new winter woollies. A lovely cafe au lait cardigan and a soft blue sweater thingy. This highly trained mind can't be bothered to think of more accurate descriptions right now. Thingy will do just fine. Is anyone else in the same position I am - everything I own seems to be beige, brown, olive green or black. Nothing to inspire one at all, and nothing pretty and feminine. Sigh. I try and then so help me, I am drawn to the practical.


I want pretty. However, pretty on me has a tendency to look ridiculous. So the blue thingy is more of a jewel colour, but at least it is not neutral. Baby steps. Note to self: You are allowed to have colour in your life. On your body.

I think Melanie should host a Fashion Friday for the Over 50s, personally. We need help. I need help. However, the poor young thing is nowhere near 50, so would not have any idea of the challenges we face. Groan. Gravity. That sinking feeling. The way our bodies develop minds of their own. Tragic. Just tragic. So until she starts her help-line for us, we are on our own. And WHO decided that horizontal stripes were the way to go this winter? They need hanging drawing and quartering, as any of you who have been out to try on the new season's styles would know. If you were of the "rounded" body shape. And those piddly little short jumpers????? They cover NOTHING.

I wish I had recorded my comments as I battled in the miniscule changing room, to try on something different. I swear those mirrors are wonky. The lady in charge was trying not to laugh as my head kept popping out the curtain looking a trifle bedraggled to moan. That could have something to do with the actual body trying on the clothes of course, but we are not going there. I need Gok. Send help asap. (And before you worry about the "naked" bit in his show title "How to look good naked" - I am not talking about that. Just his ability to make any woman with any shape look good. Every woman needs a Gok friend! Especially when she is over 50.)

And now for something completely different. I see Rio has won the 2016 Olympics, and even though Chicago had a strong case, it is about time the only continent never to host an Olympics got in on the act. Not to mention the fact that the cost defies belief. Rio should be fun.

In 2016.
That is a long way away.


The Bookworm said...

I need Gok too. What I have instead is an 11 year old who gives fashion advice decidedly not designed for an almost 50 year old body. I have been brave and bought two red tops this winter, a sweater and a thingy (sometimes that is the only word!), so at least I will look cheery. Round and apple-ish, but cheery. Jewel coloured blue sounds nice.

Needled Mom said...

We can all relate! Sigh! When did this happen?

I'm glad that Rio got the 2016 games. I love Chicago, but am glad they did not get them.

Dawn said...

Oh, Linds, you do make me chuckle so! I absolutely cannot stand to go into dressing rooms - I'd rather take things home and return them! Yikes, nothing looks good these days! I MUST get back to being more sensible with my eating!!

I want to see a picture of your blue thingy!

Dawn said...

Me again - I'm so far behind again. I just read your last post of September - oh, my goodness! What a horrible thing to experience. I can't imagine his family's anguish. I'm glad you had such beauty to savor at the end of the day.

Short new post is up!

Isabelle said...

2016. I shall be 76. Hmm.

Hope you're feeling a lot fitter long before that.

Jess said...

Letting you know im still lurking around. Hope all is well and happy new week

Love, jess

Anonymous said...

Vicky Pruitt says...Okay, Linds, I'm getting worried about you. I know that you were feeling awfully bad when you wrote the last time. I'm so sorry for that. But, to just drop off are you? Are you feeling horribly? Are you getting the accupuncture? You are in my prayers..God bless you. Vicky