Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It has been a great weekend......................

I have been otherwise occupied this past long weekend. 

It was another Bank Holiday weekend, so yesterday was a holiday. This marks the beginning of the half term holiday, so my son and his wife and my granddaughter came to visit. Andrew had to go back to work today so he left yesterday, but Ann and Missy are still here. Actually, I started the photo uploading process as they left with Diana to go and visit some shops, and they have just walked in, so the posting of this - the writing of it, in fact, may have to wait until Missy is asleep. Because they are leaving tomorrow, and I will not be missing another moment. I will be back. 


Hello again. It is now Wednesday and they have gone home, so the house is quiet and tidy and it is not the same at all. And here I am.  Last Thursday evening, I was scrolling through Facebook, and saw a little Silver Cross doll's pram for sale for £10 on our local buy, sell, swap or give away village page, and I hesitated for one millisecond, and then typed "Yes, Please" and so, I beat someone else who was a second after me. And off I went to collect it in the next town. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to buy it. Missy doesn't have a proper pram for her Billy (doll), and I was SO delighted that it came with me to house group so we could all ooh and aahh and pat it. And Mum immediately started on a matching blanket for Billy. It was done in no time. Oh - Missy loved it, and it is now in residence down south. Moregranny did well.


So, during the epic preparations for the family's arrival, we discovered that a black bird is nesting under my potting table. And it is sitting on the eggs. Missy was enthralled on the 2 days it was actually good enough weather to go outside and not get drenched. We all had to be "Very quiet, Moregranny, or we will scare the bird". She was ever so good too. 

On Sunday, the day they arrived, we even had the garden chairs out and the sunshade up too for a while. It was so lovely to be outside, and to have the doors and windows open. Now? It is pouring yet again. 
There in the distance, you can see me under the apple tree, chatting on the phone, and yes, Missy is getting so grown up now..........
They went for a walk in the local country park, and the pram and Billy had to go along as well, of course.
Seats cut out of old tree trunks were great fun too, when you have an aunt to lift you into them!
Diana took this photo - I love it. Maybe a summer header for the blog? We will see. 
My daughter-in-law is not the shy retiring type. And she is a perfect subject for action photos! Leaping off the dam wall.................. Like a bird in flight! I am happy to report that she didn't break any bones.

When they got home, I was banned from the kitchen, because there was some serious cake baking and decorating going on in there. Missy made a poster of me, and dictated the words to her Auntie Diana - Dear Moregranny - you must stay out of the kitchen until the candles are lit. It was stuck on the door. Hmmm. Right. Diana took this photo too. 

So I got on with the watering of the garden. I had a very willing and able helper..............


And so Monday dawned, and with it the celebration began. It involved many balloons, including the one stuck on the ceiling....................


And cake. Diana is proving to be a Master Chef/Baker - just check out the 3 layers and the checker board effect on the cake she baked! It was delicious too............

Missy decorated the beautiful cake she and her Mum baked too. There are 6 candles on it and they mean absolutely nothing. I am not 60. 

I am now, as of Monday, 59. 

I needed help blowing out the candles. And there was a lot of cake eaten on Monday afternoon. Jean arrived with scones and cream and jam as well. The Harpers also joined us, and I opened presents. This was the first time Missy has been here for my birthday, and she was such a delight. and SO excited, because there were decorations, and banners and balloons and cake!!!!!


Ah yes.............. I have been busy here. Having fun. Playing the tortoise game Diana found at that charity shop. Playing dollies. Listening to long involved stories, reading books. I had help in the garden. Help in the bathroom, cleaning. And a little girl shadowing me around. 

A very valid excuse for being away. And a birthday to celebrate. It cannot be possible that I will be 60 in less than a year. Ridiculous. I have NO IDEA how that happened. It would have been perfect if David could have been home too, of course. But he is gearing up for the last part of his Master's course and has too much work  to get through. 

But it was all good. 


Needled Mom said...

It sounds like an absolutely perfect weekend!

The dolly pram is just gorgeous. I say that you really got a steal on that one AND made points with your granddaughter too!!!

If you think about it, have now entered your 60th year. It takes us a whole year to turn 1 so it makes sense that you are in your 60th year of life. Trust me...the 60s aren't so bad!

Lu said...

While l hate wishing time away, l look forward to our little munchkin (8 months) to be old enough to have a conversation. One good thing l'll be much fitter by then due to all the walking l'm having to do with her pram to get her off to sleep

Vee said...

Happy Birthday, Linds! What a wonderful way to celebrate. Missy is adorable I know. I know this because she has adorable French braids and adorable parents and an adorable not-yet-sixty Moregranny.

Same weather story here...eight days of rain, two days of sun, now back to rain, though we're told that the Jet Stream is going to do something weird and that we'll be in heat and humidity for days to come. I'd prefer rain.

Debbie said...

It looks like you had a lovely birthday weekend and celebration. And aren't 4 year old granddaughters delightfully fun!!

Chris said...

I was so hoping you would post the photo from Facebook!! I loved it! It showed you as the Moregranny we all know and love.

I do hope your birthday was grand, my friend. It certainly seems so!

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday, sweet sweet friend!! The celebration looks like it was beyond perfect and tons of fun!

The balloon issue made me laugh. When the kids were young, my parents came to visit and took everyone to Disneyland. That night, one of the balloons was let go by a certain 3 year old boy, and it promptly floated up- to the top of the 2nd story vaulted ceiling. Starting a non-stop avalanche of tears.

So, grandpa and daddy attached a broom to a rake, adding sticky tape all wound around backwards and after alot of effort? Saved a balloon, which stopped the tears that had flowed for the entire rescue operation. I have video of the whole process tucked away.

M is getting so grown up and that pram is beautiful! I should keep an eye out for something like that for K's baby, tuck it away for the next couple of years ☺Thanks for the idea!

So, so glad your birthday was so fun. And anytime you have that kind of company? Feel free to take all the break you need.

With our blessings.

♫♫ Happy birthday to you ♫♫

Becky said...

All God's blessings to you for your new year ahead.

Thanks for sharing your was fun to see!

Becky said...

May God's love, peace, grace, and blessings abound to you in your new year ahead!

Thanks for sharing your was fun!

Isabelle said...

Happy birthday, dear Linds!

Vee said...

Just peeking in...