Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Waendel Walk and Saturday in the village...........

Welcome to a cold and damp but not blustery day here in Middle England. Today, the annual Waendel Walk is taking place and it comes through the village over the weekend. There are different lengths of walks or bike rides during the whole weekend, and people of all ages come from all over the world to take part. I see that there are more than 4000 this year.

One of the older gentlemen who has an allotment near mine, Roger, is always manning the hamburger grill, dressed as a pirate, complete with parrot and cutlass. He was telling me all about his outfit earlier in the week, and I was absolutely determined to walk along the road and take a photo to share with you. He is a real character. He even flies the Jolly Roger flag amidst all the other international ones at the top of Mill Lane here in the village. 

So, after taking Mum to the Fairtrade coffee morning in the church hall earlier this morning, and catching up with friends over the coffee (and cake),  I walked along to see the walkers. And Roger, of course. 


Thousands of walkers out in the fields.
The rape-seed is starting to flower at last. It is late this year.


ROGER!!!Mind you, I think his parrot is looking the wrong way. He is now famous. An international star. He brandished his new cutlass for the photograph, and abandoned the burgers he was cooking to pose. 

Under the trees is a great place to stop and rest weary legs, and to sample one of Roger's bacon rolls, hot dogs or hamburgers. They were doing so in their droves. It is a really festive and fun time, even when the feet hurt! The queue for the portaloos was also impressive, but I felt we could skip that part.

So, when the rain started falling gently - more like a drizzle, I decided it was time to come home. There is a tree which is absolutely bowed down with the weight of the blossom on the main road. I have no idea what kind of tree it is. My knowledge of trees is sadly rather lacking in any depth. I can generally spot an oak tree, an ash and a few more. Willow. Elder. Hmmm. I should do something to increase the knowledge perhaps. (But why do I need to know????)

And I got some strange looks when I bent down to take a photo of the weeds. Daisy weeds. There were so many growing in the grass under the trees and they looked so pretty. They will all be mown away soon, when the council ground=keepers bring their huge mowers around, as they do every now and then to do the grass on public land

I liked them. Maybe not in my garden, but out there is fine.

So, my Saturday is drifting along slowly, and there are vague glimpses of the sun trying to get through the clouds. The water butt was full this morning, so that was decanted into the two which do not have drain pipes attached to them. Yet. 

The FA Cup Final is on later this afternoon. This is arguably the most famous football match, apart from the World Cup , in the world. Football - soccer - the game the world adores. Well, except for me. I am more of a rugby fan, and my team play tomorrow in the semi-finals. I get running commentaries from friends with season tickets. That is hilarious. They send texts. 

Mum doesn't mind big football matches at all. I think it comes from so many years watching with Geoff. Oh, how he loved football. He used to book his leave for when exciting matches were on. In fact, when he went into hospital that last time, he was on leave because it was the World Cup at the time. I made sure he had TV at his bed so he could watch, but I realised just how ill he was when I arrived one day, and England was playing and his TV was off. He was just sitting in the chair with his oxygen mask on and all the tubes in and out and eyes closed, and he wasn't in the slightest bit bothered. 

2 hours later......

I went out into the garden for a little break. 

The rain stopped sporadically, but I had enough time to get into the garden and plant the beans, and for my hair to frizz entirely. I know tomorrow is the 12th and that is when I should plant them, but I had to do something in the garden. I am odd. I know. You do not need to remind me. I also planted some melon seeds to be taken down to the allotment when they are out of the ground. Always supposing it warms up enough for them to grow. There is plenty of space there for them to ramble should they be inclined to do so. So the climbing french beans are in. The dwarf french beans and the yellow beans. I do love grabbing a handful and cooking them when they are out, and they freeze so well. 

Talking of rambling, .... I know. I do go on. But now I am damp and I am retiring to the rocker to work on that ripple blanket. It has to be finished before I start anything new. And while it is cool enough to work on a blanket. I am ever hopeful that summer will be hot. 

Have a great weekend! And, to all international readers (ie not the UK) Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow! 


Susan said...

Thank you for posting the link to the Walk - I had not heard of it before. I love the Pirate Grill-Master! Great photo, even if his Parrot was pointing the wrong way ;-)

That tree is gorgeous - and sorry, I have no idea what it is :-/

Our sun just peeked through the clouds and I think I have to go outside quickly to enjoy it. Have a lovely afternoon.

Sandra said...

Never heard of the walk before, but it looks like something I would have loved watching :)

Love Roger and the pirate gear.

Hope you have a wonderful evening Linds :)

Anonymous said...

That's a Japanese cherry tree, Linds. They have bloomed and already "gone" in Georgia USA.

New reader of your blog and have enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing with us. (Enjoying the recipes, too.)

And, a belated, but Happy Mother's Day back at you!

Mary in Georgia

Isabelle said...

I love your "rambling" posts!

Edith said...

I was going to suggest a cherry or apple tree. So glad Mary was able to identify it.

And I also love your rambling posts.

Happy (late) Mother's Day