Monday, July 01, 2013

Creaking and an Away Day.........................


OK. Let me just begin by saying that the spirit is willing, but the body has different ideas. My hands have started misbehaving in a big way, so hitting the keyboard is not as simple as it was a few weeks ago. Maybe the weather is responsible. All I know is that I wake up with my hands locked. The right hand is clenched, and has to be manually unclenched. The left index finger has decided to stick straight out. Pointing at something only it knows.


I have even managed to confuse my doctor.

And I am now awaiting the blood test results. There must be a clenched fist syndrome. What ever it is, it can depart forthwith. It is not welcome.


So. Last week can be summed up with the words rain, sun, rain, rain, rain, wind, sun. Sun was yesterday. Our church Away Day. Our vicar is in charge of 4 churches in different villages, and he was returning from his 3 month sabbatical, which included time at Bethel Church in California, and everyone combined for our away day near Bedford. We all took the food we were asked to provide, and there was so much it was unbelievable. And Adrian and Louise, our vicar and his wife, arrived for the afternoon session. The applause could be heard a long way off.


It is lovely to have them back, but we have been so well pastored by our retired minister, Gordon, who, with his wife, is now off in France, recuperating! Everyone adores Gordon.

The welcome back cake made by Jo - it was stunning!
Back to the away day.


 It did not start brilliantly for me, because the tea rooms where we were gathering, were in a metal building with a wooden floor. And as the music group started tuning up, I was gone. My road runner impression again. 


 I am happy to report that I found a bench in the woodland, where I could hear, and join in with the singing. There is something wonderful about singing loudly in a woodland, with no-one earthly to hear you. I may even have attempted a dance around my stick. Well, think waving arms. I can still remember arms (port de bras???) from my ballet lessons when I was 5.

I am quite sure there was applause in Heaven.


Between sessions, there was the opportunity to go for walks in the woodland, and we all know how much I love forests. I went on two walks and loved every minute. Thankfully, it was all level too. 


The views over the surrounding Bedfordshire country side were gorgeous too. 


Green, speckled with sunshine.


So it was a lovely day. Sunny and exhausting, but great to be with so many people of every age as well. Having fun together.

Wild flowers at Moggerhanger.
When I got home, there was the watering awaiting me. The wind was hot and dry and everything grew rapidly and then lay down and withered. Much like me. The gardener. So there was much watering to do. Diana took this photo of some visiting pigeons. They drive me crazy. Thank heavens my neighbour stopped feeding them. These two pooped all over my chair under the apple tree. I don't think they like me at all. 


And there was more wildlife about. I had just finished watering the top section when I saw what looked like folded over leaves on a giant lily of the valley leaf. It was not folded over. Every leaf was riddled with  little grey caterpillars and they were on a mission. So every leaf has now vacated the premises and the surrounding plants have been liberally dosed with anti bug stuff. 


I can handle spiders. No problem. 


And sunset, promising a lovely day, with a rose bud reaching for the skies. (The lovely day has yet to appear.) 

I will be back.


Barbara said...

Sorry to read about this latest development with your hands Linds. I do pray it can be sorted or even better healed. Nowhere better to go at the moment for pastors and leaders than Bethel. A number of our younger people have spent a few years there at their school of Supernatural and many have been out for a visit.

Needled Mom said...

I do hope that your hands are feeling better soon. That would bee really frustrating.

I would have been with you in the forest! What a beautiful setting. It sounds like a spectacular event.

The colors in the garden are beautiful now. That final picture of the rose reaching for the sky is lovely.

Chris said...

Oh my. I am concerned about your hands, dear friend. I'm praying about that one.

What a lovely day for walks, or even just sitting, and a lovely place to do both!

The Bookworm said...

Oh no! Th clenched fist syndrome needs to go away fast! Bedfordshire does have some lovely countryside. I'm glad you got the chance to enjoy it.

Debbie said...

I hope your hands are soon healed and as good as new. I'm also quite sure there was applause in heaven at your dancing and praising, but as much as you seem to love music, I really wish it didn't affect you so badly! You're right, the forest is indeed lovely. I would have enjoyed a walk there, too.

Isabelle said...

I too hope that your c f syndrome is just a temporary visitor. Like the caterpillars.

Vee said...

Good heavens! Your poor hands. I hope that you've found out or will soon find out what's going on. Your tenacity makes me will will will do whatever you'd like. Yup, I'm grinning! (Praying, too.)