Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A little chatter...................

Morning, all - I have been meaning to say how lovely it has been to get all your messages and emails - from "old" and dear friends, and also from new-to-me-friends who pop in here at RCR. I will respond to your emails, I promise! But seriously, it has been  a really heart-warming, good feeling, if also a totally guilt inducing and DO SOMETHING, LINDS, kick as well. All good, people. All good.

It worked, anyway. I am here!

Temps are cooler today in Middle England, but are set to soar into the 30s tomorrow. I am plastered with anti bite cream and anti bite spray and have swallowed an antihistamine too, in an effort to turn my flesh into something totally unappetising to all insect life. I am sick to death of huge inflamed bites which itch like crazy. And I just found another ant eruption on the steps in the garden . Followed by the sad demise of the spinach courtesy of the squirrels or birds. Well, most of the seedlings were scattered over the paving slabs.

All does not go swimmingly in the garden at times. Like when I watered the nemesia so much that the roots rotted. Actually, it was the spray from the tap and the hosepipe....forget the explanation. They died.

I planted Virginia stock.

Is anyone else a little taken aback by the fact that we are now about to start August? 2013 has very fast wheels, it seems. Autumn starts in September for me, but it is not far off. You know, I found a large pumpkin on the allotment, and thought, oh, for goodness' sake - you are supposed to be an autumn crop, and then realised that whoops.. Autumn is coming. That would explain the rapid growth of the squash.

I need to stop garden related chatter.

There is indeed more to life.

Like Christmas presents. I need to start the list and the planning, because they will be home-made, as usual. And home-made takes time. So Pinterest may be featuring heavily in my future. Don't you just love all the ideas and the sheer genius? It is a wonderful place to while away a couple of months hours. My sister is superb at making things she finds there. I have made a few things, especially food related things, and crochet items, but Marge is a star. I am a great big sister. I even posted her my flower maker thingy - you remember those metal spoked ones and you used raffia back in the 60s? Yes? Those ones. I found mine and posted it to her. That reminds me - I must see what she has been making. Her garden may also have delayed all things crafty. She loves her beautiful garden, but it is 50 times the size of mine. Or more.

I am going to start assembling some fabric. I will be back.


Needled Mom said...

Oh gosh ... who doesn't love Pinterest??? So many ideas and so little time!

I cannot believe that it is nearly August. I do notice the days are shorter though. I would like to keep summer a bit longer myself - like 6 more months or so!!

Crystal said...

It's great to see you posting, Linds! I loved the pictures of your garden - absolutely gorgeous. I, on the other hand, cannot seem to get a blog post up for the life of me. In between chickens and grandkids and raspberries and meals, I seem to have no time. Someday - - - Meanwhile, I will read yours and smile and wish I could chat about Christmas gifts with you. Have a wonderful day!

Vee said...

Pinterest is nothing more than a massive waste of time UNLESS one actually tries a few things. Since my sis and I just did, I'm feeling very smug indeed.

I always enjoy reading your chatty posts.