Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The post with no name (because I can't think of one).......

Hello there. 

Here we are, half way through another week before I can gather my wits. Mind you, forget the wits, I have been gathering beans from my garden and freezing them. The courgette mountain seems to be slowing a little, but the cucumbers are racing ahead, and I am trying to ignore them. 

Speaking of courgettes, I saw a very interesting (and obviously healthy) lasagne recipe on Pinterest a couple of days ago. No pasta sheets, just strips of courgettes instead. I seriously want to try that. The rest of the lasagne is made as normal. 


The last of the lilies are now all in bloom, and the scent in the garden, especially in the early evening, is heavenly. They have saved the best for last, haven't they? 


Diana has been having a great deal of fun playing with my sewing machine and other sewing room bits and pieces. Her creations are fabulous. Teaching one's children to use things like sewing machines is essential. And a very good idea indeed. Boys and girls. The only things she needed to go in search of (out of the sewing room, that is) were some extra large wiggly eyes. 

So we made a quick trip to Hobbycraft to hunt them down. 

Of course I went too.

I should never ever go to Hobbycraft. 

Never ever. 


Nicky and I went to aquazumba yesterday. However, our usual teacher was ill, so we had a cover person. Hmmm. Different. But we did what we could to exercise. There is a slight problem with some teachers, you see. They move on land at the speed of light, and seem to forget that in the water, we are moving at quarter the pace. So we end up inventing new steps, like hippos doing ballet, and that is just FINE. 


She came back here for a bite to eat and we managed to sit out in the garden and catch up with all the family news. We have adventurous daughters, you see. 
The weather has cooled down a bit - there has been a little rain now and then, but nothing spectacular. So the watering has had to continue. It was actually interesting to see my garden through someone else's eyes. Right now, I think it is way past its best, but Nicky thought it was full of colour and prettiness. 

Sometimes, we need to step back a little, and try to look at things with fresh eyes. It is all about perspective, isn't it. 


So I won't look at those bugs on the lilies today. 


Vee said...

The lilies are truly glorious! Your dedication to Aquazumba despite the frequent changes in teachers amazes me, too. Is Diana sharing her creation?

Stripeyspots said...

Love the courgette idea! Or eggplant, like moussaka.

Chris said...

Seriously, there has to be a lesson in that.

Not seeing the magnificent forest for all the cussed trees in the way? :)

We're getting plenty of rain here. If I'm ever to eat more than a cup of green beans this year, we need it!

Needled Mom said...

Your flowers are so pretty, Linds. In your last post, are the pink flowers in the hanging basket Godetia? They are so lovely.

Aw, yes, beans and courgettes! They multiply overnight. You will enjoy the beans all winter and be thankful they were so prolific.

Yeah to Diana for the sewing! She will love it and comes from some very creative genes.

Linda said...

The lilies are just gorgeous Linds. I think you and Diana must be making very special memories. Love to you dear friend.

Barbara said...

Now that sounds an interesting Lasagne. Have you tried courgettes split down the middle and spread with Pesto sauce and grilled. Delicious.

Isabelle said...

I love lilies too - mine aren't quite out yet though.