Saturday, August 03, 2013

A little relief from the heat and something to make you grin.......


A little respite from the heat today, and so a little less of the water obsession. That means time to say hello!


To start off the weekend, here are the lovely words which Mary DeMuth posted yesterday:

Here's my hope for you this weekend: simple, sweet rest. May you have an amazing conversation, an afternoon nap, a fresh tomato (or two), and an opportunity to tangibly bless one person's socks off. Now, go forth and enjoy your weekend!

Lovely, isn't it? 

And back here in the middle of England, life is moving slowly. The allotment needs a visit, but later. I will go later. 


I picked more beans and froze them yesterday. Buckets of them. And if I never see another courgette, it will be too soon. One can have a surfeit of all the green goodness.


So, remind me next year, that I am not planting nearly as much as I have done this year. 


The lilies will come up in their own time, as will the lupins, the lavender, the roses and dahlias. 


The gem squash are ready to start picking. They grow in stages. So I started picking.  And we ate one. Delicious. Now we need to start the "save the seeds" effort to have some next year too. 


Ah, the lilies are so gorgeous. 

Diana and I went on a little adventure to a nearby town to visit Ikea for a few essentials yesterday. Like tea towels. And handles. And candles. And freezer bags. And on the way, we popped in to the South African shop to buy some Spur dressing and other small treats. Only, after 23 years, there is very little we want. It is funny, you know - you think you want something and then realise that time - and you - have moved on!

Anyway, it was lovely to see all the old familiar packaging, and names. 

We popped in to a new to us series of shops close to Ikea, and there was an M&S there, which delighted us no end. And the first thing we saw as we walked in the door was this. 


A cow neck top. 

A singular trouser. 

The top was very pretty, but there was no cow in sight, unfortunately. And the mannequin clearly had 2 legs. Inserted into the trouser. 

I am going to start entering shops with a red (or green) pen in the bag, to correct all strange writing. The worrying part is that a) not many people seemed to have noticed this, and b) it looks as if it is a notice distributed to all shops for display purposes. 

It  did make us laugh. 

Cow neck. Good grief. 

Have a happy weekend!


Vee said...

That is funny! Did you mention it to the clerk? It's probably a case of the mind working overtime to make a connection. looks like a cow's neck hahahahahaha...
The flowers are looking so beautiful and happy. By the way, there is no way that I'll be the one to suggest that you are overdoing it next will do what you do...plant a lot!

Susan said...

Perhaps they should try marketing the Cow neck top here in Switzerland?

your flowers are GORGEOUS.

Cait O'Connor said...

I won't forget the cow neck :-)
Loved Mary's wish for a weekend - the rest/ nap part is just what I am off to enjoy now......

Crystal said...

That is funny! Your garden looks just lovely with everything blooming in wonderful colours. We don't have Gem squash here - what's it like inside? How do you cook it? Off to pick more raspberries - happy weekending to you!

P.S. The last time we saw temperatures of +30 was the first week of May! We can't make it above 25 these days. But that's great for slow maturing of crops and berries!

The Bookworm said...

The new-to-you series of shops is where senior daughter is working. Love the cow neck top - not sure I could have resisted the temptation to write "moo" under it.

Sandra said...

Oh I am loving your garden, I want so badly to have a beautiful array of flowers in mine too. Maybe next year :)