Friday, February 07, 2014

Saving the memories and needing to see things clearly............

There was a moment of total panic around here this morning when I thought Ye Olde Computer had quietly breathed its last. However, it has limped into life, and I have spent the rest of the morning saving everything onto the overflowing external hard drive. I need a new one. This one is full. 

Or rather, I need to spend endless hours going through and deleting all The Stuff I have saved 55 times. Just in case. Please tell me I am not alone. 

What am I keeping all The Stuff for? Well, apart from the photos, of course, and even then, I am beginning to think that I should go through them all and delete what I don't want. How many photos of a rose can one really need, I ask you. 

Or rather, how many would anyone want to look at in the next 25 lifetimes? 

Enough of wonky computers and hard drives stuffed full of things. Let's just call them memories. Sounds better. 

So, I was thinking, as I sat in the chair with no bottom (another story) this morning (there is now a toy box under it)(just in case you had weird visions in your minds). I was thinking, as I said, that I have become a lazy blogger. I can pinpoint the exact moment that happened without resorting to my past posts to check the date. My entire family clubbed together last year and bought me an iPad mini. I love my iPad mini. I love it very much. However, I cannot write blog posts on it. I can do emails, now that I have discovered the joys of a stylus - who knew they could make such a difference. Actually, my friend in NZ sent me one. Very possibly, she was tired of trying to decipher my emails. So I am a convert to the stylus, people. I can send emails.

It is also very simple to do everything else on a tablet. Surf around, pop in to dreamy yarn and craft shops, read articles, papers, blogs, do your food shopping, make appointments and find recipes. Music, games, sudoku, books, Twitter, Facebook, Skype. All there. 

But I cannot write on it. 

Even with a keyboard, I think I would still find reason not to write on it. 

So, because I can sit in the chair-with-no-bottom and check emails, watch TV, crochet a square and generally survive, I don't get up and walk to the study, settle into the chair-that-sinks-as-I-type, and hammer away on the keys. 

Hello, my name is Linds. I am lazy. 

I can't be the only one, can I? Tablets. Facebook. The explosion of the Internet. It keeps changing our lives. Not always for the better, as in the laziness. See above. I need to make another plan. Maybe I should have invested more time making resolutions this year. Or rather, setting goals. 

Goals are good. 

Yesterday, I made another appointment to have my new glasses checked. I got new ones last December, but they had to be changed because, hello, I couldn't see out of them. So, we discovered that the varifocal strip was in the wrong place, so I was squinting to see anything. Not a good look. So they changed the prescription and the positioning of the varifocal whatsit. I went in, all excited, to get the new version, took one look at the computer screen in the shop and announced that I could not see the screen at all. 

They suggested I try them for a while and see if they sort of worked, and I became a little annoyed, but off I went, muttering. Then came the op and the immobility, and many moans which drove my kids crazy, and the final straw was when I picked up a Topblerone Chocolate in a shop and wondered aloud to Jean, why is was bent. It wasn't. And my mind is not decaying. The world is round people. All the time. We see life with a sort of rainbow arch which is not pretty colours, so VERY CLEARLY there is something wrong with the glasses. Come Monday, and we will be off to find out exactly what that may be. Hopefully. Finally. At last. 

Anyway, the rain has stopped here for now, the sun is out and I need to rotate the washing. 

Happy Friday to you all!


Beth said...

My external hard drive is overloaded with repeat stuff too. If I knew how to fix it I would.

It is miserable when our glasses don't work like they should. I hope you are able to get that taken care of on Monday.

Debbie said...

I hope you're able to get the glasses issue straightened out without any more delays. Very frustrating when you can't see correctly!

Vee said...

Yes, the iPads change things. I sit companionably with John or the cat in the living room in an easy chair rather than in the chair before the PC that gives me a bout of sciatica just to look at it, but I can't write on the iPad either. Well I did last Sunday, but it's not perfect.

As for the glasses...the nerve of those people. What is their problem? Incompetence drives me bonkers. You will have to be sweet and squeaky at the same time. All the best.

Barbara said...

You did me a favour Lindsay. I backed up onto external drive today. Not done it for nearly 6months. Deleted lots of photos too. Ned to also put lots onto discs.
I have not posted nearly as much as I used too since Fb and owning an I-pad. Must be the same for all of us!

Stripeyspots said...

My lack of blogging is part work, part lazy. For instance today is my day off and my plans mostly involve squatting on the sofa, watching the Olympics and catching up on other people's blogs.

Vee said...

Oh-oh...did that computer bite the dust after all?