Monday, February 24, 2014

Third time lucky..........

I was scrolling through my drafts and found a post which I never published in December, and while most of it was time-appropriate, some wasn't, but the photos were good, so here we go then........

Back in December, as I was writing about the death of Madiba, I glanced at the pot of rulers here on my desk. And  there, amongst the old ancient ones and the new pristine ones, I saw this one. 


I love it. LOVE it. It was given to the children at school when the new President Mandela was inaugurated. Only, I think, in South Africa, would this be celebrated for what it is. Pure genius. There was a new anthem to learn, and, get this, what you see here is only HALF of it. The rest continues on the back of the ruler. "Our new ruler." Pure genius, as I said a moment ago. 

I have taken to repetition. It must be age related. 


On one fine Sunday afternoon, back in early winter, my two resident offspring and I ventured out on an adventure to the treetop walk in a forest nearby.


 Thankfully, it was all ramped, and no stairs were involved, but we took as many rests as I required. It was on The List, you see, and the end of the year was approaching, and I needed to have some things crossed off that List. Maybe going on a Sunday afternoon was unwise. A quiet weekday, perhaps. But the list now has a couple more ticks against it. Being determined pays off in those little ticks.


Isn't this a beautiful photo? David striding on ahead of us. 

During my long silence - and I wish I had a mysterious excuse, full of exciting details, but I don't - I did make a little blanket. It is very sweet and destined for a little girl, but for heaven's sake remind me that I hate joining squares with the ridge. Never again. It is a one sided blanket, because any poor child lying on top of it will end up with squares on its back, and will wail, because it will be uncomfortable. This is for covering the child. 


I also made an infinity scarf for myself, out of very thin grey merino yarn, which was a triumph for all of a day until I realised that I had made a catastrophic mistake at least 36 rows back. That was when I discovered that very fine merino, which is like thread, does not unravel. Even with uncharacteristic patience. So in the end, I used the scissors and hacked about 30 rows of it out. It was a disaster. However, the one ball I was committed to using because I was a) not going back to the town half an hour away for a ball of wool, and b) the wool was not cheap - had to do. It worked brilliantly and it is so very warm.

The picture is terrible, but to get it here it has been sent from the phone to Facebook, to Flickr to here and it was not a happy transfer.


24 February 2014

Hello again. This post is doomed never to see the light of day. Unless I publish it right this very minute. I wrote the updated version on the 8th Feb. And here we are weeks later. 



Needled Mom said...

That ruler is a brilliant idea!!! How fun it is that you still have it.

I love both the beautiful scarf and that sweet blanket. I feel the same way about joining the squares.

Keep on ticking off that list. It looked like a beautiful walk.

Beth said...

The scarf is beautiful as is the blanket.

Isabelle said...

Well, that all looks lovely!

Olson Family said...

Your scarf story reminds me of when I used to sew many of my own clothes (hi school & college) and I'd get ready to attach the legs of Pants/Trousers together and realize I had them backwards or inside out and it just never looked the same after one picked all the stitches out....
The scarf looks lovely!