Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A not so clever move.......


So the mess continues. There are men in the cupboard under my stairs as I speak. 


They are fixing the stair case, which creaks. The stairs have no carpet. That is piled up in the lounge too. 
And therein lies the tale of the past few days. 

Last Thursday, the plumber returned with the last two giant radiators. One was not quite what I thought it would be, but I have become attached to it, and it is now fine. It was just a bit of a surprise at the time. I was calm, people. Be impressed. Anyway, I decided to leave and go back to my friends' home, where I was keeping their dog company, to escape the drilling and vibration. There were people boxing in pipes, lying on the floor attaching radiator pipes and all the rest. So I walked across the lounge....

tripped over that cardboard...


and executed a move worthy of Olympic Gold. I crashed onto the floor, hitting the coffee table and tool boxes on the way down with the bad leg. The very bad leg. Oy. Breathing became optional. The workmen were lovely, and Diana was a real star  - she came running, and managed to stop them from touching me or my leg and, thinking fast, gathered up the patches which anaesthetise. And that was when I realised that weight bearing was not an option, so we managed to get me into the car and off to hospital, where they showed little to zero knowledge of CRPS, and only x-rayed on the demand of both my present children. David joined us there. Me? I sat in the wheelchair and sobbed. The pain was off the charts.


Both feet were swollen, and so was my knee, but nothing was broken. Or, as the unhelpful Dr K said, the knee is fine. The foot is fine. Hmmm. Fine? If you mean not broken, I get that. But fine? So, with a little urging, he supplied crutches, but told me to go to my GP and ask to be referred to the pain clinic. Not good, given the nature of CRPS,with the need for immediate pain relief, but hey, we are alive and fine. Ish. He did say to go to bed for 5 days. 

So that was clever of me, wasn't it? 

And crutches? They are medieval instruments of torture. 


Needled Mom said...

Oh Linds, that is terrible. I am so glad nothing was broken, but I know what a long road it is for a recovery for you. Take care and let everyone carry your cup of tea with you on those crutches.

Vee said...

Oh Linds! I am so sorry that this has happened. Hope that you have been to your own doctor who knows about CRPS and you. Brilliant Diana who may have saved you even more excruciating pain. Hope that a lot of progress has been made at home in the ensuing days so that you can walk through safely. Keeping you in my prayers.