Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fun times with friends......


The workmen are back again. I do believe that there is enough stuff needing fixing around here to keep them busy for another 6 months, but the main things are nearly done. They are finishing up work on the stairs today. They no longer creak and groan quite as much, and the railing has been brought into the 21st Century, thanks to a genius idea by moi and genius workmanship by them. And much measuring, re-measuring and did I mention re-re-measuring? It paid off. My stair rail now looks stunning and the newel post no longer leans.

The house is still upside down, and still needs painting and still needs sorting, but baby steps are good.


As I mentioned, life is chaotic. Finding place to sit and rest ice and elevate has been a challenge, but as soon as one sits, one has an immediate nap. At times that nap lasts for hours. HOURS, I tell you. 

Our American visitors are back in Philadelphia, and a good time was had by all while they were here.  Last Thursday was my UN day. Diana had a friend from New Zealand visiting for a few days, and I had a friend visit from South Africa for the afternoon - she and I last saw each other 45 years ago in school. We both remembered so clearly that I sat in front of her in class, and we had so much to talk about. Like the 45 years, a husband each, 6 children between us, and siblings, travels, homes.......

It was a delight.

And, true to form, it felt as if we had been chatting just the other day. I absolutely loved seeing Gwyneth - and I look forward to many more meetings. Getting to know her lovely husband was also great.


And into the midst of this, my American visitors arrived. Sandy and I grew up a road apart in Cape Town, but only really became friends at UCT, when we were both on the Rag Committee for years. I had never met his lovely wife, Joy, so that was very exciting. They were here for a few days, and we managed to show them our little corner of England, and there was much eating involved.


 Eating I did not have to cook, thankfully. The weather even behaved and they had some incredibly hot sunny days to enjoy the gardens of Castle Ashby and other vital essentials like Waitrose.


And then workmen returned. They were banished last Tuesday because the house had to return to something resembling a home while guests were in and out. And hopefully there is light at the end of the tunnel. I swear if the stairs looked more presentable, I would just paint them and let them be. They, like the rest of this house, seem to have been built without due care and attention, sadly. And once you put one thing right, the rest looks worse than ever.


White paint will make it all work. I like white paint. The decorator I called is booked till next year, so that was a non-starter. 

We will make a plan.


Vee said...

Your hospitality is greatly to be admired. I who can not seem to return a call to a dear friend of my mother's and all the other things that I can't seem to do. Good for you. That's the best thing...human connection. And the house? Well, it will pull around in good time. You have until Christmas, right? =D

Needled Mom said...

You have so much going on there. It is always dreadful to live through the construction, but to have guests too??? I know you must have enjoyed their visit and now it is back to the chaos!

Sandra said...

I've missed you Linds, I haven't talked to you much when I was on Facebook and now that I've disabled it I really feel like I haven't seen you at all :)

Glad to be visiting here on your blog and seeing that you are doing well. I love how you are so sweet with all your visiting friends, makes me want to come visit you too :)

Castle Ashby is gorgeous, so wish I could see it in person.

Hope you're having a good week.

Isabelle said...

So sorry to hear about your fall. I do hope that you're beginning to feel better. x

Mamaswan said...

So much to enjoy in reading this post. I'm also waiting to see photos of the finished home projects.