Saturday, August 30, 2014

Suits and shoes and Saturday chatter.............

When you get carried away painting doors with oil based paint, it is always wise to check that there is nothing BEHIND those doors, hanging neatly out of the way. Things like your son's navy pin striped suit jacket, for example. 

It can prove very costly if you don't. 

I, of course, have no little experience of this. 


The thing is, you see, David's friends are getting married. Well, he is 25, so this is to be expected, and I am quite sure the trickle of invitations may well turn into a flood, and he needs the suit for weddings. In fact, he could do with a couple. Thank heavens he doesn't wear a suit every day. Smart clothes do just fine under lab coats. 

I remember my Dad and his suits. He always ordered two pairs of trousers to every jacket, because he never wore the jacket, unless he had to go out to a meeting, and then it came off once in any office. He did of course, also need it for high days and holidays. 

Like weddings. 

So, after collecting an additional box of floor tiles, because genius plumber man is here as I speak, working on a SATURDAY, David and I ventured forth to find a suit. I am the grovelling mother here. I did try to fix the other one, but, as he told the extremely helpful man in the wonderful Big Man Shop, it looks as if a bird pooped on his shoulder. 

Yes. Well. 

This shop specialises in clothing for men who are rugby player size. You need to be tall to enter. David is 6ft 4" and so it was like Christmas. Everything was wonderful. Instead of hunting for the larger sizes and longer lengths, the manager, sized him on the spot and then produced the suits to choose from. And so he has a new one, which fits beautifully. Tailored suits, well fitted to the individual, make SUCH a difference. 

He looks great. 

Geoff wore uniform all his working life. Well, his life at sea. And when I met him, he was in the RFA, (Royal Fleet Auxiliary) and he was wearing evening dress - you know the one - white monkey jacket, pleated shirt, cummerbund, bow tie etc. He looked fantastic. No wonder I was immediately smitten. 

There is something about evening dress on a man. I do not know of any man who does not look fabulous in evening gear. Black tie. Dress suits. Men seem to walk taller, gain confidence, even a look of authority, and women just love it. Mind you, put a woman in evening gear, and the men also step up a notch, because evening dress is special. Glam is good on occasion. 

And then it is back to the paint and the tiles and the dusty lounge and ordinary life. 

It is grey right now and not tropical. I have my coffee and an Ouma's rusk. (I popped in to the South African Shop on the way to Ikea on Thursday.) Time to go and do a few rows on the blanket.

But before then, take a look at my bargain wellys. Not boots, but shoes. I will have something waterproof to wear when winter comes. Down on the allotment, at least!


Flowers are always good. 


Vee said...

Cute shoes! Oh I hope that the paint-kissed suit can be rescued somehow. Perhaps an epaulet/epaulette? = )

Edith said...

Very cute wellies. And so thankful you found a new suit...and had a helpful salesman.

Chris said...

I am all for sewing a stuffed parrot on the shoulder of David's old suit jacket. Hides the stain, and gives one a conversation piece for those awkward moments.