Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer will soon be over......

Good morning, people.

Can you believe that summer will soon be over? My tomatoes are just starting to ripen. They are very late this year. 

 I have no idea where this week has gone - all I do know is that there was a great deal of painting and deadlines and more painting. But the bathroom is getting there. Yesterday, the basin unit arrived. And I think it will all look lovely when it is done. One day. 


Jean and I went to aquazumba at dawn and then to Ikea in search of a bathroom mirror. I ended up with a flat wall one, because, really, that is all we need. It will look great. 

And then Costco. And then I needed a darkened room and a long nap. 

As far as the rest of the house goes, I have yet to hear when the replacement radiator will be here. So I can't schedule the carpets. I do not know where I am putting the furniture. I do not know what I am doing with all the other STUFF. And I want to organise the insulation for the loft. 

So, instead I hauled out my V blanket and did a few more rows. It is such an easy and soothing pattern to do - it works up very fast. 


I am loving the simplicity of it all. I can just manage simple right now. Complicated can wait. The colours? They happened to be within reach at the time. I have no idea where it will go or to whom I may give it. And that photo is sideways, by the way. I forgot to change it. 

So. What else can I tell you......

My head is stuffed with the boring bits like insulation and where and how and what to do with things and light fittings and warm rooms, vacuum cleaners - there is an EU directive coming into force next week - no vacuum cleaners over 1600 watts. We are all about eco awareness here in Europe. Where was I - the head. Yes. And toilet roll holders and storage options and can you believe, I had to go out and buy some needles to fix David's blanket Granny made him. It is so well used it was coming apart. And my mountain of needles is safely tucked in my sewing room, behind the entire contents of the lounge. Awaiting carpets. After the painting. 

It has been a while since I had ventured to the nearby town and it was strange - I popped into one shop, and then remembered the school holidays still on and nearly lost the will to live and so I came home. But I was clutching the needles, so all was not lost. 

Last weekend was a Bank Holiday weekend, so Monday was a public holiday. I spent The Saturday and Sunday doing 4 coats of paint in the bathroom, and picking apples with Jean after church, and by Sunday afternoon, I had stopped moving. I popped up to my friends for tea and a bath, and the stairs proved to be a mega challenge. Actually movement was a mega challenge. Any movement. I cannot tell you how blissful it was to roll into that bath like a beached whale and soak. Magic. 

On the Monday, reinforcements arrived. Derek and David cut the old carpet into metre wide strips. Jean rolled the strips into bales and David popped them in her car. Peter arrived to do the final bathroom coat of paint. Jean took the carpet to the allotment and then the underlay to the tip. And I baked an apple cake. 

That did not require any movement. And then, I sat on the floor and painted the skirting boards. So the painting is almost done. And another friend arrived to fix the lights and suss out what else needed doing. He had intended doing the rail in the garden as well, but that one is done. So, I am really fortunate to have great friends around me. 

Drilling has started above my head, so I may pop out to get away from it all. Farm stall. Vegetables. Yes.......


Debbie said...

I've never lived through house renovations, but from all I hear, it seems they can drive you over the edge. I know you'll be glad when they're finished and your house is back in order.

The colors of your blanket are lovely! It really doesn't look like you just picked up whatever was handy.

Our tomatoes are just now beginning to ripen as well. We've gotten very few off 6 plants so far this summer, but we have nearly 60 in various stages of development at this point. I hope they'll continue to produce until the first frost, which shouldn't be any time soon.

Linds said...

The sun has vanished here, but I believe it will be back next week. Hopefully, to ripen stuff!

Vee said...

I harvested eight, just 8, tomatoes. Never were tomatoes so enjoyed. I must go to the Farmer's Market and get more.

The house renovations sound like most house renovations...they never, ever, go as planned. One day there'll be a big reveal and I shall oohh and ahhh over the successes.

Friends? They do make the world go 'round!

Take care of yourself, you demented flea, you!
(Someone is surely going to think that I am calling you names... ; )

Sandra said...

I think your bathroom is going to look beautiful.

I love your v blanket, especially the colors, you know me, those are pretty much the colors I tend to gravitate towards lol

I don't get the big drama with GBBO, I think Ian reacted badly and I honestly don't think Nancy left his ice cream out that long. It's jut all ratings and such hahahah