Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sheds and such like.......

Good morning, all you lovely people......

So I have been spending most of my time here at home. Friends have popped in regularly, and it has been great to catch up individually, and also just enjoy the company. I thought I would do more crocheting, but that has slowed a bit, although the wool supply has been replenished. Not that there was any dire lack of it, you understand. That was the downside of relatively forced inactivity. The ease of online shopping. Such a blessing in so many respects. And a curse in others.

Getting the house prepared for crutches and a knee scooter has occupied more time. That brings mrs to today's adventure.

I am off to order or buy, if it fits in the car, a shed.

A plastic one. I have read through gazillions of reviews of tiny sheds, and, given that I cannot expand this house any more, or find more accessible storage space, or magically acquire a garage, I am buying a shed. A plastic one, as I said. Re-inforced with steel, I hasten to add.

The reviews are good, and everyone has managed to self construct without disaster. I saw one already built at a local store, and the manager of the department offered it to me as it was, for a great price. However, the crane I would require to lift it over the entire house, would cost more that 50 sheds, so I had to very reluctantly decline.

No. We will put it together. Well, let's be real here - David and Diana will construct it. David is the brawn and Diana the construction whizz. She has put so many Ikea pieces together, nothing phases her any more. I am quite sure David is just as able, but in this case, holding it together while she fixes screws is more important.

Where it will go is up for discussion at the moment. Right now, it could go anywhere, and then we could move it in the summer next year, to a permanent home. However, I suspect I may have the wrong idea re the word "plastic". It is not going to be that easy to lift and reposition. So I may need to think about that.

We will make a plan.

The story of my life.

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Isabelle said...

Well, it's a jolly interesting life. But I hope all the medical stuff improves.