Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday morning shed watch......

I was up and dressed at an early hour this morning, just in case the shed arrived at dawn. I was AMAZED when we found out that they could deliver today, and even more delighted to find out that delivery was free. I can't understand why we thought cramming it into the car was an option at all. AND don't forget the over 60 thing as well.

Wednesdays are great when you get older. More mature.

So we have acquired the shed. And it will soon be here. Today.

While we were processing the order, we saw a box full of red things which turned out to be flood defences. Great worms you fill with water which then act as a flood barrier. We felt the need to acquire one of those too. Not for me. For my sister, who has known the devastation of house flooding personally. I think she made need more than one packet should the unthinkable happen and the reinforced flood prevention measures ever fail again.


I suspect there will be many people happy to buy anything which may slow down the water here after last winter. Here being the UK. Last winter was the year of water. Flooding. Disaster for so many. Rivers hadn't been dredged, homes had been built on flood plains, the water had nowhere to go at all. The Thames in flood was awful. But I live at the top of a hill and flooding is unlikely here.

Short time lapse to welcome the arrival of the new radiator. Third time lucky. I must send a text to the plumber. This one will work properly. She says through gritted teeth thinking of the new carpets and water and towels and hysteria.

I will go and have my hair done.


I will leave you with images of my new best friend. 

A cat. 

I do not know where it lives, or who its human is, but I am very happy to have it visit.


And sit like a sphinx on top of the fence, eyeing the woodpile on the other side, and my garden on this side, for rodents. Rodents and I are not fond of each other, as you will remember. So having a watchman up there is very exciting indeed. In fact, I am sure my new shed roof will make a much more comfortable perch than that post....... 



Chris said...

I was so thankful to hear from you! Hooray!!!

And doubly thankful you came through the surgery well, and that you have a completely new house...or almost.


Sandra said...

So did she shed get there today? I hope you show us some pictures of it.

I love the pic of the cat sitting on the fence, so funny.

Debbie said...

Hooray for the visiting cat! May all the rodents be swiftly dispatched!!