Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Legs and eyes and a whole lot of stuff.........

I vanished again. I have a perfect excuse, of course. You will hear all in a sec. I have a doctor's appointment in 15 mins and my daughter has one too. It takes us time to get anywhere. I will tell all, I promise. And the new template? It is temporary. Until I can find a festive one. Or do something. It is red.

Red is festive.

And so is this.

As you can see. My daughter has a candy striped cast. Or a Where's Wally? cast.

Two weeks ago, she had surgery to fix her foot. Five operations in one, or maybe 4. She now has a metal plate and screws in her foot,  4 incisions, bone removed from hip and inserted into foot, and much fiddling with ligaments and tendons. And she is now in the non-weight-bearing phase. This will last till the new year and then a boot will be entering our lives too, for a few weeks, while she has physio etc etc. 


She has also rented a knee scooter to help her manage her life because the crutches are exhausting. So the wonderful wheeled thing is packed into the boot (trunk) of the car and off we go to the supermarket, or wherever we need to go. 

Life is certainly interesting. 

We(She) have(has) had a pink cast, followed by a purple one and now candy striped. Heaven knows what will come next. But candy striped is very good for Christmas.


I was waiting for vegetables at our local farm when I took this photo. It just looked stunning with the fog (which was icy) down in the valley. Irrelevant, but pretty. 

So, before her op, as she is unbelievably organised, she masterminded the removal from the loft of all essential Christmassy things, and we stored them throughout the house until the start of Advent on the 30th. And then I decorated the house. 


With most of the usual [pieces, only I must have left a few vital boxes up there, and cannot be bothered to go and hunt them down. So I improvised. And I also made enough Christmas bunting for the nook as well. It was looking very bare. Yes. In my house. A scandal. 


One of the boxes forgotten up in the roof had all the things I keep for my kitchen/family room. So instead of using greenery in the advent ring, I used masses of baubles, with some painted pine cones, some ribbons and gold bead chain, and it worked out just fine. Especially at night!


The tree was decorated, new lights bought and draped on it and it looked beautiful, then............... 
just wait for the next instalment of the saga

I decided to clean my house. 

Cleaning is vastly over-rated, people. Believe me, I know this. I have a Dyson vacuum cleaner. It has great suction power. `And I got just a little too close to the cable for the Christmas tree lights, and it devoured it, and crunched to a halt just before it yanked the entire tree over and gobbled that up too. 

I had to perform major surgery on the Dyson to release the cable and clip, which had been stripped  down to bare wires. 

You. Have. No. Idea. 

We now have a blacked out section of the tree. I do have another set of lights waiting in the wings, should any more expire for whatever reason. I could not believe it happened. I sort of flung myself on the floor to try and wrestle with the machine and unravel the cable before logic kicked in and I switched it off. And unplugged it. It was like trying to stop a hungry alligator. I have no idea what possessed me to think I could stop it by hand. 

One of my finer moments. 


I also have new glasses. There have been many medical type of appointments and outings. Nothing exciting, but just many of them. And I will now go and cook for the rest of the mob, and come back tomorrow to continue.......


Susan said...

Hello!! Oh my goodness, so much happening in your corner of the world! Good to read about it (and sorry about the Christmas lights/vac situation!)

Vee said...

You are just fortunate that "the alligator" didn't eat you! Always something going on over here! Whatever is going on with your darling daughter sounds purely awful. She's plucky that gal! You write it; I will return.

Debbie said...

Wow! Lots going on in your life right now!! Breathe, relax, enjoy the holidays.

Needled Mom said...

Wow....what an exciting life you lead!!! I hope Diana will be up and around without all of the casts, etc. soon. That sounds like a major surgery.

Have a wonderful Christmas season, Linds.