Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas from Middle England..........

It is a beautiful Christmas Eve here in the middle of England - the sun is shining brightly (so all the dust shows beautifully) (I made a random effort to dispel the build up and called it good) the sky is blue, and it is unseasonably mild. 

I have managed to sit down for a little while, because right this minute, I am all caught up with the things I can remember. Tins are full of goodies. The wrapping paper is packed away now. The cinnamon cake is nearly finished. I cleaned the nook. 

I lost the list. 

The family is all in residence, and yesterday, Missy and I went off on a special Moregranny adventure. She had her very first manicure, and she loved it. Even the "starfish fingers" for 30 minutes afterwards had us all playing the game. The nails dried perfectly. Bright pink and sparkly. Because she likes bright pink and sparkly. 


It was a delight to watch her. My phone battery died, so Andrew brought me another phone from home. I did not want to miss a photo of the whole event. 
Little girls are great fun. 

Check out her hair - a coronet of a french plait. Even my hairdresser thought it was stunning. The word was "epic", in fact. 

And then I spent most of the afternoon yesterday finishing The Dress. 

Missy sent me a letter of detailed instructions which included fairy dust and crowns, and floating parts. The fabric was a little hard to find basically because it does not exist. I know this because I had a whole shop full of people (and Jean) attempting to match fabric to her instructions. We even found fairy dust. Or rather, the delightful owner called out -" I found fairy dust!!"at one time. 

I tried. 

It does not look exactly like the instructions. 

And so I asked Missy to come and try it on, and she informed me that "Moregranny, you DID NOT FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTIONS" at which point Moregranny nearly reached for the scissors and/or collapsed over the sewing machine. And then sat there and finished the dress. 

I like it. It is bright and colourful (there were many colours on the Detailed Instruction papers) and it works. The fact that I could not find my vitally essential sewing equipment - as in the zipper foot for the ZIP - screech - made it a challenge. But it is done. She may or may not decide to wear it. 



Moving on.
Last `Sunday was the impromptu nativity during church - it was lovely. I remember stitchng the Joe and Mary  names onto those shirts last year. All those papers on the floor are Christmas cards. The children cut them up to fit the word "Love", which now hangs from the church balcony. You will see this in a sec.  Christmas is all about Love, after all. 


The sunset was stunning. Every evening has been similar in recent days - just glorious. 


Carol service - the 9 lessons and carols which are traditional - was on Sunday night, and I was just fine until we got there and I realised a brass band was going to be playing. So I sat in the car, but I could hear 2 carol services from the car - in adjoining places - our church and the pub. They also had a brass band. It was fantastic. 

Here you can see the word Love. 

And the wonderful brass band. 

And, for his Mum and Dad far away, evidence that Dougal is just fine and reclining on their sofa. Dougal and I are looking after each other over the festive season. He is very sweet. 


So, my family is here. David is at work at the moment, and the house is full of people. There is plenty of food, the ice cream is made, the meat is defrosting. Andrew is BBQ-ing a leg of lamb tomorrow, and I will be cooking a three bird roast with all the trimmings. 

There is no chance of starvation, believe me. 

Presents are wrapped, delivered, and cards have been sent. I wonder if you are also at that wonderful stage of waiting - anticipation of the glory of Christmas. The birth of our Saviour. The reminder that Love came down at Christmas. 

Wherever you may be, and however you will spend the day, I wish you all a wonderful, peaceful Christmas. 

Lots of love, as always, 




Anonymous said...

And a wonderful time to you too Linds, with warm thanks for all the thoughtful posts and smiles they always bring ! Wishing you all the best for the festive season & new year.

Debbie said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Linds. Isn't it wonderful to have all the children and all the grands at home for Christmas!! Some of ours got here in the wee hours of this morning and the rest will be here later today. Perfect!

Needled Mom said...

It's a beautiful time of the year. How could Missy not LOVE that darling dress? The church looks beautiful. I love what was done with those cards.

Have a wonderful Christmas, Linds.

Anonymous said...

From Atlanta, GA USA, hope you are having a most Blessed Merry Christmas.

Vee said...

Christmas arrived as I was reading...may it fall on me...need more Christmas. Of course, we are once again waiting, aren't we? Merry Christmas to all in Middle England gathered in your cozy home.

Susan said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!! This all sounds delightful, well except for the sewing;-)

Anonymous said...

That all sounds absolutely wonderful! The dress for Missy is adorable. Have a wonderful Christmas season!

Stripeyspots said...

Happy Christmas Lindsay! I hope one day I can visit and chat and spend some time with you. I would love that.

Isabelle said...

That sounds absolutely lovely.