Monday, January 04, 2016



Good morning - This was dawn yesterday. Beautiful, isn't it? But that pink sky was accurate. Within an hour or two, the rain came and it was a really foul grey and wet day weather-wise. However, the dawn was stunning! 

A new year brings with it many resolutions, good intentions, plans, and changes. Well, it brings dreams of all these things. The reality is slightly less spectacular. I know this from long experience.

 There is, though, one idea that I really like - the one word choice. Finding a word you would like to focus on throughout the year. 

Last year, I decided to try to make things happen which had not been happening. Instead of saying, "I can't do ....." I decided to think rather of how I could make those can't do things into doable ones. I am sick of being restricted. It was the year of try to change things. A "can" year. And it worked in many ways. Not all, but we are getting there. 

So, Diana and I started the year by going to London for a day or two, and going to a show. Complete with booking disabled seating, taking foam blocks to help with vibration and sound, and earplugs. And it worked. I saw a West End show and lived to tell the tale. Believe me, it is not perfect. But it was doable. I hesitate to use the word tolerable, because that sounds negative and it was a wonderful and I had a lovely time. 

A huge part of this a mental one. Admitting that using some aids may make things more possible, (and more things possible), even though it is not ideal to have to admit one might need them. Things like my zooty walker thingamy. Not an old lady kind. A silver racing version. Well, that is what I tell myself. As one of my friends said - now you can come to events with us! True. It has a long wheel-base which protects me in crowds. That may have actually applied to the wheelchair bit, but you know, if I can regain that part of my life - the ability to experience the things I love, with people I love, then it is all good. I can rise above the concept. 

Well, we are trying. 

So the word for this year did not take much pondering. We have sorted the "how to" phase. So this year, my word is "Adventure". I want to live, to explore, to discover, to dare, to dream, to believe, to be brave. I want to have adventures. 

It is time.

So often, it is easier to think of reasons why not instead of reasons why. I am, by nature, the eternal optimist, and I don't like the cautionary recluse I was becoming. No, I want to be out there experiencing life. 

And it one day that includes things like wheelchairs, then I will get out the bling and personalise it, and we - my trusty steed and I - will be off on more adventures. I knew I had the world's biggest craft supply store for good reason. 

Watch this space, people......


Lu said...

What do they say Red sky in the morning shepherds warning. Its good to see you back

Vee said...

Good plan! I have known, ever since I "met" you that you love a good adventure. You've had a few doozies, too, if you use "adventure" in a euphemistic sense. Course I do know that you mean the fUN kind. I am not much a fan of adventure. I am happy to sit by my fake fire visiting the rest of you on adventures. I'll be back. ☺

Needled Mom said...

I LOVE your word. So often we take the easy way out instead of pushing ourselves and enjoying the thrill of life. Happy New Year, Linds.

Linda said...

I love your spirit and courage, Linds. Here's to a year chock-full of wonderful adventures!

Pam said...

I love your positive attitude! Go for it.

Chris said...

HUZZAH!!! Go for it, my friend!!!