Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back home again.

Diana on the beach while hunting for paua shells

I am home. You can see that. After 30+ hours of travelling. Can I just say that coming back via Hong Kong was the best thing I could have done. After the horror of being a transit passenger through LA , and I would write screeds about that if I never had any intention of visiting the States at some stage, it was a delight. Shower facilities, shopping malls, smiling faces, and wonderful views of the city too. All I will say re the LA experience, which every transit passenger echoes, by the way, is that if ever any American citizen had to go through what we go through, there would be uproar. It is a disgrace. Enough.

The beach near where we stayed in Wellington.

I am home. The washing is all done. The sun is shining, and my friends inform me that yesterday was the first hot sunny day since I left. Some declared it the first day of summer. I am inclined to believe that I brought the sun with me. And the next few days look good too. I have coffee and toast and the house to myself till I go and get David later this morning, so I thought I would say hello.

Wellington city night lights.

Saying goodbye is always dreadful, and leaving my daughter was dire. I am so glad that I had that extra week with her, and the time to get to know her friends and the people and places which matter in her everyday life. She worked so hard to make it a memorable time for us all, and she could not have done a better job. It was a glorious holiday.
The little cable car which takes you up to the Botanical Gardens in Wellington

The Botanical Gardens.

I have just had a look at my garden. Hmmm. Hacking back is a vital necessity. It appears to have turned into a jungle and I can't see the plants I should be able to see. And the seats need cleaning again, and the patio needs to be weeded. Heaven knows what the allotment looks like. We will tackle that tomorrow I think.

I am going to have to do some serious reading to catch up with everyone. It is amazing how much has happened in the 3 and a half weeks. While we had the laptop with us, there was no internet access in the places we stayed. I know that my freinds here and my Mum and sister were getting increasingly frustrated by not being able to see what we were doing..... I hope the photos have made up for the silences! (And there are more to come too. )

Breaker Beach on the last morning


Crystal said...

Welcome Home!!! I'm glad your trip home was pleasant and that the sun is shining for you. Good luck with the weeds - not much fun to have to tackle that project. I'm so glad your summer vacation was spent with your daughter and friend. You will treasure those memories for a long, long time.

Penless Thoughts said...

Glad you are hope safe and sound. Lovely pictures again!!

Linda said...

Ah - home sweet home. I'm glad you are safely home and getting settled in Linds. The pictures are stunning - as always. It must be good to see the sun shining. Just relax a bit. I'm sure you must be feeling tired. It's good to have you back!!

Morning Glory said...

Welcome home! The visit sounds like it was absolutely perfect. Relax and get rested up. I can't imagine flying that many hours and you must need a week to recover!

Dawn said...

Welcome home - and lovely, lovely photos!

I am sorry your first taste of America was the LA airport! Did your horrible experience have to do with customs?

We had an unpleasant experience in Brazil at the airport - they didn't like Americans that week.

meggie said...

Lovely photos Linds.
So glad you had a great holiday, & it is always nice to see where our children are living.