Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Potato Harvest

Now please remember that I have never grown vegetables before. I am allowed to become unreasonably excited. JUST LOOK AT WHAT I DUG UP! And washed. Then cooked and ate for supper. POTATOES!!! Edible food!
This is about one third of what David and I dug out of the allotment ground this afternoon. I gave the rest away. It was really quite amusing. Well, for my son. He said to me with a faint suggestion of exasperation, ..... "Are you going to squeak OOh look! Potatoes! EVERY time I turn over the soil?" Of couse I was. And so I did. And we have many many more rows of the things to dig up. Harvest. What on earth possessed me to plant so many?
And this is what happens to courgettes when you go away and are not there to pick them when they are small and courgette sized. (Zucchini). They grow into marrows. Yes, Isabelle, you were right. My friend picked 2 enormous carrier bags full of them last week, and is now known as the marrow lady as she dished them out to half the village. Apparently they are very good in savoury muffins.

It doesn't take much to excite me these days.


Carole Burant said...

Woohoo look at them taters:-) Isn't it just such a wonderful feeling when you can eat something you've grown yourself!! Well done! We also have potatoes in our garden...we usually have about 350 to 500 lbs of them, they keep in our cold cellar until well past March and we give a lot away:-) When the boys come home to visit, they like to think I'm their grocery store!!! lol xox

someone else said...

Those potatoes are beautiful! Many years ago we grew some and they just taste so much better than the ones from the store.

meggie said...

Ooh your lovely potatoes make me wish I was there to share! I love them.
And zucchini, no matter what size are just so delicious in quiche or Frittata.
Or sliced with tomatoes, & cooked with a little sugar & salt & pepper.

Dawn said...

Wonderful potatoes! We finally have a good crop of tomatoes this year and they are so delicious! I always have gotten huge small child-sized zucchinis from my co-worker except for the last couple of years. I shred the zucchini, skin and all, and freeze it in 2-cup bags for future bread, etc. Wonderful, yummy.

I read your last post - very well written, though you felt not. You do have so much on your plate right now. I pray you get it all sorted out, and take care of yourself. It must be excruciating to come back from that lovely trip - I know when I'm going to do something I have been looking forward to, I always put the "stuff" on the back burner and say, "I don't have to worry about that until I get back" - and then, suddenly I'm BACK! Yuck.

Sisterlisa said...

Hi Linds and thanks for visiting and posting on my blog.((hugs)) How fun you grew potatoes. Can you blog about how to get started on that? I'd love to learn more about it for my kids.