Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Road Trip Part 2

I am back. The sun is shining after a grey start, and I have been walking. I walked up to the ridge above the Miramar peninsula, and then down to Worser Bay, and back up and over, under landing planes, along another bay, to Hataitai. The wind blew, so I arrived looking like something from another planet. I have had the daily exercise, so I was very happy to go and have paninis for lunch with Diana and Sarah. Carbo-loading, you know. For the next walk.

Anyway..... here are the next photos. We are starting with the Huka jet, which goes racing up to the Huka Falls and screeches about doing the equivalent of "wheelies" and spins. There in the front row, you can see my boys. They did the brotherly bonding thing, while the women watched. Or, as Diana, said, kept an eye on them in case they landed in the river. And took photos, of course. They loved every minute of it. And here is another view of Lake Rotorua. And the black swans. David managed to get them to come up right to him, so he took loads of photos. We went up the Skyline luge thingy, and my family can racing down the tracks in their sled type things. There are 3 tracks, and Diana is the pro here. She and her older brother were intensely competetive, might I add.
But she did have the edge of knowing the track! The others were a little more cautious. Great fun was had by all, though. They also have a sort of slingshot thing where you are pulled up in the air, and then have to pull a release cable and go flying into what seems like space. Diana has been on this with Kate, I gather. Hmmm. I think it is rather like bungy jumping. If any of my kids do it, I only want to hear AFTER the event, thank you very much.
Look! Bubbling mud! I wish I could put the smell on here too! Real bubbling mud! I was very excited. This was in Rotorua.
And then there was more fun in the kayaks, and on the lake. With 4 of the 5 of us aged between 18 and 30, it was inevitable that there would be many activities! The one of us, aged considerably more than 30, did do some of the activities, but observed a lot too.
So that was the central part of NZ. Next time I will show you the Coromandel, which was stunning to. I do believe my daughter will be arriving back in the office any minute, so I will stop for now and carry on tomorrow. It is beautiful here. Just so beautiful.


Susan said...

Lots of exciting activities that's for sure. Black interesting.

Barb said...

That bubbling mud is fascinating. My goodness, this is turning into the trip of a lifetime. Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

love your photos
doesnt Rotorua stink LOL

Susie said...

Great photos Linds! I can tell that your family just loves adventurous activities :)
Enjoy every moment!

someone else said...

Oh, Linds, I love your photos! The one that is so blue with the swans off in the distance is just gorgeous!!

Carole Burant said...

Sometimes it's safer to just watch than participate! lol So much activities going son Corey loves to go kayaking and go white water rafting so he would have enjoyed being with all of you! That bubbling mud is so fascinating!! I'm so happy for you that you're enjoying this trip so much:-) xox

At A Hen's Pace said...

What makes the mud bubble? My kids want to know.

Wow, you make us want to plan a trip to NZ someday!

Linda said...

The pictures are just stunning Linds. It must be amazing in real life!! What wonderful memories you are making. Enjoy!!

Pam said...

Your pictures are just wonderful and you all sound so happy. And here's me back at work. Are you missing school at all????

Our son is going to NZ in March and is so excited about it. I must show him your blog.

Enjoy your last few days!