Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Goodbye to the mountains.....

Well, I have just packed everything I can think of. Of which I can think. You know what I mean. But to be quite honest, as long as I have the passports and tickets and the wallet, I am not bothered too much. Mind you, as long as DAVID has HIS wallet, we will be just fine. I have a son who never spends any money. How did I manage that??!

It is cooler today, and that is really welcome. A friend is fetching us from the airport tomorrow, so that is even better. My friends are wonderful. I have NO idea where I put the house key. Now may be a really good time to check! Hang on a sec.....

I am back. 2 hours later. I found the key with the case locks. Why I didn't check there first I have no idea. So now I am in that in between time. Here but half there, and packed yet not on my way. Wanting to go and yet equally wanting to stay.

Apparently my garden is a jungle. I sort of expected that to happen, as it is totally inevitable when you are not there to keep things under control. But I will knock it back into shape, with a rope tied round the waist in case I get lost.

Home seems very far away at the moment. And of course I am sad to be leaving. It is never easy for me.

Almost as though they know what I am feeling, I have had a marked increase in text messages from home today from my friends. They know me well. So l am going to sign off for now, and go and look at the mountains one last time because we are leaving here at 5am tomorrow. I will be reporting in from home in a day or so.

Be good, and enjoy the last days of the summer!


Chris said...

Safe trip, my friend!

Needled Mom said...

Have a safe trip home, Linds. I know how much you will have awaiting you once you get there. Gardens do tend to grow by leaps and bounds when one is away.

Glad that you found your key as I would hate to read a post about you being thrown in jail as you tried to break into your own home.

Crystal said...

Travel safely - talk soon!! And do keep sharing pictures of your beautiful spots :)) I'm going out to pick beans, peas and raspberries - again!