Thursday, August 06, 2009

Missy and her parents arrive......

The little red train arrived on Monday, bringing on it Andrew, Ann and Missy. We just need Diana to whizz back for us to be a complete family here right now. Sigh. Timing - it is all in the timing. Missy has now travelled by car, bus, trains and plane. Not bad to be visiting foreign places before she is 6mths old! She has taken it all in her stride, and is full of giggles. Sweet girl. Marge was absolutely thrilled to meet her little great niece, and I do believe the feeling is mutual. Missy loves her Grauntie and her Gruncle. (Great Auntie and Great Uncle!) She appears to have given the "let's sit up" stage a miss and instead, she stands. And dances. Clearly very advanced indeed.

As you can see, we were well prepared for her arrival. She will not be bored. We have had great fun playing with her toys. Oh - she seems to like them too!

See? I told you she likes to stand, and just look at those little shoes. Too cute!
It is wonderful to have them here for a couple of weeks, so we all get a real chance to get to know the wee girl, and for her to get to know us too. She is starting to grin at me instead of shriek, and that is progress.

Yesterday, I went for a walk round the lake as the weather was completely beautiful. It was lovely to sit on a bench in the sun (like a little old lady) and look at my mountains. I tried a little sketching yesterday for the first time. I will not be causing any panic in the art world, let me hasten to add, but it was fun to do.

The farmer was busy harvesting the green stuff. Grass, I think, for the animals in the winter.
This is where I walked. All around the lake. Lots of benches to rest on.

So the family is here. I have taken so many photos, but most have Missy in, and as I can't post her photo, I am limited as to what I put up today. The days are developing a sort of routine at the moment. David and I are out all morning, and then at lunch I go for a walk. I suddenly realised that being on my feet is not the same as exercising, and that I neded to do more walking, so I am trying to do that. My leg is not great, especially after the fall, but I am alive, if not kicking.
Afternoons are for babies, and cooking, and trying to help around here as much as possible, not to mention do some translations for people who do not speak English. Hmmmmm. My German is improving rapidly.
David and I need to go on a few more adventures. I think there may be some in the near future. I will plan some. My leki poles and I are ready to go.
Right. there is a little girl in the bath and I need to go and watch her swim. I will be back!
PS: With so many people here, it is not easy to get the time to visit, so I apologise for my lack of comments. I will get there, and catch up. I promise!


Dawn said...

Clever grandma - showing the wee one without showing her face!

Needled Mom said...

Enjoy your visit. It all looks and sounds wonderful.

Morning Glory said...

Grauntie and Gruncle -- that's pretty cute and a new one to me.

I love Missy's hair color.

Edith said...

Enjoy the visits...great pictures.

Jess said...

Cute post...and I love the shoes!!!!

Hope all is well...your mountains and view are gorgeous...oh,for a day with you!

Love, Jess

Pear tree cottage! said...

Isn't it wonderful the way a small child responds to love of a family......beautiful.

I just ahd to join your family of waters as I have enjoyed your blog in the past and am happy to have found you again.

Lee-ann in Australia

Isabelle said...

Lovely scenery and lovely baby! What fun!

Dawn said...

Something happened to your post today?!

Angie said...

Linds, it's been awhile since I've stopped by. You always make me smile. And wish I was in Switzerland! Your photos are gorgeous. And how special that you get to visit with your sons, daughter in law and little Missy. Enjoy.

PEA said...

It's no wonder you love going there so much, look at that breathtaking scenery! I would want to be outside all the time:-) How wonderful that your grandbaby is there now too, no doubt you will enjoy every minute with her and the rest of the family. Have fun:-) xoxo