Thursday, August 11, 2011

No more paperwork for a little while.....

It is late and I should be in bed.

The enormous envelope full of vital papers, covered with those horrible calculations are en route to the lawyer, and so help me, she called this afternoon, just as I was sending her a text to tell her they were done. This was after yet another letter from her had arrived today, asking for more papers, which, thank heavens, I had right here on the desk, so she will probably pass out from shock in the morning when they thud on to her desk. Such an instant response is not something she has come to expect from moi.

So I went to another aqua class at dawn with Glynis. Oh, how I love these classes. They are wonderful, and our teacher yells "Smile" every now and then (along with "Breathe- don't forget to breathe!") while we are gritting the teeth and attempting contortions in the water. You can't help but grin. And go back for more the next day.

The weather has been changeable. In the truest sense. Torrential rain for 20 seconds, and then it stops. The wind blows things over then stops. The sun shines for 30 seconds, then stops. Repeat. So the washing stays indoors, and so do I, apart from the garden watering, of course. The torrential rain dries before it reaches the water butts, much to my dismay. I keep checking.

I popped into town this afternoon, after posting the evil letter, because I heard there was a 75% off sale at my favourite cheap bargain shop, but (insert mournful face here) there was nothing I needed. So I bought envelopes, a chocolate (reward for posting the letter) and a small tin of paint and came home. I have informed my son that he is to paint the door tomorrow. Holidays are all very well, but there is STUFF to be done.

And then I headed for the sewing room and actually got out the embroidery machine. I even plugged it in. I love this machine - I programme it and thread it, and off it goes, and I go and make coffee while it sews for me. Perfect. I will do some more in the morning. I have a friend coming to learn how to make a patchwork quilt. That I can do.

It is really hard to relax, you know. I have been so tightly wound up for the past few weeks that I am almost brittle. Sewing this afternoon was the first relaxing thing I have let myself do for what seems like a long time. Well, apart from the head massage yesterday, but that was before I had to go and re-jig a whole lot of figures, so that wore off very fast.  And sleep remains illusive. But maybe tonight it will be easier, now that the papers have been evicted from my house.

My daughter, by the way, says she has made THAT cake - the one I have been trying variations of for the past few weeks , and she used peaches and says it is delicious. Another one to try. If you haven't made it yet, do try it - I can almost guarantee it will become a favourite. It certainly is around these parts. Hmmm. I have strawberries in the fridge. Maybe a strawberry one tomorrow........

I am off to bed now. I will be back.


Crystal said...

I can just feel your relief at having those papers out of the house! I am like that too, especially with accounting papers. Enjoy your creative pastimes again and just be! Good luck with the door painting - I have some here for our door but it's not been started yet.

Needled Mom said...

She will be shocked at the speed that those papers have been delivered. I am sure you are glad to have them on her desk as well.

Sewing is always my time to exhale as well. I hope the sleep finds it's way to your body.