Monday, August 22, 2011

Procrastination is my middle name......

The sun is shining.

I went to pilates, and lived.

And yet, here we are at 2 something pm, and the to do list has not been dented. I would rather sleep, actually. There was not much of that going on here last night. Isn't it funny how I can drop off when on the couch, and yet, climb into bed and..... forget it. It does not happen.

So I am pottering. Dead-heading. Making coffee. Looking at the list, and then doing more pottering.

Yesterday was very busy. I was on coffee duty at church with Jean, and I knew I was going to a lunch time birthday party for a friend (and taking a cake) so I got up early and made a blackberry cake, and then discovered that the oven was covered with chicken fat after the chicken I roasted the night before exploded all over the place. Gross. So I had to clean it first, which threw my finely honed timetable into disarray totally, and I played catch up for the rest of the morning.

But everything got done eventually, and church was good and coffee duty went well, and then I popped along to the party, and only got home when my body decided to go on strike at about 5.30. The staying power is history. As is my youth, it seems.

However, I did get to watch Tripoli fall to the rebels on the news at 2am. Well, almost fall. The president remains to be found. The sort of stuff which puts you to sleep? Maybe not. More like sitting bolt upright in bed watching with wide eyes. I did resist the urge to make more coffee, though, in the hope that sleep would come.

There is not a great deal of news to relate, I have to confess. Life poddles on as usual, and I am trying to get the last paper thingys done before I have a total break from it all. I think it is time to play with little girls, don't you? Little ones who LOVE "hink" (pink). And who have gorgeous grins and infectious giggles. And dollies, and lego and books, and pots and pans, and jungle gyms and scooters........

And "Norganny" is ready to play.

I could also do with a break from the apple, bean and tomato glut. I become quite frantic about saving it all, you know - making sure the waste is minimal, and it is getting out of hand. A little perspective would be appropriate right now. There is no space left in the freezer, and I cannot justify buying another one at the moment. That would make the apples the most expensive in history.

A little quilting, a little knitting, maybe a little crocheting, perhaps. I may even attempt another book. This sounds like a holiday to me. That is good.

And then it will be September. Time is marching on relentlessly.


Helen in Switzerland said...

Have fun with Barbie! Don't you think her tights are just the dreaded end!!
oh...and if you solve the apple glut/freezer space problem, please let me know. I am in the same situation and really need a tardis freezer!

Needled Mom said...

I definitely think it is time for play with girlie things!!!! Enjoy it.

MotherT said...

After all of the hard work, you will doubly enjoy the time spent playing! Let your inner little girl have a wonderful time!