Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oaths and water and other random stuff.......

First, just let me say that no, I will not be going to the 40th reunion in November. South Africa is quite far down the "where I want to go next" list. New Zealand is at the top. Actually, it is first, second, third, fourth.... you get the picture. I have a daughter I want to visit, so the old school friends do not even get a remote chance. That is the past. I am looking to the future.

And the present too, of course.
Today I had to go and visit another lawyer, and sign things and swear oaths. She actually asked me if I minded putting my hand on the Bible. I wonder what the options would have been if I had said that I minded. But I didn't. I grinned and said I was very familiar with the Bible, and that it was no problem at all. A pleasure, in fact. So that was sorted and posted and I dusted the hands. Done.
Home to try to restore some order to the domestic chaos which seems to be the norm at the moment, and then I dragged on the bathing costume and Jean and I headed off to aquarobics again. I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVE going to the classes. We were relaxing in the spa afterwards with some of the other ladies in the class, and I said that I really cannot see this as a luxury. It is so important to me right now. I am working on getting fitter, and the exercise is working wonders on my psyche if nothing else. Yet. It is essential "taking care of me" time. And I am complying with the doctors' orders (more than one doctor). It is hard, believe me. But the sense of accomplishment is wonderful when I make it through the class. I do what I can, but every time, I get to do more and more. That is a great feeling.

And it helps me sleep too.

Life would be so simple if we could just focus on the good things, the nice things, wouldn't it?

But reality is not simple. Hence the oaths and signatures, and papers and STUFF.
But then, there are the roses, and the flowers, and the garden, and the blue skies. Did I say blue skies?????? We had blue skies today. For a couple of hours. And then the black clouds of doom re-appeared. You know the ones, they promise rain, and then just sit there casting a grey pall over the land. And me. They must either do their thing, or vacate the skies. And at this very moment, I hear the pitter patter  thunder of rain falling. Finally. After I watered the garden.

And tomorrow......... well, tomorrow I get to play with dollies. :-)


Helen in Switzerland said...

So glad you're enjoying your aquarobics - I honestly think that sport is positively the best thing around to improve how you are feeling - both physically and mentally! Hope to see you jogging around in Switzerland in the near future!!

Vee said...

It is wonderful that you had that opportunity to "testify." I think all these things add up in a big way.

What a wonderful shot up at the roses...they are that blue, blue sky.

Hope that your pennies are adding up for a grand visit to New Zealand. That will be fabulous.

Dollies...ahh, sounds like a fun day. I get to play with trucks and bikes tomorrow, but it is all good.

Glad that your swimming therapy is working on so many levels. I might need some.

MotherT said...

Your flowers are so beautiful! And that is an amazing shot of blue sky!

I'm glad that the aquarobics are helping you so much. I keep waiting for approval for some type of physical therapy--any type at this point!

Needled Mom said...

Thank heavens for the pretty flowers to distract you from the oaths and other unpleasant things in life!!!

Have fun with those dollies.

Linda said...

I hope you get to visit New Zealand very soon Linds.
I am trying to be consistent about exercise too. I have to push myself to get started, but I always feel good when I've done them. I'm even starting to get some muscle. Woo hoo!!
Oh yes - there is always something to be thankful for. Right now, rain would be one of those very welcome blessings.

Midlife Mom said...

I am contemplating doing water aerobics this winter. I think it is much better on ones joints then pounding away on a treadmill, at least for my one hip that screams at me most of the time these days. So important for us to take time for ourselves, keeping our bodies moving and staying as fit as one can at my age! I ride my horses a lot but I think the horse is getting all the exercise!

I do hope you get to NZ soon too!!!

Dawn said...

I'm glad you got to be with your dolly and her dollies this week-end. And that you are enjoying the water exercise. I feel better after I exercise - I've had a broken toe and another problem with the big toe on the other foot to contend with this week, as you know, that is making it very difficult. I read that it can take 6 weeks for the broken toe to heal. Yuck.

Glad you got to "testify" about your love of God's Word. That's awesome. And I hope you get to visit Diana again soon!

Olson Family said...

I love the pictures - the flowers and light are so beautiful. I'm catching up on blogs slowly. This transition is hard and we are (girls and I) a bit homesick for the familiar. As American as we are, living back in the US does not feel familiar yet. But your blog IS familiar and it is a joy to read it today. :)