Saturday, August 18, 2012


Oh, thank heavens! I have found the old laptop cable and here I am. Thank you all for your emails, messages, for trying to contact friends to see if I was okay, and as you see I am indeed alive and well and fuming like Mt Krakatoa.

The day after the Olympics started, we had a storm, and the gizmo thingamewhatsits which send the Internet through the electrical wiring in the house sort of blew up. Had a lightning strike. Ceased to work. That meant no Internet on the computer. That meant silence here at RCR. So, after chatting to Son#1, who installed the gizmos here, I headed out to buy new ones. He said about £30. Hah. In his dreams. They were way too expensive, and then he saw some on offer from a big chain of stores here, and I squinted at my tiny phone screen and managed to order them.

I had a cheery email saying that the order was on its way to dispatch. And I would get an email to say they were on their way.


Tap. Tap.

No dispatch email.

They have yet to arrive.

I kid you not. Call after call I have made, and while it would have been a great idea to cancel the order and just go and get them from somewhere else, these ones were affordable. The coffers here are not overflowing. So yesterday I finally spoke to a manager, who was apologetic but said he would call me as soon as they were sent to dispatch. He did. They are on their way. Maybe. Perhaps. Possibly.

We will see.

And in the meantime, the London 2012 Olympics have been and gone, and oh, what a triumph they were. Team GB outdid themselves, and the entire nation was smiling, happy, chatting to people in the street, the tubes and it was magical. Just wonderful. Thank heavens we still have the Paralympics to look forward to as well. Soon now.

And the weather has been iffy -lots of rain, some sun and a great deal of greyness. The garden is good in places and decidedly not good in others. I have no idea why. The bean harvest is in full swing, and because there has been no Internet to distract me, I Have Been On A Mission.

There is not a cupboard in this place which has not been emptied, swapped around, changed, or rearranged. The nook is done and is a triumph too, and every kitchen cupboard has been cleaned.

And I am exhausted.

The sewing room nearly finished me off, which would explain the increased number of calls to the gizmo company. (Powerline adaptors.) I took all the monumental stash of fabric out and dumped it in the lounge. Then I mountaineered over and through it all ruthlessly. It was put in colours then I chose what to keep, tossed the rejects into a heap and called my friends to come and forage. The remainder went to charity. And THEN I moved all the organised and labelled boxes of things off my shelves and into the cupboard neatly and stacked the fabric onto the shelves.

I need a holiday.

And if I ever mention thinking of acquiring any fabric STOP ME. It will take several lifetimes to use up what I have.

So there we are. In a nutshell. I have missed you all so very much, and the need for a laptop of my own or an iPad is becoming pressing.Urgent.  It has shot to the top of the list. Just under bread.

And now I will go and check the post to see if they have come today. I have my doubts. I have so much to tell you all, and so many posts to go and read and my brain is about to explode with all the words trying to leak out, and .....

You get the idea. I will be back later.
And I love you all.


Gillie said...

Oh dear, I hope you got to see some of it on a friendly TV. We saw lots of lovely BbC stuff the first week, and didn't they do a nice job and then not much the second week as we're at the mercy of NBC and all those adverts drove me to drink. Many congratulations to ALL out lovely athletes even the medal less ones.

Susan said...

Good to see you! Glad it was just a technical difficulty beyond your control :-) I kept thinking about you while watching the Olympics here in Zurich -- I'm glad for Eurosport, even if it's in German, because they really focus on the events :-)

Take care and hope all is back to normal soon.

MotherT said...

I'm very glad it was just a technical issue! I was getting very concerned! However, I'm glad you were able to be so productive, now I suggest you give yourself a few days off for good behavior. Hopefully the parts you are waiting for will arrive soon.

Vee said...

Well I though that you were just taking time to relax after the Olympics as I knew that you were keeping late hours, etc. Glad to know that it was nothing more than computer issues as frying as they are. I'm actually quite jealous of your computer troubles as I am certain that much more could be accomplished without a computer for several weeks. WHAT am I saying? I would come unhinged.

Looking forward to seeing all the delights at your place once cords and cables arrive.

So good, as always, to find you here.

Vee said...


Debbie said...

So glad to see you back!! I was worried about you.

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Glad you're back - and hopefully not too frazzled! It must be lovely to have a sorted out house though!

Mary Lou said...

I was really getting worried about you...almost to the point of posting on other blogs to ask if anyone knew you and why you disappeared. So thankful you were okay and getting some "me time." Glad to have to back.
Your blog inspires me. I read it with my first cup of coffee for the day. Take some time off and rest.


Anonymous said...

so happy you are ok. I was very worried about you as I have come to really enjoy your visiting me via my computer.

Tigger said...

Hurray ! You're back safe & sound and hale and well !
( Drat & double drat - now I shall undoubtedly go back to being distracted from Very Important Tasks. Hmmmm - better than not having you around :-)

someone else said...

I, too, have missed your blogging, but from Facebook I knew what was going on. Glad you got it all fixed. I'm wondering if you took before, during and after photos of the complete house sorting.

Crystal said...

Welcome back, Luv! (Do I sound British?!!)

Sherry said...

So happy to hear from you! I was worried. I'm not much of a commenter, but I read your lovely blog every day.

Linda said...

So glad you're back Linds. You must have tons of wonderful things to share. I'm so sorry about all that stress. It seems to be a world-wide phenomenon.

Needled Mom said...

It is so nice to see a post from you, Linds. I thought you might have taken on another BIG home improvement project. There is little more frustrating than computer problems.

Becky said...

Oh, so glad you are well.

Missed your posts and was concerned.

The Olympics were grand! Well done! Having some withdrawal.

Take care....good to have you back in cyberspace ~ you've been missed.