Friday, August 24, 2012

Idle chatter is about my limit at the moment.....

Today has turned into a sort of taking-care-of-me day. I am not complaining in the slightest. I could do with a really slow gentle day. Glynis drove round here (Hallelujah! She is back behind the wheel for short journeys!) and gave me a head massage this morning. It was just what I needed to relax the shoulders. They have been residing at the top of my ears. Most unattractive.

And then Jean and her visiting son popped in for coffee with me and my resident son. Ah, having the boys men about is such fun! And when they departed for lunch out, I zapped down to the village to have a manicure with wax treatment, using my gift voucher from Glynis and Peter. It lasts an hour and it is pampering of the highest order. You get to dip your hands in wax and then relax with plastic bags and mittens over them. That was a wonderful birthday present, let me tell you. A real luxury and my nails look good. I opted for a fairly neutral silvery colour, after my previous disastrous colour choice. I may well be wearing the same outfit. I shall have to call it The Wedding Gear. To be worn at all weddings henceforth.

Actually, I think I have been wearing it to weddings for the past 6 years. Maybe more. Oh, what does it matter. I am just a blurry guest in the background! I can wear a different scarf. Or necklace. Or something. No-one will notice. And my nail polish is different. Sorted. I am not bothered.

And then, David and I went to inspect the allotment. I do believe Margaret and John's courgettes are now marrows of the most gigantic proportions. I never know what to do, you see - do I pick them for them, or use them, or leave them.....Hmmm. They can always be stuffed of course. Or grated and frozen for soups and stews. David was very impressed by the gem and butternut squash plants. I have never seen so many gem squash. They definitely prefer the allotment to home. They are wandering off in every direction and seem extraordinarily happy.

There is a fine drizzle falling as I speak, and I am rather hoping that it will turn into enough of a deluge that I do not need to water tonight. I live in hope.

Having David around is going to be good. He has stuff he needs to do, and I have visions of an organised attic and decimated old hard drives. I have a bag of old disused hard drives and no-one seems to know what to do with them. I am of the opinion that a sledgehammer may be a good idea. I think this idea appeals to David too.  Tell me, people, what do you do with yours? Given that even wiped drives can apparently be seen by people in the know. This is fine if they are the goodies. But if goodies can do it, so can the baddies. So what is the solution? Anyone?

There is a lot more on the list for the son, of course,. The watering the weeding, the washing of the car. And that takes care of the "w" in the alphabet. That means 25 to go.

But it is strange hearing noises and not knowing who is making them for an instant before the brain clicks into gear and remembers. Oh, this will amuse you. He wanted to use my computer - the old cranky one I am using right now - and of course that was fine. A few minutes later he appeared in the kitchen and announced with disbelief - "That computer only has ONE gigabyte of RAM!" Did I know? Well, no, of course not. It is old like me and works at my speed. He could not believe it. His (slightly broken, as in not working right now, NEWISH ) computer has 8. Well, a fat lot of good the 8 whatevers do when it doesn't work. Even his OLD computer has 6. Oh well. I am okay plodding along with one. I will survive.

A friend on holiday just accidentally called me from her mobile phone. I have spent the past 15 minutes trying to let her husband know that we were connected and the money would be mounting up. Successfully. She has indeed stopped sitting on her phone and switched it off. Just a little tidbit to demonstrate how my days lurch from one excitement to the next. I am now celebrating the success by eating a ginger cream biscuit (cookie) or 3.

This is turning into the same as all my recent posts. I am sitting chatting away as if you were here with me, and as my mind flip flops about like a stranded fish, you get to be along for the ride. Where have all the eloquent posts vanished to? Maybe the enforced quiet has destroyed the brain cells.

Right. Time to see if Missy is about for a chat with Moregranny. I will attempt to gather my wits and be more interesting in the morning. Oh, tomorrow is Julia's son's wedding day. Will it rain, I wonder???


Vee said...

Happy is the bride whom the sun shines on... Hope that it shines.

Sounds as if you had some nice pampering, which every gal needs from time to time.

Enjoy your time with Missy as I'm sure that she's available for Moregranny time.

Linda said...

Love the visit Linds.

Stripeyspots said...

Oh dear. I keep thinking naughty things about your giant marrows...

Debbie said...

Your chatting away as if we were sitting there with you is one thing that makes your posts so enjoyable. Glad to hear that you had a day with some pampering for yourself. I know you'll enjoy having your son home for a while!

Needled Mom said...

It is so nice to see that other minds wander like mine! I feel much better now.

I have done the sledgehammer thing with hard drives. I was never sure what was the safest road to take with them.

Have fun at the wedding.

Needled Mom said...

It is so nice to see that other minds wander like mine! I feel much better now.

I have done the sledgehammer thing with hard drives. I was never sure what was the safest road to take with them.

Have fun at the wedding.

Elizabeth said...

My husband in a tech geek and he always drills holes with a power drill. He says this shatters the plates inside and even if they open the drives up, they cannot recover the information.
Hope this helps...

Jan/ said...

We all need take-care-of-of-ourselves days now and then. Especially with chronic pain. Pain wears us out.