Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weddings and weekends.......

This has been a wedding weekend. My friend, Julia's son got married to his lovely lady yesterday, and it was a really beautiful wedding. Beautiful. 
 Please note the kilt. The groom looked splendid in his kilt, and his bride looked stunning in her wedding dress, and just look at those smiles. Such a happy day for them - for everyone. The wedding was at a very old church just a short walk away from the reception venue, and the rain, obligingly, stayed away while we were outside, and poured down while we were under cover. Excellent.

When the families toured the venue a year ago, it was a building site. Old barns were being converted, and believe me, the new event centre is stunning.
 One of the things I absolutely loved was that on the floor, surrounding each of those posts holding up what was once an old barn, there were lights set into the floor, providing uplighting for the posts. And big fans hanging from the ceiling. And do you see what is draped from post to post????? Yes, the bunting I made for the wedding back in May. This is the third wedding it has been used for, and nothing could thrill me more.
 One of the walls is glass and the panoramic view of the countryside is fabulous. Note the clouds approaching.....
And once darkness fell, and the wedding breakfast was over, the music began and I departed. See that bunting? Love it. I am still grinning at the thought that it is being used in so many places, and everyone seems to love it.

I am off now to the lunch. This seems to be a new thing. There is a lunch the day after the wedding, and this time, I can't be late. I have 76 place settings of cutlery in my car. One needs knives and forks if one wishes to eat. I will be back.


Well, what a lovely afternoon that was. As we sat out in the garden, a solitary Red Arrow jet did a fly past, much to our amusement. There was a BBQ, heaps of food - salads, quiches, bread, cheese and desserts too. I am now waddling. The rain stayed away, and we sat on the lawn, recapping our memories of the wedding, and there was much laughter and a great many half asleep younger ones. I gather the party went on till dawn. There was also much thankfulness for the fact that tomorrow is a public holiday. I am also thankful that I am no longer one of the younger ones. I never could party till dawn. I slowed down to a halt around 2am, I seem to remember.

Those days are long past. In fact, my friend, Linds, in NZ just sent me an email saying how she remembers us trying to ice birthday cakes until the early hours, once kiddies were in bed, and she (so kindly) reminded me of the one I threw at the kitchen wall which slid down behind my chest freezer. The memory was etched quite clearly in my mind already, thankyouverymuch. One of my finer moments of parenting.

On a totally different subject, Missy and her Mum could well be arriving tomorrow for the night. Or two. How exciting is that! I need to yank out the Dyson and instruct the resident son to put it to work in the morning. I wonder how they will like my new study and the nook........


Vee said...

You've always got so much going on! The bunting looks fabulous there. Wonder where we'll see it next?! That is a lovely venue as well...the countryside is so lush and green.

Of course Missy and her mama are going to love the new nook and the new study. I know that you'll enjoy their visit.

Kelli said...

I still ♥ the bunting! I wish I had an event to use some at. Well, actually, as you know we almost did. .. Maybe I can wait... hehe

The groom was stunning in his kilt, and what a beautiful bride. That event center with those windows- WOW!

Did the earplugs work? Did you get a chance to use them? I am loving mine. With K home, she seems to have lost her ability to be quiet in the wee hours as she is going to work and the rest of us are asleep. I can testify that these earplugs are K-proof. I give them a 9 out of 10.

Cannot wait to see new pictures of Missy. how fun that you get to test run the new house with the Resident Son and the DIL and Missy ☺

Love you. But you know that.


Needled Mom said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying some fun time being a granny!!!

The wedding looks and sounds lovely. The setting for it was beautiful too.

Tinker7 said...

where was the venue for this wedding reception?

Linds said...

Dodford Manor near Daventry, Tinker. It is a great venue!