Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blogger and limits and pictures and technology........

Ok. Help. I have reached the limits of my free Blogger picture space. Charming. A friend has told me she uses Flickr to upload photos. So my question to everyone else is this - what do you do? I seem to remember Vee talking about this a long time ago, and I merrily carried on my own way and didn't listen much because I had plenty of space. Oh, foolish me. I do not fancy paying a couple of dollars a month with all the resultant conversion costs which I don't want to think about because my head will hurt more. Why on earth can't we pay an annual fixed small sum? Maybe I will just start another blog on Wordpress or Typepad. Or think about finding out how to have my own domain. Because I do not want limits.


So any suggestions and I will be so pleased, I may even try some. Mind you, I opened up Picasa and nearly had a heart attack when I saw it uploading everything on my computer. No! Stop it! So at 12.30 am I was googling how to stop it doing it and so, it appeared was half the universe because heaven knows there were a great many similar queries, and a great many frustrated people out there.

I like things to be the same. Life can change, but things? No. I need to be able to do things. Without thinking.

And while we are talking about "things" let me tell you that wireless printers are dead to me too. Bring back long dusty cables. My old printer had a cable. I clicked on print, and it whirred into life. Well, it may have creaked and groaned a bit, but it did get up to speed eventually, when it had ink in it. This new one? Hah. Click on "print". It stays silent and "offline". So after much uninstalling and re-installing by the resident geek, the son, it works. But only if you click "print" and then click on go off line and then unclick it again and then click on something else and I can tell you, its days are numbered. Bring back cables, I say. Dusty and long and a pain to shift around. But they worked. I will be hooking my printer up to something. It may be a flagpole.

We seem to be a trifle technologically challenged today. Put it down to the attic dust. David and I (well, David mostly) got the last of the boxes into the attic with some toys and bed slats, and sundry other things. The attic is now full, but the Christmas boxes (half the attic) are now in line next to the hole, so will be ready to be taken down once December rolls around. Other seasons have been banished to the far corners of the attic. I dream of organised rows of plastic boxes all labelled and easy to find. Not in this house, sadly. The boxes are plastic and that is about as far as we go at the moment.

And then I tried to fix his favourite Tshirts which are decades old too and in total disrepair. This was not a successful endeavour. Ripped holes under the arms - not along any seam, are not fixable and wearable. He can leave those here for when he comes home. The lab coat poppers - well, I used velcro instead. And wrecked 2 needles in the process. Tick another box. Not many left to tick now. Nor much time.


Vee said...

Okay, I'll dispense advice again. Google Picasa. Click on Web Album. You should be at the files that show you all your blog photos because that is where Blogger stores them. Carefully, carefully, go through your albums and delete all photos used as headers. That should give you enough space to carry on slowly, but surely. Always resize your photos before placing uploading them. You can use your PAINT program or any of the free web sites online. I think Photoscape has a great program, very user friendly and it is also free. You just have to Google it and download it to your computer.

Some have been quite successful with resizing photos and uploading them again and deleting the old ones.

If you run into any troubles, drop me a line. I'll send you a picture story.

Vee said...

Oh, you know how long I've been blogging and how many different headers I've used. I have only used up 40% of my space and I intend to keep it that way.

Needled Mom said...

I'm with you on all of this changing STUFF.

I ran out of space too and I could not see tackling another project to learn so I have a yearly fee. It is worth my relearning - like $5/year. That is like a couple of cups of coffee somewhere!!

Keep on ticking off those lists!

PEA said...

I've always said that modern technology is great IF it works!!! Sigh! My newish printer is also giving me some fits, only prints when it wants to, not when I tell it to! As you say, bring back the old printers with cables!!

I ran out of picture space in Blogger a few years ago and since then I pay $5 a year for 20 GB of space in Google Storage. I upload lots of pictures on my blog and yet I never use up all 20 GB of space in a year so it's plenty.

I have an attic but it's not made to be able to store stuff up there so all my plastic totes and boxes are in the basement. I haven't gone through some of them in ages so don't even remember what I have down there! lol

Hope your week goes well! xoxo

Olson Family said...

I didn't even know I COULD run out of space on Blogger until your FB/post. I suppose, based on the way I've been blogging this year, that it won't be a problem for me.... :) Much to the dismay of my mother and grandmother - my faithful audience. Happy Autumn.

I can relate with the mending. Hub wanted his pants fixed where the pocket caught on a door handle and ripped - sorry but can't fix it when it's not just the seam, it's the material running off pants for him.