Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday - the week vanished.......

Housework and I do not make a happy couple. I say this after walking through the house and estimating the amount of dust to be roughly equivalent to the Sahara desert. Give or take a bucket or two. Then I looked through the window out onto the grey skies and noticed that some rogue bird had been doing target parctice and had decorated the glass with gently cascading poop. A new touch of elegance. One I can do without.

So I sighed and sat down at the computer like all intelligent people. Maybe if I wear sunglasses indoors no-one else will notice. Note to all local people: 1.There is dust. So what. I am not sneezing yet. 2. It is cold because I am not switching on the heating, so wear fleeces if you are contemplating visiting. 3. I do make coffee or tea. That will warm you up.


I actually picked up the remote control this morning, and then looked in horror at the clean patch where it had been lying. What do you think I did? Huh? Well, I could have grabbed the polish and duster immediately. I should have. Or grabbed the magic dusting mitten. But that was upstairs. So I very gently put the remote back in exactly the same place. And left the room.

You can tell I am all fired up and ready to leap into things around here, can't you? Exactly. There is more to life than a clean house. That is my motto. Along with the old ones:

  • A tidy house is a sign of a mis-spent life
  • Please don't write in the dust

Last year, in October, I joined in with the Nesters's 31 day challenge, and it was great fun. I did 31 Days of Memories. I made the commitment to post every day for the month of October, along with hundreds of others around the globe. I have been thinking about this October. I see many of you are joining in, and I am going to do so too, but I am not linking because I can't remember how to do the button thing, and Hello, David, answering your mother's attempts at contact would be splendid now and then. And also, I am quite happy to try to do it again here. There is the picture issue which I am still trying to sort out and also the topic. It will be 31 Days of Something, but I am not sure what yet. Pop over to the Nester and check it out. Monday should be a stellar day for blogs so link up to join in with the bloggy fun!

Right. I do believe my son is sending signals from outer space. I will be back.


Stripeyspots said...

Looking forward to it!

Vee said...

Oh I loved reading that challenge last year. I'm in. Not for doing it, of course, but for reading yours!

Well the house is moderately, acceptably clean here, but only because I invited company in. That's the only way anymore that it happens "easily." Nothing is easy anymore.

At least your garden is nearly put to bed. I've not begun with mine. I'm hoping that we still have a week or so without frost. It's wonderful that we've come this far without any.

Sandra said...

LOL you make me laugh with the dust, I am the same way.

Will look forward to your 31 Days....I'm starting one on my blog too on Monday but it's 31 Days of Autumn, every day I'll post a photo of autumn related something or other, either outside, or cooking or decorating etc :)

The Bookworm said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I'm blogging 31 days of healthy eating. I am blessed with appalling powers of observation which mean I don't notice dust!