Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I remember.................

I started writing this post at 4pm. I thought it was 1pm. And now it is 7.30pm. This is all totally useless chatter, but just so you know the brain is clearly addled already before I start on anything else. I seem to have lost all conception of time.

Oh well. 

I have lost a lot more and survived, so we will poddle on. 


We have had a sort of Indian summer and now it is nearly over, I have decided that the garden can fend for itself. Mostly. The beans and tomatoes will still be watered but I have given up on the rest. So the summer garden is, for me, over for another year. Yes, I know it is just September, but somehow, this year has not been the year of the garden. Anything but. Not for want of trying, though. I did all the right things, but Mother Nature didn't oblige. Hmm. I sound like a seasoned farmer with acres to watch over. It feels the same though. Part of me feels that I failed this year, and the other logical part says don't be ridiculous. Everyone had the same problem. I do have a freezer full of beans and tomato and onion relish though, so we can, at least tick that box, and the apples will be ready very soon. 

Actually, my friend with the orchard tells me that the apples have started dropping, so maybe I will go and get a couple of bags full to cook and freeze and then I will feel a great deal better about 2012 in the garden. 

I have been going to my aquarobics and aquazumba classes every week, and I still love them. I have to say that my leg has been a huge challenge and on days like yesterday, I got home from the gym and sat in the rocking chair for the rest of the day. There are 28 steps to the top level where the changing rooms are, and 28 more down to the pool and back up and then down again. And today, when I went to Glynis and Peter's place to let their dogs out, I fell asleep on their couch for an hour. I do not like feeling week and feeble, but hey, that is the way things go, so I am slowing down drastically and sleeping. It hurts, dammit. And pain, as we all know, is exhausting. 

So here I am. Family fed, dishwasher running, and nothing on TV to watch yet. It is the 9th day of September, and I, like everyone else, think back to that terrible, terrible day in 2001, and I just know that I will never forget it. Nor should we. It is a day which changed the world. And subsequently, so many have died in an attempt to halt the evil in this world, and so many more still will die, and it breaks my heart. The evil. The waste of life. The stupidity. The way some men and women follow ideals which are so so wrong. The darkness. 

I just don't get the dark side of life. The need for destruction. The way bad people worm into my ordinary world and turn it upside down. Call me an idealist - you would be right. I see the goodness. The promise of life. The cleanliness. The way dreams can come true. The evil side I want nothing to do with and yet, look at that day in September so long ago. One day. Countless tears wept. Oceans full. Lives wrecked. Families torn apart and for what? For what? 

Is it worth it? Was it worth it? 


My mind is dancing about again - from Andy Murray's amazing win at the US Open - tennis - yesterday. A miracle. We thought no Brit would do it - it is 76 years since the last MAN (not woman -  they have won majors since then. Thanks, Isabelle!) won a major - and he has proven us wrong. Well done, Andy - this seals an amazing sporting summer of triumph for the British, and it has lifted spirits here amazingly. 

Back to the mind - to ways of pain control. To things I need to make for Christmas gifts if the body, hands and sewing machine combine to work in harmony, of course. I have Ideas. Thanks to Pinterest and tossing scraps of fabric in my hands and deciding whether or not to keep them. My granddaughter wants pink bunting for her bedroom, and crocheted stars. In pink. She is in the pink stage, and more girly and blingy than I could have imagined and I love it all. I can do pink. 

I should be flying to France to a wedding tomorrow or the next day, but the leg is not working, and my head is bursting, and skin is crawling, and gee, life is just peachy around here. I want to be there. But how do I drag the leg there. I need one of those teleporting things from Star Trek (Beam me up, Scottie) so will someone please invent one immediately for me. 

I am now going to download? Upload? all my photos from the camera, and make some more coffee. And maybe I will stay awake long enough to pop around and visit you all. Please excuse my lack of comments - sitting in one place for long is not an option at the moment. But tomorrow will be better, I am sure. And I a, really looking forward to reading about all your exciting lives, so make sure there is something exciting out there, if you please. 

I will be back............


Isabelle said...

So sorry about your leg. That doesn't sound at all good. Poor you.

Andy Murray is the first British MAN to win a major for 76 years. Some ladies have done it: from memory, Virginia Wade, Ann Jones and Sue Barker. Just saying.

Linds said...

Of course you are right, Isabelle - I stand corrected - the women have come up trumps before - it is the MEN who haven't managed it! I am off to change it immediately!

Vee said...

I was just thinking about you and your garden as I watched an episode of one of the BBC's (maybe) gardening shows where the gardener discussed the weather in the north of England and how it has changed gardening a lot. What was his name? I've already forgotten, but you could find him at Vicki's Turkey Feathers on my Friends and Favorites blog, if interested. Do you watch gardening programs? I listen to a Saturday morning radio program on gardening, though I'd love to have some tv version that I could pull. Not likely. This program had a wonderful garden of dahlias. I've never seen anything like them.

That leg...I am sorry for all the pain it gives you.