Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday, compost bins, inRL, coffee and pampering.............

It is a typical April day today - sunny, and showers, and not too hot. A measure of the heat is that the greenhouses are open for now. They may well be closed in a short while. We shall see. Diana, Jean and I constructed a double compost bin for the allotment yesterday. There are a couple of houses being built next to Jean's house, so she asked for a pallet or two. Well. They are enormous. So, armed with every imaginable tool, we set about constructing a bin. It turned into two bins, so the compost can be turned. And, as Diana says, it closely resembles stalls for miniature ponies. But it is a work of art.
The next problem it trying to work out just how we will be able to get it from Jean's garden, down an alley and to the allotment. But I am quite sure we will come up with a perfect plan soon. Such as grovel to the builders and get them to move it for us. In their lorry.

See? Genius.

I sort of hovered on the periphery yesterday, because Jean is a compost bin expert, and Diana likes to build things, and Mum sat in the conservatory in the sun, while we dodged rain showers and hammered and sawed and cut and measured.

Not in that order, you will be pleased to know.
Daffodils on a hill leading to a nearby town
This morning, the church in the village hosted a coffee morning for carers, with some pampering thrown in. That included a manicure! My nails look stunning right now. I do realise that tomorrow, they will probably be buried in soil and ruined completely, but at this very minute they are pink and perfect. I didn't opt for the turquoise nail varnish. Maybe I should have tried something different.

Anyway, it was a delightful couple of hours, and the coffee and cake were great too. Speaking of cake, as I speak, my daughter is making the icing for the chocolate cake she decided to bake this afternoon. Having a daughter in residence who delights in cooking and baking and reading recipe books is marvellous. Dinner is in the slow-cooker as well.

I was full of good intentions - I have yet to catch up with the inRL meet-up today on line. Maybe I will curl up somewhere, plug myself in and see what is happening. Hop on over to Incourage and register!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!


Stripeyspots said...

Those pansies make me feel glorious!

Crystal said...

It sounds like a perfect Saturday! And your building projects are always nice to see. I'm curious about Diana - is she home for awhile or permanently? I'm thinking it might be something with visas.

I just planted some marigold seeds and Naomi helped me with a second transplant for 43 of the tomatoes. Things inside are doing wonderfully but outside not so much. The forecast is -6 overnight with snow on Thursday again. That's May 2nd, for goodness sake! I shall continue to adore your garden, plantings and hillsides :)

And I'm so happy to hear that you were pampered this morning! I'm itching to go for a pedicure but it's a bit early for sandals!

Kelli said...

Looks like your Saturday has been fun filled!

What pray tell is that blanket you are working on, it looks all soft and yummy! What type of wool are you using?

Needled Mom said...

That is quite the compost bin!!! I do hope it gets moved where it needs to be soon. I can see you loading it on a wagon and taking it there yourself!! ;-)

The manicure and pampering sounds wonderful.

Those flowers are stunning. They are enjoying the nicer weather as much as you are.