Monday, April 29, 2013


Crocheting in my sleep

What can I say....... my daughter took this photo of me asleep with hook in hand and halfway through a stitch. 

I am getting old. 

Or the TV was boring.

Or something. 

Happy Monday!

PS - The link to the cake recipe is in the comments at the Back in the Water post - some of you may have missed it:  Here it is "The Orange cake recipe is here! 
I used orange juice instead of lemon juice at the end, with a spoon or two of sugar, but not much. It's amazing!" Courtesy of Diana, daughter-in-residence.


Needled Mom said...

That looks like me when I pick up my book in the evenings. I can fall asleep still holding my book upright. How does that happen????

Anonymous said...

Old age is a state of mind only.

Becky said...

Love it!!

Lu said...

I must try this, think l might also economise and also use the juice of the orange. l often make a lemon cake which has lemon rind grated in to the cake mixture and a topping of the juice mixed with sugar (not melted) poured over when it comes out of the oven which cools to a slightly crunchy top

Chris said...

But where is your FACE???

I had so hoped to see you, mouth hanging open, drool escaping, in the middle of a snore. I know I look so very becoming when that happens to me, although I usually have a computer on my lap instead of crocheting. :)

Vee said...

Thank you, Diana! I will be snagging it. Lots of company coming my way so we must do well by them and that cake looked so wonderful and springy.

Well if anyone were so inclined they could take a photo of me dozing multiple times a day. It might be that sleep is elusive at night.

Lu said...

Have just tasted my own orange cake it doesn't look as good as yours but boy it is yummy!!!