Thursday, October 03, 2013

After Yarndale..........

Yarndale 2013 149

After crashing on the beds and oohing and aahing over all the Yarndale purchases, having a hot drink (we avoided the queues!) and gathering our strength, we decided to go exploring. 

Yarndale 2013 161

Yorkshire is very beautiful. 

We headed north to Grassington. There was a national park place there, so we gathered some local leaflets of information, and went for a walk. The weather was stunning, and it was so great to see so many people out and about. Walking in the countryside is very popular, and the Yorkshire Dales on a beautiful sunny day make a superb combination..

Yarndale 2013 162

And you can see why. 

Yarndale 2013 163

Access to the fields was through tiny gaps in the walls. They are tiny to keep the sheep in place, one assumes, but we did see some very complicated how-does-my-very-large-dog-go-through-that-tiny-gap incidents.
They involved much heaving. 

Yarndale 2013 170

So pretty. Imagine living in this house by the river. 

Yarndale 2013 171

With sheep mowing the lawns.

Yarndale 2013 184

Yarndale 2013 185

It really was stunning, you know. 

Yarndale 2013 187

There is a church across the river, and these are stepping stones for the parishioners to use if they live/d on the other side.

Yarndale 2013 191

If you look closely at the photo above, a couple were making the crossing. Well, the man was crossing. His lady was not. She did make it across about three, and then he had to retreat with her. We didn't want to watch too closely. But I tell you, if it had been a little warmer, I would have loved to take my shoes off and cross barefoot. The water wasn't very deep. 

I think. 

Yarndale 2013 194

Yarndale 2013 198

I could get used to the rolling hills.

Yarndale 2013 234

We left Grassington and were heading to Bolton Abbey when we saw this village across the fields. It is on the list to be explored next time we head north. 

Yarndale 2013 236

We got to Bolton Abbey quite late in the day, and the entry price for the car was a little steep so late in the day. Not if we had arrived in the morning and had time to explore. It looks magical, and it is definitely top of the list for next time. The Yorkshire Dales. So much to see.

Yarndale 2013 238

So, by Saturday night we were almost comatose, and it was a happy weariness. Everything about this weekend away was lovely. Everything. Tomorrow, I will tell you a little more..............


Debbie said...

Beautiful countryside!

Needled Mom said...

How beautiful! I would love that house.

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos- Yorkshire is where "Downton" is supposed to be, yes?

Crystal said...

Ahhhhh, it is gorgeous! Another place on the list to explore with you someday. :))

Chris Morrison said...

Those beautiful places make me wish I was there. How fortunate you are to be able to see such scenery!

Vee said...

So lovely... It looks like an episode of All Creatures Great and Small. I enjoyed seeing the stile, too...there might be a great deal of heaving if I were to decide to cross, too. = D

Anonymous said...

Someday, someday we will be able to get in the car together and see places like this with you.