Saturday, October 05, 2013

Blankets, daughters and mice............

So today, because I did a little too much yesterday, I had a quiet day. Everything is relative though. I did WAY too much so I get to pay the price, but the good part is that I finally finished the granny stripe blanket. My first granny stripe. 

So that was good. I love it. Bright and cheerful. And then my daughter came home, which was great. She has been in London and Copenhagen. Then London. The global totter of the family. 

Anyway, she walked into her room, picked up a small parcel her friend sent her from NZ and asked me WHO had been eating her chocolate. Hmmm. 

No-one human. 

But a mouse maybe? And then we found evidence of a rodent in the vicinity and I was out of the door, in the car and off to B&Q for rodent dispatching stuff faster than you could say Jack rabbit. We now have a sonic thingy emitting a sound mice hate and traps baited with Nutella. They had better work. Did I mention that Diana Is using my sewing room as her room? I do not want rodents in residence ANYwhere in this house. 

Maybe I need more traps. 

More sonic thingies. 

A bazooka. 

A cat. 

I will post a photo of the blanket tomorrow. Did I tell you I finished the daisy one? I will post that photo too. Hahaha. It sounds as though I have just one photo of it. I do not. I have dozens. This digital age is so different from earlier ages I have experienced. And right now, the best camera in the house is my phone one. I need to work out how to configure it to Flickr. 

Right. I will be back.............


Needled Mom said...

Oh dear....I would be in the car with you!!! I hope you catch the little creature.

Susan said...

Eek a mouse! Yay for sonic thingees - May it prevail!