Friday, December 07, 2007

Butternut Soup

I am alive. I am so sorry I have not been about to visit for the past week, but I have no idea how everything just suddenly speeded up, and I am beyond exhaustion at the moment. The weekend looks as manic as ever too, so I will be the one snoring in the corner.

BooMama is having a soup extravaganza today, so here I am to FINALLY post the Butternut Soup recipe which everyone loves. It is a real favourite. Really. It is. Just try it.

Butternut Soup

1 butternut, peeled and sliced then cubed
3 Tablespoons butter (or marge)
2 large onions, chopped
3 Tablespoons flour
Dash of curry powder
3 Cups Vegetable stock (or chicken)
1 and a half cups milk
Salt and Pepper

Melt butter in large pan.
Add onions and cook over low heat till softened and transparent.
Add butternut and toss in the butter and onion mix.
Once butter is almost absorbed, sprinkle flour and curry powder over vegetables and stir until it is mixed in. It will thicken.
Add stock and milk, and stir .
Simmer until the butternut is soft. I usually leave it for half an hour or so, stirring now and then.
Liquidise (or use the whizzer thing which I love).
Add salt and pepper to taste and sprinkle a couple of teaspoons of sugar into the mix and stir. It brings out the flavour of the butternut beautifully.

Decorate with a swirl of cream and some chopped parsley or chives. Perfect. Serve with cheese scones or whatever fresh bread rolls you like. You can add a grated apple in as well, when you are cooking the butternut and onions, if you like, but I don't usually bother. It is even better a day or two after you have made it, but it never lasts long here. It is devoured with speed.

There you go. I feel the urge to make it right now, and I would, if I had an ounce of energy. After teaching all day for the past 3 days, with no free lessons, I am crawling, and need to get re-acquainted with my feet. I will be back.


Lori said...

This sounds good. I'll have to try it, thanks!

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

I love butternut squash, Linds, and this sounds really good. This is one I'm going to have to try.

Thought I'd drop in and tell you that Cracker Jacks is basically caramel or toffee popcorn with peanuts in it. Here in the US, it's sold in little boxes and there's a prize in the box. It's been around for about eleven hundred years I think. :-)

All it really is is caramel corn, only the syrup you make is darker. It's wonderful. Try it.

I'm seriously going to try this soup. All I've ever done with butternut squash is prepare it like mashed potatoes. I'm betting my whole family will like this soup!

thebluefish said...

Am I right to assume this is the recipe my mum has... if so, love it!

Linds said...

Yes.... all roads lead to Rome, Dave, and she may have got it from me, Nicky, Jean,Jackie, or anyone else, and they all got it from me! Glad you love it!

Isabelle said...

I don't think non-teachers have any idea how exhausting teaching is. (Could we have some violins?) No, but I mean it. It's nothing like sitting at a desk doing things with emails.

I made soup with b'nut squash yesterday and it was very very hard work to peel the thing. I lost bits of my fingers. And then my children told me that you should just scoop it out of the skin. I might try this, once my fingers regrow.