Sunday, December 09, 2007

The tree is up

It has been wet and spectacularly dismal weather this weekend, and, after waiting in vain for the rain to stop so that I could haul the tree out of the garden shed and not get drenched, I went and did it in the rain. Then I made son No 2 open it and go through every branch to make sure there were no nasty things with tails in it. (There weren't, thankfully.)
And so yesterday afternoon was a "lets construct and decorate the tree day". Translated, that means I did it.

Today, after baking another cake, I started to go through the presents and wrap, and get them under the tree, so I could tidy the rest of the house without standing on parcels all over the place. I should never have crawled out of bed today. I have been in a foul mood, and my family has been avoiding me. We needed milk, so I popped down to the village to get some, and broke my glasses in half. That meant a dash to the nearest big supermarket to get more high-tech (cheap) reading glasses, only they did not stock them. So I left through the revolving doors, which stopped suddenly as I was entering them, and I walked straight into the edge of the door, bumped my head, scraped the skin off my hand and could possibly have broken another toe. And burst into tears. As one does on a Sunday in a supermarket.

After an encounter with the manager, to have the accident written up, I limped out in the torrential rain and went to another giant supermarket, which had no parking can see how the day was going really, can't you..... But I did eventually get the glasses. I can see to write the tags on the presents.
This is my kitchen. I climbed all over the counters and tables last night stringing up the garlands and lights. And it looks lovely without the big lights on. And this way you can't see the mess either.

This is a corner of the lounge, and those snowmen dance a waltz when you switch them on. I seem to have a great many snowmen about the house this Christmas. You will get to see more later.

And so here I am. Tree up. Lights working. Presents (those I have got) wrapped. Cards written. Shopping done. A little battered. And yawning my head off. Work tomorrow. More rain forecast. But I actually spoke to each of my children and my sister today. That was good. And my mother and son still love me, even though I have been a nightmare to live with today.

Ah well...... tomorrow is another day.


meggie said...

Linds, we all seem to have days like that now & then!
Hope you had a good night's sleep!
Love the look of your pretty tree, & just love the idea of snowmen- such a cooling thought, when it is so *&^$ hot here!

Morning Glory said...

The tree is quite beautiful, but I'm so sorry you got injured along the way. I hope you had a good night's sleep!

Linda said...

Linds, I am so thankful for "tomrrows". I need a do-over too. I manged to break my washing machine today. Don't ask....
However, your home looks warm and lovely. I love all the lights. And you're getting lots done. We all have those days when we just wish we had never gotten out of bed. But, as you've wisely said, there is tomorrow.

PEA said...

Omigosh, dear Linds, I didn't realize I was so behind with your posts! Being busy with my Christmas preparations has cut down on my blogging visits!! I've now caught up on your your Christmas tree and all your decorations. Everything looks just beautiful!! As for the type of day you had...aren't you glad they're not ALL like that? lol Believe me, I've had some of those days too that I wish I had just stayed in bed!! Hope you're feeling better now:-) xox

Lori said...

Ah, you'll have days like that. Hate it, but it happens. Your tree and decorations look fabulous though!!

Crystal said...

When did you get all those things accomplished?! You must have been burning the midnight oil for a while. We haven't got our tree yet but this is not the week to ask DH about that (I'll share more on that on my blog later in the week). It will all come together in good time.

Thank you for your comments on my blog today. I too feel such a kinship with you and I really am looking forward to a long visit one day. Feel free to stop off in Alberta for a week or two on your next trip to New Zealand!!

Penless Thoughts said...

"His mercies are new every morning." Thank goodness!!!

Angela said...

A beautiful tree and your home is so warm and inviting for the holidays.

May your days be filled with many blessings, lots of love,family,friends and laughter!

Donetta said...

The tree looks pretty.

Jo and JD said...

Thank Heavens for tomorrows. Bless your heart.

Barbara said...

Your tree is lovely and you have your presents wrapped, wow.
Sorry about the bump.

KC said...

beautiful decorations. Wonderful tour. Thanks for inviting us.
Merry Christmas